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The Vandals

The Vandals: Look What I Almost Stepped InLook What I Almost Stepped In (2000)
Nitro Records

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Contributed by: fatheadMark Williams
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Just for a moment,I'm gonna throw out my eternal alegience to the first punk band I ever saw live and whose shirt I'm wearing right now, and review their new album as if I had just heard them for the first time. This album is fucking hilarious. "Behind the Music" starts the album with a rippin' guit.
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Just for a moment,I'm gonna throw out my eternal alegience to the first punk band I ever saw live and whose shirt I'm wearing right now, and review their new album as if I had just heard them for the first time. This album is fucking hilarious. "Behind the Music" starts the album with a rippin' guitar part from Mutant Boy and Dave's lyrics about trying to go huge but failing in the end crack me up every time. "Go",the third track, is the fastest song and easily the best. It really showcases Josh Freeze's amazing talent on the drums. "Jackass" is the pop-punk song on LWIASI, and "Fourteen" is by far the funniest. "We can't make love because you're fourteen!" HA! That's crude humor at it's best. Another cool song is "Sorry Mom and Dad". Overall, this is an awesome punk album, and could just as easily fit in the comedy section at your local CD megastore. If you've been a Vandals fan since junior high like me, this album won't dissappoint. If you've never heard the Vandals but enjoy bands like Blink-182 and Lit, don't even think about getting this album cause the Vandals are WAY too cool for you.


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Anonymous (June 15, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (June 27, 2005)

wtf like u never had a drink b4 21... wut a hardass... i'll steal a beer 4 u since you have no friends to get u 1, how about a personalized shot glass...."bitch boi" on it.... stop bitchin enjoy the phucken muzik

Rock (November 15, 2001)

Hey Mr Me your a funny guy. You need to stop bein a hard ass. I think this cd is hilarious especially when the lead singer breaks into the middle of the first track and says "you can kiss my ass" man that gets me everytime. And what you wrote about chronic masturbating, i would just like to point out how mature that sounds, dumbass. -Rock

Anonymous (September 6, 2001)

like you

Anonymous (July 30, 2001)

what?that made very little sense. try coming up with something a little better than that if you want to argue with me, ok. really, some people are just sad.- fathead

Anonymous (July 23, 2001)

dennis miller's a freakin homo and sucks. however, i have laughed in my life, but at something not about bodily fluids or humping cows, you fag. by the way, 20, eh? in your review for the warped comp you said, "Where's me Guinness," right? That means youre an underage drinker. im not gonna say much more because i know no matter what i say youll still be an idiot, you chronic masturbator! /me

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

have you ever laughed in your whole life Mr.me? I was just wondering cause you sound pretty sad to me. by the way I'm 20, and I find bands like the vandals and guttermouth hilarious. I bet you like Dennis Miller, dontcha. lighten up and stop trying to act so damn cool and mature.- fathead

Anonymous (July 11, 2001)

its pretty pathetic if you like crude humor because it shows how old you are namely 11 /me

Anonymous (May 15, 2001)

finally a good review

RecipeForHate (April 18, 2001)

I can't believe i bought this cd without listening to it first.In other words it sucks except for Flowers are Pretty.

Anonymous (April 8, 2001)

This cd is such a dissapointment....Hitler Bad' was so great and so was Live Fast' but this cd just didnt do it for me. The songs were origional and kinda funny but none of them stood out as a great Vandals song. I hope that the next album goes back to their old style

Anonymous (April 6, 2001)

if you haven't seen the vandals live, be sure and get a ticket to warped tour this summer. it wont be the same as seeing them blow up a small venue, but they will impress you all the same. i have a feeling we will witness some pretty fucked up shit come the warped tour.

Anonymous (April 6, 2001)

yeah, he's a jackass. i liked oi to the world, especially gun for christmas.

Anonymous (April 5, 2001)

Dude you had to buy a copy off a friend for 5 bucks??!! What kind of a friend is that?? Oh yeah by the way, the Vandals were also the first punk band I ever saw live when I was in junior high and I've been a big fan ever since. I'll agree this CD isn't their best, but neither is it their worst. It's not as good as Hitler Bad or Diarrhea, but it's better than the Quickening and Oi To the World if you ask me. The songs are funny as hell too. Brooks Wackermann played the drums because Josh Freese was busy touring with a Perfect Circle (he's a professional drummer who works for many bands).

Anonymous (April 5, 2001)

this cd is ok. i like the other stuff by the vandals better thoiugh. i like them live too. pretty great band. i am wearing a vandals hat as i type.

Anonymous (April 4, 2001)

desperate for fame! the vandals could've sold out any time they wanted. yeah, jackass" sucks, but so does "i have a date",and "my girlfriends's dead".if you had a band and a web site, you'ld be telling people the same damn thing.

Anonymous (April 4, 2001)

You've got to be kidding! This album is probably THE VANDALS' worst album EVER! I mean, sure the lyrics might be funny, but all in all the music just plain sucks. 'Jackass' couldn't be more like Blink 182 or Lit. It's sad really because all THE VANDALS are trying to do now is go on the radio and shit(just check out their site where they tell you to call up this radio station so they can play the lameass 'Jackass' song). They are desperate for fame and this album shows it clearly.

Anonymous (April 1, 2001)

I'll admit, i bought a burned version of this off a friend for 5 bucks, so i had no idea they had a dfferent drummer. Whoever the hell it is playing drums on "Go" is fucking amazing.-mark

Anonymous (April 1, 2001)

Josh Freese doesn't play drums on this album at all you sad, little man. Also, Dave doesn't write the lyrics, Mutant Boy writes them all. Learn your shit.

Anonymous (March 31, 2001)

Dude the vandals are gay....I saw them with Lagwagon and all they did the whole set was beg for girls to come to the back and sleep with them.

I mean, hey, more power to you for gettin some play, but dont stand up there and beg for christ sake

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