Bridge and Tunnel / Above Them - live in Leeds (Cover Artwork)

Bridge and Tunnel / Above Them

Bridge and Tunnel / Above Them: live in Leedslive in Leeds (2009)
No Idea Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: wearestillalivewearestillalive
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The Brudenell Social Club tucked away in a maze of residential backstreets and my inability to read maps accurately in any way meant we arrived just as the first band, the 255s, were finishing their last song. We caught the last couple minutes of a solid yet standard pop-punk tune before they were o.

The Brudenell Social Club tucked away in a maze of residential backstreets and my inability to read maps accurately in any way meant we arrived just as the first band, the 255s, were finishing their last song. We caught the last couple minutes of a solid yet standard pop-punk tune before they were over. Breathing a sigh of relief that we hadn't missed too much whilst driving up and down the same very long road a couple of times, we settled in to watch Offshore Radio.

Two guys and a girl with a catchy Ramones style that was, pleasingly, very heavy on the bass, and endless enthusiasm. Offshore Radio put smiles on our faces with some great songs and a steady stream of on-stage arguments, stories and shout-outs to their parents. As a result, any mistakes they made just seemed charming, with the bassist being the main culprit, failing to recognise a new song and dancing about too much to actually sing into the microphone half of the time. It didn't really matter when you saw how much fun they were having, and heard how much fun they were blasting out of the speakers. Definitely a band to look out for if you're stranded in the UK.

Next were Above Them, a post-hardcore band in the vein of Bear vs. Shark and the like, whose best attribute was the surprisingly deep and powerful voice of the lead singer. Although they were a very tight and skilled band, they got a bit repetetive, and I spent most of their set being concerned about the crowd.

See, the crowd can often make or kill a show, and this was a Sunday night in a hard-to-find club, with an American band who are far from being famous in any way. There were maybe between 40 and 60 people there and so far they had stood around, holding on to their pints and looking bored. This was not promising, and I was hoping things would pick up for Bridge and Tunnel.

My hope was futile, unfortunately. Bridge and Tunnel played an amazing set to a rather lifeless crowd, which was a massive shame. Things picked up a bit for better-known tracks, like "Wartime Souveniers," "Night Owls" and, my personal favourite, "Call to the Comptroller's Office," with the most dedicated fans who bothered to come and stand close to the stage singing enthusiastically along, but other songs, such as those off their first 7" and new-ish song "Loss Leaders," got much less of a warm reception.

The band, at least, were on good form, energetic, passionate and aggressive in equal measures despite it being their second show of the day. It was also good to hear them talk about the meanings behind some of their songs -- "Loss Leaders," for example, is about that Walmart employee who was trampled to death, and many of their songs are about the importance of community, something the band really take to heart. I just feel bad that there wasn't much community spirit in the crowd that night. A poor crowd can really bring a show down through no fault of the band or any of the hundreds of other factors that determine whether a show is awesome or not.

Ahh well, I was able to pick up a copy of their new 7" and finally talk to Pat Schramm, who thankfully doesn't get annoyed about people mentioning Latterman to him. People say you should never meet your heroes, but when you do, and they're not dicks, it's pretty good.


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andy255s (June 9, 2009)

Shame you missed us. We weren't our best anyway so its probably for the best. ;)

I just posted a whole bunch of MP3s from our album up on http://www.myspace.com/the255s

The 255s

KurtTGS (May 12, 2009)


wearestillalive (May 9, 2009)

Not really... I doubt I could tell you anything you don't already know.

Blackjaw_x (May 9, 2009)

"I personally find alot of bands like them by which I still bean BvS and stuff like that, rather than HWM"

wearestillalive (May 9, 2009)

Every one of which bands?

Blackjaw_x (May 9, 2009)


...Wanna list off every one of those bands for me? I need new music. Nice review by the way.

syebot (May 8, 2009)

yo, scott... no need to be a dick. I only wore it because a - it was clean and b - my best friend gave it to me and i haven't seen her in ages and i missed her.

you're kinda mean.

rads (May 8, 2009)

The brudenell was maybe too large a venue for a band like B T. And not a massive amount of people know them enough to turn out on a Sunday night. A lot of those there (myself included) were there to check them out.
I don't reckon many were disappointed, everyone I know loved it. Next time will be awesome.

the_other_scott (May 8, 2009)

@ Sybot

take a cue from Buddyhead's Rule's of Rock
_ _ _

3) This is possibly the oldest rule in the book‚?¶ yeah, you know what we‚??re talking about‚?¶ don‚??t be THAT guy. We KNOW you like the band, that‚??s why you‚??re here, you don‚??t need to wear their SHIRT to their show as well.

4) Also, no wearing shirts of ex-bands either. That means no Nirvana shirts at the Foo Fighters show, no Jawbreaker shirts at the Jets to Brazil show, no Minor Threat shirts at the Fugazi show etc.

wearestillalive (May 8, 2009)

Fair comments below on Above Them, but I personally find alot of bands like them (by which I still bean BvsS and stuff like that, rather than HWM) kind of repetetive no matter how much they mix things up. Like, the whole 'lets mix shit up!' thing itself gets a bit overdone. So it's kind of hard to get in to a band in a style that you're not a MASSIVE fan of while you're waiting to see a band you love a whole lot more.

syebot (May 8, 2009)

I saw this band in Glasgow and they were fucking amazing. Pat kinda shocked me though, he thought he knew me :o

He was nice though, once I got over the awkwardness and he didn't even roll his eyes at my latterman hoodie like some people did...

This band is the nicest, sweetest, cutest, most awesome band around right now.

Blackjaw_X (May 8, 2009)

Above Them is absolutely fucking incredible. Bridge and Tunnel are really great, but I honestly think Above Them is better. Calling them "repetitive" surprised me, because they mix shit up so much in their songs that I never lose interest. Beyond stoked for their new full length that's coming out, I'm sure it'll be in my top 5 even though I've only heard a couple demos. And I think they sound like a more like HWM than Bear vs. Shark, he sings kinda like a mix between Chris Wollard and the guy who sings for Hundred Reasons, on their first record anyway.

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