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Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down: Start the ShowStart the Show (2002)

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: XDamianX
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Hmm.. What can I say about this band? They are great? Great riffs? Great singing? Friendliest? They are all of the above. This is the debut album for Dont Look Down on Iguana Records. They have been around for about 4-5 years in the South Jersey area, tearing it up, making a name for themselves..


Hmm.. What can I say about this band? They are great? Great riffs? Great singing? Friendliest? They are all of the above.

This is the debut album for Dont Look Down on Iguana Records. They have been around for about 4-5 years in the South Jersey area, tearing it up, making a name for themselves. They are friends of mine as well. They have earned this record deal by far. Their popularity is growing and is going to keep growing. They produced their first cd which some of the songs from this cd came from, but yet they re-did them to make them sound the best they can. These guys work so hard for their fans. I know these guys will make it big.

The first song is called "On My Own", this is a catchy tune which will keep get you into the cd quickly. "Get It Right" is next, a song that has been around for a while and one of the bandest most liked songs. "The Beginning" is a new song on the cd. Catchy, pop-punk song. Great. #4 is Brainwashed which is a amazing song if your into the pop-punk scene. "All Those Times" is a quick song with lyrics about girls, plainly said. "Hindsight"-simply great, one of my favorite songs on the cd due to the lyrics-"Cause Findin' out I am different, isn't something I miss". "Start the Show" is on of the fast songs on the cd with lyrics that will suck you in. #8-"Whats Left"-Catchy, like all the other songs but yet a bit slower. #9-"Trying"-Fast(slows in some parts), brilliant is all I can say about this song. "Fade" is the following song. It used to be called "Another Day" but they changed the name. It was the most liked songs on their previous cd which is hard to find now a days. "Away" is #11, my favorite song on the cd with a fast beat and lyrics which are simply great("Take me Awaaaaaaaaay!"). #12 is "Not alone" makes you think about all the memoires you have had and has great guitars in it. The final song is "Better Off". A slow song to end the cd.

Overall, this is a great debut album for this up and coming bands. I have supported them since they started and will continue to. Go out and get this cd, doesnt matter what you listen to.

Dont Look Down



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Anonymous (February 27, 2006)

im sick of this genre already. british bands like HUNDRED REASONS and HELL IS FOR HEROES make music vaguely similar to this but FAR SUPERIOR with much deeper lyrical and emotional impact. emo-pop-punk=pap, it drives me mental how it all sounds so tragically the same. and you kids are blinded to this fact and cant get your head around all the different sounds a guitar can actually make!!! very few of which appear on this album of samey songs which sound amazing to you because your musically naive and im assuming 16 or under. listen to the bands i named. they rock in a way this kind of band can only dream of. one day you will stop listening to this band and this music becuase you just will not like it any more-and this musical fad will die out like all the blink 182 clones. THAT SAID. 'start the show' branches out in directions that the rest of the album just DOESNT. and i think its a bit of a tune!! unfortunately that leaves this ultimately weak band as 'one emo dirge wonders'. listen to HUNDRED REASONS - ILL FIND YOU. FCKING AMAZING SONG THAT BLOWS THIS ENTIRE ALBUM AWAY ALL BY ITSELF. its an increcible piece of music. aww, but you wont even understand it will you? its not about girls and how uncool they are when they break our hearts. AWWW. that- and check THE NEON HANDSHAKE album by hell is for heroes. FCKING BRILLIANT. MASTURBATES ALL OVER THIS ALBUM, THIS BAND. in ten years this band wont even EXIST. all its members would of grown up and moved on realising how much they're embarrasing themselves being in a 'thing of the moment' emo-boy band. HR and HIFH will rock the universe until they die. yes i am a little obsessed with these bands but hey, INCUBUS, BIFFY CLYRO, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND and more, ALL WANK over this PAP. the end.

Anonymous (April 3, 2002)

Jesse Rendell Your my Hero. DLD well I have seen them before, a couple times. Once at a bar in there home town Seanihle I mean Sea Isle and at Delarato's a couple of times back in the day. Well at the time I was not really impressed but now I would have to say that they sound much better. I enjoy listening to some of the melody poppy style every once and a while.

threesumpunk (March 24, 2002)

the voice reminds me of every other pop punk band.

Anonymous (March 21, 2002)

does everything HAVE to be unique? No. So who cares?

Anonymous (March 16, 2002)

The band is really cool, and incredibly tight live. It's true there really isnt anything special about their style, but the cd is still a good listen.

Anonymous (March 8, 2002)

they're a good fuckin band.

dld rules.

Anonymous (March 4, 2002)

is there anything that makes this band unique?

Anonymous (March 3, 2002)

this CD rocks, Who gives a flying fuck what kind of music it is as long as its good. And this is good. Fuck yeah bitch, fuck yeah!

exhaustra (March 2, 2002)

these guys are fucking great live. just caught them in st augustine and they were really clicking. however, i do agree that someone with a less biased perspective should review the cd...

CallingLondon (February 28, 2002)

i listened to the songs on mp3.com, and I liked On My Own. The rest of the songs are alright. i've heard worse, but it's nothing spectacular.

Anonymous (February 28, 2002)

It is kinda stupid that you write reviews for a band you are friend's with. We know it is going to be biased so save your breath, kid. If you want to write a review do an objective review, one that has somethign to say than that it is catchy pop punk. That is about as helpful as saying you should get this CD because the cover is blue.

Anonymous (February 28, 2002)

more pop punk?

my friend got this at the corporate radio station he dj's at...

i put it in...then plugged my ears...

this is horrible...

ugh, i'm so tired of crappy pop punk


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