Face To Face/Dropkick Murphys - Split CD (Cover Artwork)

Face To Face / Dropkick Murphys

Face To Face/Dropkick Murphys: Split CDSplit CD (2002)
Vagrant Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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There's been a lot of split CDs coming out lately. Some labels are just doing one here and there. Some are turning it into a series of releases trying to document the "scene." BYO is on their third, and Jade Tree is right behind them. Vagrant Records, not to be left out, is jumping right in the .

There's been a lot of split CDs coming out lately. Some labels are just doing one here and there. Some are turning it into a series of releases trying to document the "scene." BYO is on their third, and Jade Tree is right behind them. Vagrant Records, not to be left out, is jumping right in the mix. Their first volume between the Anniversary and Superdrag is nothing short of spectacular. The first band completely reinvented themselves and the second band kept doing what they did best: rock. How does the second volume stack up?

Face To Face represents the Vagrant stable here with one original, one Dropkick Murphys cover, and one Stiff Little Fingers cover. The original, "Fight Or Flight," is your typical Face To Face -- anthematic with every passing second. the only thing is it gets a bit boring, as lately it seems like F2F is trying to make every song anthematic. Maybe it's just me. "Road Of The Righteous" is a cover of the Dropkick Murphys song, and it sounds passable, but there's nothing special about it. The SLF cover is pretty standard, too. Trever does do an amazing job of turning his voice into a perfect imitation of Social Distortion's Mike Ness on this track, however.

The Dropkick Murphys fire back with a Pogues-ish tale called "The Dirty Glass." The more I listen to this song the more it grows on me. With guest vocals from Kay Hanley, the track really shines. Following this is the band's cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic "Fortunate Son." I love this song, and DKM's straightforward version does it justice. I always thought that CCR had a bit of punk rock in them [John Fogerty is a crazy old man anyways], so the song definitely works. The last track on the EP is a cover of "21 Guitar Salute" by the Press. I've never heard of the Press, so I can't compare the two, but the song seems a bit flat to me. It doesn't like the band was too inspired to record it. I mean, it sounds okay, but there's just something missing.

My biggest complaint about the whole release is the over-production, especially on the F2F tracks. There is so much echo and reverb [on Trever's voice especially] it's ridiculous. The Dropkick tracks are pretty loud, too; Bad Religion's "New America" is in my CD changer after this disc and it sounds like it's a demo from a garage band.

I keep getting this nagging feeling like the only reason Vagrant put this out is to try and re-earn some "punk rock cred" due to the glut of emo-pop bands seemingly taking over their label. Frankly, I don't mind the emo-pop as long as they put out awesome split CDs [like volume 1, which isn't really even emo-pop]. But when you put uninspired punk rock out, you're not going to win anyone over. Hopefully volume 3 can bounce back from this temporary rut the series has found itself in.

Face To Face - Road Of The Righteous
Real Audio
Dropkick Murphys - the Dirty Glass


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Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (May 2, 2006)

Fuck both Dropkick and Flogging Molly. Face to Face kicks both of their asses. They are original unlike the murphys, and they are one of the most underrated punk bands ever.

dropkick (April 1, 2003)

who ever says dropkick murphys are too folk is kiddin themselves and are afaraid of change and should screw a goat. DKm is way more Oi!than folk. DKM has the right amount pof folk,just a dash and it kick mother serious ass

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

what the? died? what are you on about.

Anonymous (March 20, 2002)

Wow that last guy was stupid... fathead died a while ago. -pat41

evildeadalive (March 18, 2002)

Murphys Dropkick Flogging Mollys ass.

pat41 (March 13, 2002)

Can someone explain to me what the big deal with Flogging Molly is. They are doing basically the same thing the Dropkick Murphys are right now. They are probably more folk than the Dropkick Murphys are and ever were. We all complain about DKM being too folk now but then we praise Flogging Molly for being a better band when they are doing exactly what DKM are doing right now. Is it because DKM are more popular than Flogging Molly and we cant like anything thats popular because that would be un-punk of us and we would simply hate ourselves forever? What is the point of bitching about one band but praising another for doing the exact same thing. Dont say its because Flogging Molly are more talented either because in my opinion Matt Kelly is one of the best punk drummers in the business and Ken Casey is just an incredible musician.

Anonymous (March 13, 2002)


Anonymous (March 13, 2002)

For all of us dissapointed in Dropkick Murphys lately, there is hope! Flogging Molly's new cd "Drunken Lullabies" is coming out March 19. It will blow anything DKM has done away, simply because Dave King has more talent than all of DKM put together. Plus the fact that he was actually born and raised in Ireland helps! In my opinion, there is no better band than Flogging Molly!

pat41 (March 12, 2002)

4 days till I see Dropkick Murphys!!! TWICE!

Anonymous (March 7, 2002)

How do you ritualize yuor home? What ritual do you make out of it?

Anonymous (March 7, 2002)

I'm 70% water.
Why can't there be more songs about my background?

Anonymous (March 7, 2002)

I like this album more than I like the comments below.
The whole bunch of you are idiots. All your posts are 'i'm right, you're wrong'. Waste of time. How about some more comments on the album?

punky (March 6, 2002)

"...If you can't have pride in where you live maybe you should find a new home." -Ken Casey
Why should you be proud of a street, or a building, or hills or cities? People start to ritiualise the place of their birth, or country they live in to the max.
'Theres nothing wrong in loving the country in which you were born, but it is sad when you make a religion out of it'.-B.Z.R.

Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

Dude you are not techically Scattish, you were born in Scotland and you feel scottish in your mind but technically you are irish and lithuanian. We are what we feel in our mind. Not what we are on paper. If in our mind we are American then we are american, if we feel irish we are irish. I am only 67% irish, but in my mind and heart I am all irish. Why put people down for claiming an ethnicity. Thats so "punk" of you!

Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

most americans are about as Irish as i am Lithuanian and Irish. (my grandaparents are from these 2 countries) but i dont consider myself LithuIrish, im scottish, i was born there plain and simple. People who are born in America are American full stop.

SOYBOMB (March 6, 2002)

"...If you can't have pride in where you live maybe you should find a new home."


Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

So basically you agree with me in the first paragraph and then in the second you contradict yourself and say nationalism is bad. I think nationalism is not a bad thing if it gives someone hope and faith in a time of need, like the US is in now. People don't kill people because of thier nationalism, people kill other people (in war situations) because they are trained to and told to. Whether they feel that they should kill the enemy is irrelevant to whether they will actually kill them. If a soldier is told that he will go to war with the goal of destroying a certain group of people then that is what he is going to do whether he feels it is justified or not.I, somewhat, have a sense of nationalism but I am more proud of where I come from in heritage, Ireland, and what city I come from, Boston. If that gives me something to believe in thats great. You need soemthing to believe in because that may be all you have. All anyone wants to do now is put down what someone else believes in. What good will that do humanity in general if no one believes in anything anymore? If nationalism is their thing, good. If its not, good. "...If you can't have pride in where you live maybe you should find a new home." -Ken Casey

punky (March 6, 2002)

Well, you have to be in the middle of the war to experience nationalism. When the war started in ex-yugoslavia, suddenly everyone was backing up their side, like it wasn't the same country once.This might be just as a religion, it might be good because it gives people something to believe in and something to look forward to, but more we divide, the more troubles you will find. If a working class person finds an inspiration in his/hers countrys anthem or a flag, than theres nothing wrong with that.But when you just fall into a line without thinking (eg, Religions say that its a good and noble thing to help each other, now tell me is it that hard to figure that helping each other is a good thing by itself?)
So without using our minds, we can easily be fooled by our media, where all the time its the same bullshit: 'Their side is wrong, and our side is right'. When you witness a person kill another person FOR NOTHING MORE THAN HIS NATIONALITY, then you'd know that nationalism isn't the best thing for anyone... take care

Anonymous (March 5, 2002)

I disagree... I live in the US and I dont love my country or anything but I dont think the bum rap they get is deserved. Nothing is going as badly as the media makes it out to be. And NOTHING is going as badly as anarchy punks make it seem to be. The thing about the US is the things that the government does wrong are exploited and talked about for weeks and weeks on the news, in newspapers, even comedians and musicians. The problem with Americans is they believe all the news too easily to realize what is really going on. Basically the people in the US have no mind of their own and just go along with what is cool. Its cool to make fun of the government and its cool to poke fun at George Bush and his cabinet. What they dont realize is that right now George Bush is doing more for you in a day than you have in a week. We as Americans are a lazy bunch of people. We expect everything to be handed to us and expect to get the best of everything without trying. Well thats not going to happen. You have to work for things in life you cant just sit around and wait for things to come for you. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with nationalism because its what you believe you country does for you. James, a great philosophist, said whichever choice you choose in a genuine choice is rational because it is forced, live, and momentous. Whether or not you love you country is a genuine choice because it will affect your life in a big way.

punky (March 5, 2002)

-love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it [syn: patriotism]
-2: the conviction that the culture and interests of your nation are superior to those of any other nation
You might think differently, but to me those reasons above are enough to oppose nationalism...

Anonymous (March 4, 2002)

How in the hell is it that Dropkick cant decide whether they are scottish or irish?! They are irish... thats what they live and thats what they are proud of. Al Barr may be scottish but that hasnt detered the bands beliefs one way or another. They are irish and always will be.

Anonymous (March 4, 2002)

dropkicks dont know if they wanna be scottish or irish, they suck. most americans cant tell the difference between scottish and irish, think scotland is a part of england and refer to England as if it is the only country in the United Kingdom.

Anonymous (March 4, 2002)

How is nationalism hate... see I just dont get what you are saying. You say its wrong to have nationalism but you arent giving any reasons. Back your shit up dude!

punky (March 4, 2002)

Firstly Idiot, I don't live in USA, I live in Australia.Second, I hate nationalism because that hate killed half of my family in Bosnia, not because it is punk thing to oppose nationalism.So get your facts straight before you open your mouth again.

SOYBOMB (March 3, 2002)

For one thing, those people bitching about bands putting out splits are morons. Splits have been coming out since who knows when, just cause its bands that you've heard of doing them now, does not mean everyone is doing them just to be "cool"

As far as the last guys comment, "Oh I get it because you are all pro anrachist punk and its trendy to be against the government and everything that has to do with the country you live in which is the best country in the world. I get it... as long as its anti-law, anti-rules, and anti-everything that could do better for the world its punk meaning its you because you are punker than everyone!... get a life" I could not agree more. Fuck off impressionable brats and actually learn past/current situations and go through experiences before you oppose anything political, economical or social.

As far as the split goes.. I have not heard it yet.. ah well.


Anonymous (March 3, 2002)

and remind me again whats wrong with nationalism?.... oh i get it because you are all pro anrachist punk and its trendy to be against the government and everything that has to do with the country you live in which is the best country in the world. I get it... as long as its anti-law, anti-rules, and anti-everything that could do better for the world its punk meaning its you because you are punker than everyone!... get a life

punky (March 2, 2002)

because patriotism equals nationalism

pat41 (March 2, 2002)

What makes patriotism suck?

punky (March 2, 2002)

wyzo seems to give 1 point to this release on every post he adds.Soon it will be a perfect score.Don't sell out wyzo.Don't betray 4/10 score.

Anonymous (March 2, 2002)

why does every band under the sun do splits now?

punky (March 1, 2002)

I've got nothing against F2F, but dropkick m. can bother the shit out of me. Their music is ok, but somehow I can't see how patriotism and punk rock can relate.Patriotism sucks!

Anonymous (February 26, 2002)

I bought this album for $6. As far as I see thats a buck a song and I would have paid 3 of those for just The Dirty Glass.

EastBayJack (February 26, 2002)

I went to my local record store the day this album came out. It was $12, so I declined to make the purchase hoping I would find it elsewhwere for cheaper. The cheapest I've seen it for is $10 plus shipping. As much as I like both these bands, I will not pay $11 for six songs, regardless of their quality. If EP's are going to be just under the cost of full-lengths, I will not pay it. The upcoming Rancid/Nofx release is going to be the same price for twice as many songs. That's the way it should be. Both these bands are amazing, so I know I'll be getting my money's worth. Fuck you, Vagrant Records.

Me (February 25, 2002)

Stop ranting about what we write on the message boards, they're here so we can write about whatever lame shit we wanted to! Otherwise, it'd be moderated! Peace out.


Anonymous (February 25, 2002)

hey stop ranting about the bands and talk about the record. there are message boards on this site to talk about bands. we want to hear about how the record sounds, and nothing else.

Anonymous (February 24, 2002)

Wyzo... shut up before I get stupider. I knew someone was going to bring up the Pogues. If you are going to tell everyone the Pogues influenced all celtic rock then you also have to mention all the other traditional irish bands. The Pogues were not the end all of irish folk. They were a huge part but no bigger... and probably les popular than the Clancy Brothers. Why not mention them. Influence is something that ALL bands have. You cant really pinpoint the start of everything to one particular band.

evildeadalive (February 24, 2002)

I'm not sure when the Dropkick Murphys actually formed, but I know the Real Mackenzies have been around since long before Do or Die. I remember seeing them 7 years ago and they weren't new then. They haven't changed a bit in that time, so there is absolutely no way they were influenced by DM. In fact the last time I saw them they were joking that the Murphys were riding on their coattails. ...just my two cents on that subject.

Anonymous (February 24, 2002)

This album makes me feel dirty. Am I touching myself??? NO!!! But still, 1 star for the randy cock noises..

Anonymous (February 23, 2002)

I've got to say that thinking Dropkick murphys inspired all these bands could be true, but probably not. Plus, its celtic influenced punk. The Real Mckenzies(spelling) come from a scottish background and flogging molly has thier own distinct take on the music. If one band influenced all of them it has to be The Pouges.

Anonymous (February 23, 2002)

LOL, what a bag of wind.
Yes you made your points as you see them. I suppose if you don't like their latest albums than fair enough, but there were many that do. And as its been mentioned before, you're taste in music is not the be all and end all for everyone else.
DKM play some really good tunes, that are fun to listen to. Thats why I like em. Fun fun fun. I wouldn't compare them to river dance...lol, cause even the irish thought it was a pile of shite.
Maybe you don't know much about irish history, but you certainly won't learn from just listening to DKM. I whole heartedly agree with 'if you grew up in an irish-american family, you would understand'.
DKM is proud of their culture. They should be. You most likely don't understand and don't get it because you have a different culture. Fair enough, but if you want them write songs about something else, then do it yourself and start your own band.
I suggest you go there and check it out. Hit some of the pubs, and go to some shows (don't turn on the radio). You'll see that most of the music has all been played before...but you know what? Its all good! And you'll have a great time as your opinion changes with every pint you drink.
Anyways, bottom line is that IMO, DKM play good fun music. If I didn't like them I wouldn't buy their albums. they've always been like this, and hopefully they won't change.

Anonymous (February 23, 2002)

Ive been told im argumentative, but i dont see it.

The point about the DKM being who they are is a good point, but a different argument.

"The Dropkick Murphys dont give a history lesson, they dont want people to go and look up all about the history of Ireland. They want people to realize that waht they are doing is what they are going to do whether people accept it or not."

The content of there songs and image IS what they are doing so the two ARE related. The explanations of every 'the fableuix of..." song includes irish history as well as everything they do. So its similar to saying public enemy writes songs about the fear of a black planet yet doesnt want to listener to be aware of the black culture, they just want people to accept it as ever generically and vaguely 'being who we are' accept it or not just as long as you accept it at face value and dont listen to our content. The murphys music does imply certain values pertaining to an ethnic background. So I accept there Irish, I just think it makes for bad music in the degree they apply there background to there songs.
"There are a lot of Irish punk bands out, even just folk punk like Real McKenzies, Pint O Guinness, among other but who do you think inspired them?!"

The Real McKenzies have been around a long long time so while I'm sure they know of each other, The McKenzies stand on there own two feet. Their Honest Dons record was not their first record, and they've been kicking underwearless kilt ass for awhile.

As for flogging molly, I think they would be just as popular without the murphy's. The murphy's are not the beatles, they didn't start a revolution, and are not the foundation upon which other bands are riding coat tails. They play street punk with an irish slant, they didnt make Irish punk rock as you called popular, flogging molly would still be around and strong without the murphys bringing out a record.

What I found funny is how you asked if anyone could deny there impact on irish music. Irish music is alot like figure skating. Every 4 years, the olympics come on and bring with it some crappy sentimental announcer (John Tesh in '96)who dramatizes in bleeding heart fashion the tales of each skater. Theres all this press, and glitz, and tv coverage, while your looking outside your window realizing if the TV network and media didnt put importance on figure skating, people would realize there really IS NO IMPORTANCE to it because the other 3 and a half years in between olympics you could give a rats ass about triple axles. Its like how the world of beanie babys was 'shaken to its core' when they discontinued union jack bear, holy fucking shit. If your not in that subsubsubculture that fucking cares, you dont care. Riverdance did wonders for the Irish music and dance, but do you think they feel threatened because the murphys are coming?

Finally, You all should take less loyalty with your music preferences. These are bands, not political parties you swear allegiance to. If I dislike a band or record, Im not claiming bloody murder on them, as Ive said I love "Do or Die" by DKM, but this leads me to my end rant. It has been mentioned that you cannot come against a band for doing something with there tastes, or its just what they wanted to do.

Now on the surface this seems right, but as rational beings we do not leave the value of something up to that, we use our mental faculties to critique and judge something. If the DKM came out with a boy band record cause 'its there taste', it would still be a bad record whether or not they become inclined to dance choreography. All of you are changing my judgement of the band into an argument against personal choice, which it is not.
Every band thinks the record they put out is good, so that is no basis or way to make your own music choice. Some of your favorite bands WILL put out bad records, and WILL do so with good intentions. Its something you have to get used to. You have to be able to judge creative output without feeling like the given opinion has to be the right one that everyone agrees with. I want the Dropkick Murphy's to keep making music, however theyve put out bad records recently so Im going to say so.

If you disagree fine, but please say why besides giving me a barrage of mindless superlatives and street team promotional jargon. We've all become ad agencies for bands just because we're fans of theres. I'm a fan of music, not of band X, please try to do the same.

To not be a complete curmudgeon I would like to say the guy who talked about growing up in an irish american family seemed sensible, and level headed, and thus I Give him WYZOS AWARD FOR PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH ME YET SEEM LIKE INTILLIGENT CHAPS.

long winded wyzo

Anonymous (February 23, 2002)

Oh and lets add more my comment right under me. How the fuck does educational value have anything to do with the quality of music?! People listen to music to have fun and enjoy their listening experience not have a history lesson. The Dropkick Murphys dont give a history lesson, they dont want people to go and look up all about the history of Ireland. They want people to realize that waht they are doing is what they are going to do whether people accept it or not. And no matter what they seem to be doing what they seem will please themselves. And thats what music shoudl be. As for Blink being scared of them, its not their fault that they were scared. They didnt purposely intimidate them. I havent read the article yet but I plan on doing so and if there is more on the subject that I dont know about I apoligize. Dropkick Murphys are a real band. Real Irish, whatever. Real Punk, whatever... they are real.-pat41

Anonymous (February 23, 2002)

"Inflaming the irish novelty"?!?! "Blatant uncreativity"?!?!?! What the fuck is that all about. The Dropkick Murphys are one of the most creative bands out right now. How anyone can deny their musical presence in the world of punk rock and Irish music is unbelievable. There are a lot of Irish punk bands out, even just folk punk like Real McKenzies, Pint O Guinness, among other but who do you think inspired them?! Fucking DKM did. Flogging Molly, do you think they would be geting any recognition if the Dropkick Murphys didnt make Irish punk popular in the first place? Yea they may be taking the irish thing a step further with each album but that is something that they want to do... how anyone can give a band shit for being real to their own tastes is beyond me. Fuck I mean isnt some of what punk is all about is being real to yourself?! Fuck this Im done, come on and argue with me now.

Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

I've gotta say the reason i like the Dropkick Murphys is that i can relate to being a macho tough guy w/ a light hearted sense of humor thats why people love them and as for being Irish if you grow up in an Irish American family you understand if you don't your family is more American.

Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

all these splits are starting to piss me off.

Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

Makoto said one volume of 2 7 inches every other month, and all thats been released is the cursive/small brown bike (which is so good) and the lovesick/aloha splits, I know the next volumes coming, there website mentions the bands, and I read on there website that the honor system has recorded there song for there 7 inch, but they've definately been slacking on the timing. Not that I mind as they'll get here eventually, I think its amusing more than anything.

As far as the irish factor, look im irish, and vaguely we're all somewhat irish, but do any of you care? The Real McKenzies do the scottish thing much better and funnier, and the Filthy thieving bastards (also on BYO) do the folk thing much much better. Its that the Murphy's aren't simply irish, they inflame the novelty of it, and act like they've gotta 'represent' Ireland like some rappers represent their hometown. Its not that big of a deal. Even if they have a large irish upbringing, how much of what is considered purely 'irish' can one endow into your music or is even relevant to be applied to music past irish musical traditions which while being fine, are just as exciting as any other form of music. EVERY band has an upbringing or background, and while they may express it, not all of them do so at the shameless level of blatant uncreativity as the dropkick murphys. If I have an english ancestry, I'm not gonna write a song about 'the sad fable of Prince Henry' and wear a giant coat of arms on a tshirt, its a couyple hundred years too late. Some old traditions are meant to be restricted to a certain time and place.

Im waiting for flamenco guitar/punk rock, or that banjo kid from 'deliverance' joining a band and showing his 'pride' in his roots. The Hanson brothers were canadian, that was great fun, but the murphys try and play both sides, being both fun and overly stiff with there ethnic background. They write fun drinking songs, but then talk about how blink-182 was scared of them and we all remember the spat between them and anti-flag. They can't be a lighthearted band while also putting across a macho irish sentimentality. You can see that enough in the amount of people defending there irish background saying there 'for real'.

Nobody said they weren't for real, its just that who fucking cares if they are. I like Irish history and culture as much as any other culture, but for educational value, its really not that much of a priority. You dont see people buying more southern rock because there celebrating a background, because its a shallow basis for talent and inspiration.

So yeah there for real, good for them. Now write better songs.


Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

not a bad album. I am more concerned with the person that said 'false irish', also the fact that he has never heard much of f2f. Hope he isn't thinking that f2f are a new trendy pop punk band. I was also wondering what exactly makes dkm false irish sounding? Would dkm unplugged be more irish sounding? cause they sound irish enough to me but with a punk influence to the tracks. Really interested to know what makes a 'real irish' sounding band.
Fuck me......I really try hard to understand people and just when I think I do, i read something retarded like that post.

Unconcerned (February 22, 2002)

This album has to be one of the biggest wastes of time of '02. I think we can safely say this should be on the Onion's list for next year.

Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

-OLDPUNKER- said it best when he said....YOU CANT FUCK WITH F2F

Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

I love when people get annoyed by comments on this site. Why would you be annoyed by something you read that has nothing to do with you. As for DKM being "false Irish" how can you make that assumption on hearing one song? The Dropkick Murphys are one of the most innovative bands out there. You cant call someone false irish when all the members of the band are irish (with the exception of al barr... but he is scottish "close enough" according to DKM) Their blend of Irish folk and punk is matched by none, some say Flogging Molly but even they cant do what DKM has done over their 3 full lengths and many splits and EPs.

maverick (February 22, 2002)

I'm in the Makoto one as well. Where the fuck are volumes 3 and 4? Or 5 and 6, for that matter? The only ones I've gotten so far are the Cursive/Small Brown Bike split [which RULES] and the Lovesick/Aloha one [which is alright]. Those came out like in June, though, there should be a bunch more now. Hopefully they'll all get compiled on CD ala Postmarked Stamps, cause I definitely want that Cursive song to be able to blast from my car stereo over the summer. And I picked Makoto over Fat Club, too, because of the diversity. Shit, Ted Leo, Radio 4, Honor System, the Good Life, Haymarket Riot... Talk about documenting a scene right now.


Anonymous (February 22, 2002)

The anonymous guy right below I have to nod my head. I like vinyl much more, and when I talk about split Cd's im talking about split EP's. Why BYO records series is so good is that unlike vagrants and jade trees (though jade tree's has been pretty solid) is that its not a split single, where each band gives 2-3 tracks. BYO series of splits are legitimate releases, and are worth the time, and the balancing of band pairings has been great, the liner, notes, all around the best thing going. I think it reaquainted alot of people to the label who may not have noticed BYO's still going strong.

Speaking of ways of releasing records, anyone have an opinion on 7" of the month clubs? I'm in the makato (or makoto I dont remember) records club, and I chose it over the Fat club for price and what looked like a more interesting selection of bands. Has anyone been in a good one? I hear subpops is really good, and Lance from J Church has one for his record label.

Enough off-off subject rambling.


Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

I agree that split 7"s (or LPs or 10"s or 8.5"s or whatever hell else) are way cooler than split cds. Unfortunately, vinyl doesn't sell nearly as much as cds do these days and aren't even worth the money if they did sell. Vinyl costs lot more to press than a cd does these days. I just think that these ones are lame. Three songs by each band? There's no reason that should be on a cd. It should be a 10" or 7" for sure. Anyways, I'm not too familiar with either of these bands, but if those mp3s are any indication I won't like either of them. Dropkicks seem like false Irish to me. And that comment about some guy's "week of Irishness" was hella annoying. I'm glad you can take advantage of a culture whenever you want, just like a college campus on St. Patrick's Day. Anyways, this isn't a cultural debate, it's a rock site! Face to Face seems like boring pop punk... then again, how much pop punk these days isn't boring?

Cam (February 21, 2002)

oh i forgot.. yea the recording does sound kinda garagey (however you spell it) but the band was going for a "live feel" to the all the recordings of How To Ruin Everything and for the split... just to let others know its kind of the direction they wanted to go.

Cam (February 21, 2002)

im not too much of a dropkick murphy's fan but im a huge fan of face to face. the split may not be that great but stil... everything face to face does is awesome. even though the newer face to face sounds a little different i still think it kicks ass. thats about all.

wyzo (February 21, 2002)

split Cd fad, as in a consistent series comprised of volumes, not the idea of two bands on one record. Split 7"s are an entirely separate beast, and usually only happen in 7 inch clubs if there is a 'series' of them.

These arent random split CD's, these are planned installments in an overall series of them. Beside the fact that split 7 inches are restricted in length and impact, as seen when their reissued on the bands inevitable Singles, bsides, and comp. track CD.

Thinking I'm comparing the fad of ongoing split Cd's to the basic concept of 7 inch splits is comparing apples to oranges.


Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

split cd fad? what are you talking about? this has been going on for years although usually in the form of a 7 inch and i think it should stay that way, the whole dynamic of a side on these cd things is lost. like all the splits i've ever owned until the hot water/alkaline were records and it made sense they were two seperate bands on two seperate sides. split cds are lame, these should be vinyl only releases.

Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

And one more rant if i may,enough about ibb sucking,it didnt-oldpunker-

Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

Overcompensate for iib!,you dont know shit about face to face,they dont need to try to write songs that are "anthematic" because they have been writing songs like this for 10 years. Face to face fuckin kills it every time
and the new stuff sounds great!!!you cant fuck with f2f

Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

The Dropkick Murphys are, in my opinion, the best band EVER! Im counting down the 23 days until my weekend of Irish-ness starts. Fuck yea! The Dirty Glass is an incredible song and I cant get enough of it. Kay Hanley's vocals are just amazing and Ken Caey does a superb job arguing back. Some people say that the DKMs are taking the whole Irish thing overboard but, I say, if this is the quality of stuff that is going to come with the focus on traditional Irish music, bring it on! This band keeps impressing me with every new album. Fortunate son and 21 guitar Salute are great songs too... I just cant say enough about the DKMs. Oh yea and face to Face is on this album too... haha.. their cover of Road of the Righteous is, from the stuff I have heard this band do, some of their best. I am not extremely familiar with F2F but what Ive heard I like. Keep up the good work to both of these great bands.

maverick (February 21, 2002)

Actually, wyzo said "this split CD fad." Everything you mentioned were split 7"s which have been coming out for years [as have split CDs, but not in this high of a quantity or with as big of names].

So shaddupa yo face.


Anonymous (February 20, 2002)

ok, for the record....

vagrant started putting out splits 4 years ago...actually 8 years ago they put out a box set of split 7"s.

then they put out Get Up Kids/Rocket from the Crypt....Anniversary/Get Up Kids....Anniversary/Hot Rod Circuit....Koufax/Reggie & The Full Effect......

so, uh...BYO didnt start shit.

and uh yeah, this release is stellar face to face fucking rules as always and dropkick is stellar.

wyzo (February 20, 2002)

First, I want to congratulate BYO on starting this split CD fad, there split series is the most consistent. As a Split 'series' they committed first and have done the best in my mind, both with good band pairings, and making sure each band submitted unreleased stuff (and enough of it to make it a legitimate and valid release).

I agree with Scott on the review of face to face. Ive heard alot of the new album, and they just seem to want to be a different band. They seem to be trying to overcompensate for the ignorance is bliss backlash, and its not working. The production sounds garagey but like it was done in a really nice studio, and the songwriting seems as Scott put it perfectly, like there trying to hard to be anthemic.

Then again, my favorite song by them in recent years ("For You") never even got released on a legitimate release, or comp.


kirbypuckett (February 20, 2002)

Dirty Glass in my opinion is the best DKM song EVER! I really enjoy this split, I got it at the same time as the ak3 and hwm, that's not to bad. I prefer this one though...

Anonymous (February 20, 2002)

i think it pretty kick ass but im a big fan of f2f, i dont really like dkm's but they do a fine job on this disc

Anonymous (February 20, 2002)

I've only listened to the the Mp3's posted here and yeah they're nothing special. I'll probably just download the other songs instead of buying the cd.

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