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Is there anything about NOFX that Mitch Clem hasn't said better than I ever could? Those drunken California punks dropped Coaster, their 11th studio album, this year, and just about any and all conventional wisdom about the band holds true. Coaster boasts 12 technically proficient, lyrically stunted.
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Is there anything about NOFX that Mitch Clem hasn't said better than I ever could? Those drunken California punks dropped Coaster, their 11th studio album, this year, and just about any and all conventional wisdom about the band holds true. Coaster boasts 12 technically proficient, lyrically stunted anthems about boozing and/or using, mocking religion and/or politics and creeping out Tegan and/or Sara. The political songs are significantly dialed down compared to The War on Errorism and Wolves in Wolves' Clothing. But there is a touching personal song from frontman "Fat" Mike called "My Orphan Year" that stands next to his past work like "Falling in Love." Ultimately, the disc is somewhat of a non-entity; it doesn't tread new territory but it doesn't embarrass the band worse than their live antics ever could. It's punk rock, clam flammit.

Coaster feels plagued by a lack of identity, repeating postures from older songs. The album art is a joke about how compact discs are slowly losing value as music collections, though the track it refers to, album-ender "One Million Coasters," never lifts off. It's a bum ending about the fading music industry that, compared to say, "Dinosaurs Will Die," lacks bite. "First Call" and "I Am an Alcoholic" recycle drunk humor. "We Called It America" predicts the U.S.'s decline, but it's neither as angry as "Franco Un-American" or, uh, "The Decline," nor at least funny like "Murder the Government."

Speaking of funny songs, the band might get a laugh out of "Eddie, Bruce, and Paul," a homoerotic thriller rife with Iron Maiden references. Plus, there's some sweet shredding and falsetto at the end. The this-isn't-actually-a-diss-track diss track "Creeping Out Sara," a lazily assembled piece about, well, creeping out one of the Quinn sisters, isn't that funny, though. It pretty much comes down to how funny you find incest and/or lesbians.

Then again, while its lyrics are somewhat weak, Coaster's music is still top-notch NOFX-style punk. "Best God in Show" and "I Am an Alcoholic" are tasty ska-punk concoction. "We Called It America" is a catchy toe-tapper. "Fat" Mike gets some sweet basslines on "My Orphan Year" and "Suits and Ladders." Coaster has a few tracks I wouldn't mind hearing live, provided it doesn't dominate the set list. Taken as a whole, it's a decent 25th anniversary release from NOFX. Is it irreverent? Yeah. Is it irrelevant? A little bit. Is it NOFX? Of course.


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hbwlons (October 16, 2012)

Its not thier best but its at home with the rest of thier catalog and if you like nofx records, you ll like it.

chuzwuzza (July 28, 2012)

I found this album dull, not many decent songs on it...

majorthreat (October 29, 2011)

It would have been flawless if they didn't add Creeping out Tegan (That's the track name on the vinyl version which I have)

rafiislost (July 12, 2011)

BEST NoFX album ever. even though i think One Million Coasters and I Am An Alcoholic are worse than annoying, there is not one single skipable track. This album touches on many political, sociopolitical, religious topics and of course the occasional alcoholic topics

franky_franc (August 31, 2010)

Far from the NOFX i use to love!

burk (October 19, 2009)

this album was a real dissapointment to me. it lacks both attitude and the usually deep yet humoristic lyrics previous albums had. I understand what they want to make people feel with the song "we called it america" but the lack of attitude and bite really make me feel like "meh I might as well listen to War on errorism".

skankbook (June 11, 2009)

Without even listening, you pretty much know what the album's going to be. I'm just going to say it's their best stuff since "So Long..." I agree with what a bunch of others have said, it actually does flow like an album, compared to "Wolves." "My Orphan Year" took me by surprise how honest and serious it was, but that might have been because it's not the last track, where they usually put the "real" songs.

I actually think "Creeping Out Sara" is one of the funniest songs they've ever written. The part where Fat Mike mentions "If These Walls Could Talk" made Tegan cry gets me every time.

fattony (June 2, 2009)

Ok, I rescind my comment below. This really grew on me and is shaping up to be one of my favorites for the year. There's still a couple tracks I'm not crazy about, but otherwise a pretty sweet album.

TheGuwumpkis (May 31, 2009)

28 yrs old and i still almost shit when i heard this record.
and i really dug the bonus disc.
but still..... they ain't no Nickleback.
Emo Rules!!!

Fighting-In-The-Dojo (May 22, 2009)

I enjoyed this record a lot. It's clear they don't care about how "punk" they are, what with the overblown guitar parts. I thought they'd lost their sense of humour on the last album with the mean-spirited "One Celled Creature". Welcome back!

balaka2 (May 20, 2009)

considering that their creative motivation for the past couple of albums (the conservative hegemony that looked to be taking over america) is on the ebb, the fact that this album isnt a complete and total piece of trash should be considered a success. is it great? no. is it alright? yeah. and its an album that actually flows, as a poster before me pointed out, as compared to the thrown together wolves, should also be a feather in their pinned n' patched cap. so not amazing, but certainly more palatable than pump up the valium. and it bashes religious types, which always is worth points in my book!

ifgabeldiesiwilldie (May 17, 2009)

and i find lesbains and incest hilarious so im in luck

120db (May 15, 2009)

The album is good. Not a big NOFX fan though.

paulrulzdood (May 15, 2009)

Apeman_On_The_Moon: that post just made you look like a giant toolbox. No one is looking for substance when they buy the 11th NOFX album. we're looking for entertainment. and we got it.

Fat Mike never said he had a problem with preaching beliefs. He's not a hypocrite. He just has a problem with religion.

no one is saying the ideas are fresh. we're not looking for fresh ideas. we're looking for new Nofx and entertainment. and we got it.

Apeman_on_the_Moon (May 15, 2009)

Funny how people have a problem with religious figures or factions constantly touting or preaching their beliefs.

And yet, NOFX has continued to whine about religion for more than 10 years, and people still seem to think it's fresh. How many different ways can you say and phrase the same damn thing?

Then again, if you want substance with your music, current day NOFX won't get the job done.

misterspike (May 14, 2009)

Wolves ... is to Metallica's Load as Coaster is to Metallica's Reload. Except Heaps Better.

Upon repeated listens, Coaster has definitely grown on me. And I can vouch that yes, The Loved Ones can drink some alcohol. Cheers!

jsin1981 (May 14, 2009)

NOFX ROCKS!!! Great album by a great band!

RondoMondo (May 14, 2009)

I want to stick my penis in this cd. It's so fucking AWESOME. Best since SLATFATS

paulrulzdood (May 14, 2009)

pretty spot on review overall, although i think you're selling it a bit short...

this is FAR better of an album than "wolves in wolves clothing", which was essentially a collection of random songs thrown together and called an album. this actually feels like an album from start to finish, with a logical track progression and a full album feel.

i like how they've toned down the political lyrics after 2 pretty political albums ("wolves" and "errorism") and instead focused on bashing religion, partying and other random fat mike topics.

"creeping out sara" is hilarious. "best god in show" and "blasphemy" are not only outstanding lyrically (if you're a fellow atheist) but are sweet musically as well. "we called it america' and "the quitter' are CLASSIC NOFx, i mean, those songs could be from 10 years ago.

"first call" and " i am an alchoholic" are also hilarious

sure, it's no "punk in drublic" or "so long and thansk" even...but it is better than their last album, and for an 11th NOFX album 25 years into their career...that's all i was hoping for.

it exceeds my expectations. arguably the best thing they've done since the Decline. i'm just stoked their live show is still killer and they're still even doing this NOFX thing and turning out new music.

TahoeJeff (May 14, 2009)

This score is for the record.

TahoeJeff (May 14, 2009)

It took a few listens to really grab me, but I like this album a lot, The reviewer is certainly entitled to their own opinion, but how can you call Best God in Show‚?Ě and ‚??I Am an Alcoholic‚?Ě tasty ska-punk concoctions? Best God is reggae and Alcoholic is jazz up until the end.

MasterShakeOwns (May 14, 2009)

Man, I just can't listen to NOFX anymore. It's not the albums fault; I actually like it. But I've just lost interest in this band.

Rawls_with_Balls (May 13, 2009)

Forgot to rate the album, so I'll take this opportunity to chime in on the "NOFX vs. organized religion" debate.

For those who are put off by Mike's scathing railings against all things religious: I hear ya. But you know what? I just can't help but agree with most of what Mike says on the topic. I think what riles him the most is misplaced religious rhetoric in political and public discourse. Religious faith is an intensely personal thing. If you sat Mike down, I suspect you'd find that he doesn't fault someone for holding those views, he just doesn't want to hear about it. That's my interpretation of one of my favorite NOFX songs: "Happy Guy." Pray, fine, but don't preach.

Does he assert those black and white beliefs with snotty, unapologetic venom? Sure. But what's the alternative? Political correctness? If that's what you're seeking, you came to the wrong place.

Rawls_with_Balls (May 13, 2009)

Couple things:

First, for those below expressing admiration for Weasel's "The Science of Myth," let me say FUCK YEAH! That song still gives me chills.

Now about the album, I gotta say, I dig it. I actually tried to not like this disc. "12 songs?", I thought, "come on NOFX, you can try harder." But then I popped it in my player and not a day has gone by in the past two weeks where it has gone unplayed.

Faves: Suits and Ladders, Agony of Victory, Orphan Year

Conclusion: These guys get me every time. I'm a NOFX mark -- they never let me down.

Cheesetits (May 13, 2009)

I mean, it's alright, it just didn't grab me at all.

mikexdude (May 13, 2009)

"Science of Myth" is one of the best SW song because it reaches a new, nasally level. "Sommanamanamana wooorllddd keeeps turrrninggg"

GlassPipeMurder (May 13, 2009)

1) posting in an epic thread!
2) i like most of what i've heard ("Creeping," "America," "Suits," "Orphan," "Alcoholic")
3) i don't care for the close-minded anti-God rehashes they've been trying to beat into their listeners since Never Trust a Hippy ("Blasphemy," "Best God in Show"). By Fat Mike's standards, activists like Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Caesar Chavez are all "wrong" and his black-and-white, I'm right/you're wrong attitude has kept me from buying any of the last three NOFX records. If I want to listen to a song about questioning faith, it will be Screeching Weasel's "Science of Myth," which does it about 1000 times more gracefully.
4) Still, pretty good album, though I do like the short, fast, political songs on Wolves more in general.

Redscare (May 13, 2009)

Never realized NoFX was so cryptic. Spooky...

I know, right? All these songs about getting wasted and high, lesbians, S&M...then WHAM: The Inner Layer. Whoa.

jacknife737 (May 13, 2009)

Cant say that I agree with the review; solid album though.

Jelone (May 13, 2009)

Red - I know you're just effin' around, but you're giving me way more hipster cred than I deserve. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta meet up with my foreign girlfriend for some sushi. We might watch a Hal Hartley movie later. Maybe something Korean. Not sure.

Also, for the record, I live outside of Philadelphia, PA. Don't bring NYC into this. That's just ig'nant.

mikexdude (May 13, 2009)

I do that just to PiSS you off.

LinoleumMagazine (May 13, 2009)

Goddamnit Mike! How many times do I have to tell you that it's NOFX not NoFX????? You fail at punk rock.

mikexdude (May 13, 2009)

Never realized NoFX was so cryptic. Spooky...

Redscare (May 13, 2009)

And while I'm being an outrageous internet pud, I actually want to throw something out there to discuss about the record. No offense to Greendase and Jelune of course, who are probably at a Dresden Dolls show or busy with a Brooklyn scarf convention (kidding!).

Now I am warning you, this shit is definitely over-reaching and silly, so take it with a grain of salt. It's along the lines of people who say that if you listen to The Wall backwards while watching Wizard of Oz on acid you'll see the End Times or some shit. Anyhow, check it...

So ya know the first song, "We Called It America" which is about the decline of our nation and loss of our hegemont status, yada yada? Well in the opening lead it finishes with that melody that is synonomous with Chinese culture. I don't know what it's called, but it's also used in the song "Turning Japanese" as well. So (and I warned you, this is stupid) I think that is Fat Mike's way of making reference to the rise of China and it signals our new status as "#2".

Fuckin' DEEP, huh?

Dante3000 (May 13, 2009)

Toby, if you want to bring in musical discussion and mention the actual music on the record than feel free. It seems you're letting the review limit your choice in discussion.
I get that you disagree with the review and that you think it's one sided but feel free to put why you think this record is better than that. It seems like you're focusing more on the review and the reviewer than the album and you can always open it up if you have differing opinions about the music. It may not change the review but it may change a few posters minds.

HumanUnkind (May 13, 2009)

I've been cranking this for like 2 weeks and I'm really stoked on it. I like how fun the entire album is. Also everyone's complaining about Creeping Out Sara like it's the dumbest thing NOFX have ever done yet they'll bash on about their "glory" days when they wrote songs like Buggley eyes or my heart is yearning or My Vagina or whatver; all rather dumb, and yes funny songs, but this isn't any worse in the maturity stakes, i reckon.

damo (May 13, 2009)

redscare has to be the best poster on here. passionate, thoughtful and always strikes a balance and seems to be the voice of reason.

dante - come on fella, you can read, you just don't understand it

gunner - it's a shitter when a band you love produce an album you hate. happened to me with Carter USM and NUFAN. there's still hope for nofx though :)

thirtyseconds (May 13, 2009)

I do agree with Toby in that I was not expecting to see a rave review on here. Not like that's a problem though.

I think we should have some kind of star converter thing on here for staff, say for example:

1 Brian star=1.2 Jelone.

No. Stupid. Fuck it I'll post it.

Redscare (May 13, 2009)

In regards to Jelone: I'm not sure if your continued references to Mitch Clem are sarcastic or not, but it bears mentioning that neither Fat Mike, his label, or D4 had anything to do with that reviewer losing his position, it was the zine that punished him for leaking the record. Maybe someone can do a HILARIOUS 12-part comic strip about whatever webzine that was. Just imagine the hijinx?!?! In any case, the guy does a comic and wants Fat Mike's attention. So do thousands of other people in the punk scene, so at the end of the day he's just another random dude with an opinion pulled out of the air. From what I can tell, he seems like just another kid waiting outside the bus for an autograph. So...next.

I guess I just wanted to read someone else's thoughts on the album because I myself thought there was some really cool stuff on the record that could be discussed. But instead it read like a guy trying to be dismissive and look cool for his buddies at the Gainesville Fest. I guess there's nothing "wrong" with it, as Brian says, just nothing thought-provoking or insightful and an overall wasted opportunity to discuss music. Which is why I read reviews and discuss music in forums.

But then again, it's just one person's opinion on a website, so fuck it, right? Carry on!

thirtyseconds (May 13, 2009)

I have listened to this album so much. I actually don't think there are any bland songs on here, at all.

Although I hated "The Quitter" for ages.

I love NOFX more now than I ever have, and that's mostly down to this album.

SloaneDaley (May 13, 2009)

Like Rich pointed out are you really unhappy with the quality of the review or the score on the side? I think it is a shame when a high profile release recieves a poorly written review but this isn't the case here. If you look at say Gaslight Anthem's '59 Sound which had lyrics included that were wrong and it was obvious the person reviewed it without owning an actual copy of the album.

Dante3000 (May 13, 2009)

Yeah...Mitch Clem (of all people). Who's comments regarding NOFX were actually as complementary as they were critical.
I feel this review covers exactly what the reviewer feels about the album, it's good but there are still too many songs that seem like throw aways.
As for the review being one of the worst, check out the review for Dillinger four - Civil War.

souls21 (May 13, 2009)

This album isn't too bad, the only two songs I don't really like are creeping out sara and the agony of victory, the rest range from good to pretty good...definitely not a bad record

Jelone (May 13, 2009)

Who knew giving an album an OK/average rating could fuck up so many people's days? A few thoughts...

-I'm sorry I only kinda liked the record and didn't love/loathe it more per your specifications.
-What's wrong with referencing Mitch Clem?
-You're right; I am kind of a dick for linking it like that. I'm sorry.
-To the people saying "but the musicianship is tight," remember that Britney Spears has a tight backing band, but that in no way makes her music any more interesting.
-Ax to grind? Really? 3 stars and I'm trying to take 'em down a peg? What're ya gonna do, fire me from punk rock?

inagreendase (May 13, 2009)

Toby, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this review. Where exactly does Jelone seem misinformed or unjustly critical? If he has an axe to grind with the band, he must have buried the blade first to say he likes their new album.

eazyd2 (May 13, 2009)

this album is fuckin sick. reviewer is a dick sucka!!

gunner (May 13, 2009)

Hey, I LOVE NOFX, they have been tied with No Use For A Name for my favorite band for many years. I've only listened to Wolves a handful of times from sheer disappointment, but Coaster makes me appreciate it more because this new record didn't make it past 2 plays.

I'll admit I'm one of those guys that likes the serious side of NOFX, and like it enough to sit through all the goofy stuff, but only if there's a balance. These days the guys seem to have lost all interest in writing good songs, just dialing it in now.

I'll never be able to avoid checking out every new NOFX record in hopes that they get back on track, but with 2 crappy albums in a row I'm losing hope.

SloaneDaley (May 13, 2009)

If all this album comes down to is whether or not you like NOFX, I don't think this is worth more than 3 stars at least from an attempt at objectivity.

bongsmcj (May 13, 2009)

basically it comes down to whether you like NOFX, or you don't/

i like NOFX

LeightonESmith (May 13, 2009)

I know what you mean about hearing the same songs every album. I could hear Bleeding heart disease, Clams have feelings too, Lisa and louise and then some Declinelike shredding in Eddie Bruce and Paul alone. I'd have to say the first couple of songs are great plus the aforementioned song and Suits and Ladders. NOFX is a hit and miss band and pretty much have always been - its rare to like absolutely every song on an album. .
We call it america reminds me of the lead Rise Against song off their last album.
Either way, Nofx is pretty predictable and if you like em there is definitely something to like on here. I definitely think they peaked in 99 though.

hayman (May 13, 2009)

Meh, an average NOFX album is still better than 99% of the shit I hear today. It's going to be a sad day when these guys finally throw in the towel. But good times for now.

SloaneDaley (May 13, 2009)

ehn it is no Black President thats for sure.

Redscare (May 13, 2009)

I've got an archive of reviews that proves otherwise.

Maybe so. But for a fairly relevant release, you would expect there to be some informed thoughts on the actual content. I actually don't understand how he came to give it 3/5. Oh well, not the first time for this sorta thing.

mikexdude (May 13, 2009)

One of the poorest album reviews I have seen on the Org, to be honest.

I've got an archive of reviews that proves otherwise.

Redscare (May 12, 2009)

The fact that this guy references Mitch Clem (of all people?) proves that he has an axe to grind with this review. One of the poorest album reviews I have seen on the Org, to be honest.

It's unfortunate that this guy spends the whole review assessing the comedic value of the songs (to no surprise, he's quite critical), when there's plenty of cool stuff to discuss in regards to the actual MUSIC on this record. The more I think about it, it's surprising that PNO actually ran this.

I thought it was a really good album and much better than their last. One of my favorites of 2009, that's for sure.

Whoostin (May 12, 2009)

Cheers to Dio!

miniblindbandit (May 12, 2009)

where's the dio review?

drewxfishy (May 12, 2009)

love it

inagreendase (May 12, 2009)

p.s. It's Fat Mike, not "Fat" Mike. It just looks silly when you write it like that.

It was a reference to the fact that he's not really fat anymore.

facetofacereunion08 (May 12, 2009)

ive been so excited to see this reviewed and this is just an AWFUL review. Not cuz i think its alot better than the reviewer said, it just was not a good one. I think coaster rocks. The lyrics for the most part tell good stories that are straight forward and you dont have to work too hard to figure out, the melodies are solid, the changes of pace are great. I think this is a really really good nofx record. Best songs for me are "my orphan year" "eddie bruce and paul" and "first call"....hey, theres even a reference to toby jeg!

MeeSTa3k (May 12, 2009)

This reviewer calls a reggae song and a punk song with jazz parts "ska-punk". Really? I mean... really?

Dante3000 (May 12, 2009)

here's waiting for NZ"i run my own business you tool"09 to slate on this review just like always. am convinced his Dad gave Mike a rusty trombone followed up by an AIDS spit. can be no other reason for that hostility

was that English?

damo (May 12, 2009)

here's waiting for NZ"i run my own business you tool"09 to slate on this review just like always. am convinced his Dad gave Mike a rusty trombone followed up by an AIDS spit. can be no other reason for that hostility

damo (May 12, 2009)

i think the production doesn't do a lot of the songs justice. it's a solid album and a lot of the songs do sound great live. unlike wolves i haven't deleted a single song off coaster off my ipod yet so all is good

m1tch (May 12, 2009)

I finally got it in the mail yesterday, and although not the first time hearing it, I liked it. It's nofx and I'm a big fan of nofx. I like wolves' too.

Problematiclogic (May 12, 2009)

This record is great fun.

So stop being boring and enjoy it.

GiantBaby (May 12, 2009)

fuck off

mike_killroad (May 12, 2009)

More "My orphan year" less "Creeping out Sarah"

Seriously, it's not that great and I'm bummed, I've already stopped listening to it because it got old too quick.

What the fuck NOFX?

kylewagoner (May 12, 2009)

It'd be a better album if they hadn't released 10 other ones before it, ya know?

wallofyouth (May 12, 2009)

i enjoy it but agree that something is lacking... i think best god in show is pretty great, as is my orphan year

misterspike (May 12, 2009)

Typical NOFX album ... Alcohol = Good. Street Drugs = Really Really Good. Lesbians and/or Canadians = Mulleted. Religion = Bad.

"My Orphan Year" is the closest to a departure for the band, at least lyrically. Great song and clearly heartfelt. Very touching.

wishihadasocketset (May 12, 2009)

i thought this album was really underwhelming. i'm always really excited for a new nofx record; there is always the possibility of few great songs mixed in with the filler. none of the songs here (with the possible exception of "we called it america") would make my nofx top 40. not a terrible record, the nofx formula just doesn't allow for that IMO, but very medio-core. On a side note: the LP has "creeping out sara" listed as "creeping out tegan" are the lyrics the same or do they actually change it on the LP???


three letters: BAD

TheMarc (May 12, 2009)

"My Orphan Year" is absolutely spectacular. Solid record!

Bryanmatic (May 12, 2009)

Score is for the album.

The only thing that could save NOFX from the perils of mediocrity or break up is another Surfer or Fuck the Kids 7".

Technically proficient playing is definitely NOT the reason why NOFX is my favorite band.

mattramone (May 12, 2009)

I stopped listening to Weird Al and NOFX at the same age. Draw whatever conclusions you want from that.

oldpunkerforever (May 12, 2009)

boring. these guys have not put out anything worthwhile in years-oldpunker-

mikexdude (May 12, 2009)

To the guy below: I don't think it's any question that these guys are incredibly tight musicians.... I always thought it was assumed.

deadelectromix (May 12, 2009)

This was a really bad record.

bdn (May 12, 2009)

Fat Mike spends most of this album telling people to dismiss NOFX (we‚??re drunks, we immature 40 year olds, we don‚??t‚?? have jobs) and with every review, that‚??s exactly what is done. Who is the joke on? Who‚??s being lazy? Is it ‚??punk‚?Ě to be a rich 40 year old that‚??s a master musician? No, so Fat Mike simply says ‚??Hey, look that way‚?Ě and everyone looks. Here‚??s something I have yet to read: The technicality of playing is amazing on this album. Smelly‚??s playing on ‚??Orphan Year‚?? alone is a 10 . These guys are at the top of their game, they just don‚??t want you to notice.

Chadreligion (May 12, 2009)

I like this album... better than wolves too.
The Quitter, , Orphan Year, and Best God In Show have the best lyrics I've heard from them in awhile.
Needs better ska though, if any.
Score is for the album on a whole

fattony (May 12, 2009)

There's a few ok songs on here, but more than anything, it suffers from being just another NOFX album. I love them, they totally phoned it in on this album.

Side note: Linking directly to an image is a dick move. It sucks up NN2S's bandwidth without the benefit of ad views. Link straight to the comic page: http://www.mitchclem.com/nothingnice/92/

american_666_jesus (May 12, 2009)

Great review. The rating was a little too high for my tastes, but I found this album to be terribly mediocre.

FuckYouOiOiOi (May 12, 2009)

This album is great. Way better than Wolves. I've probably listened to it close to 20 times by now and it doesn't get old. Favourite songs:

First Call
Orphan Year
Blasphemy (It sounds like a Bad Religion song)
Eddie, Bruce and Paul
I AM an Alcoholic
The Agony of Victory
Best God in Show

LinoleumMagazine (May 12, 2009)

I like it a lot.

Rates about even with their last couple records, but below their 90's stuff.

I love this band no matter what. All I really care about now whether I will see them play "She's Gone" again.
I've seen em about 25 times and they've only played it once.

p.s. It's Fat Mike, not "Fat" Mike. It just looks silly when you write it like that.

BarleyPat (May 12, 2009)

I liked it. Best songs:

Eddie, Bruce, and Paul
Suites and Ladders
The Quitter
My Orphan Year

Jeevz (May 12, 2009)

It's a good listen, but nowhere near any of their earlier classics. No surprises here.

Jeevz (May 12, 2009)

I've heard it all before, and I'll hear it all a thousand times more...

usversusthem (May 12, 2009)

Creeping Out Sara is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard, ever. It did sort of result in me actually getting into T&S, though, so I guess it wasn't completely useless.

scandelicious (May 12, 2009)

oh and yes creeping out sara is funny but it's definately their poppiest song to date... i thought franco was bad.. damnn. hard to imagine they started as a hardcore punk band if you hear that one haha. eh no complaints though its cool

scandelicious (May 12, 2009)

score is for the album

i guess im alone but i can't stop listening to this album, but then again nofx has been my favorite band for many many years. and when wolves came out it was instantly my favorite. this isnt my absolute favorite, especially cuz it has the weakest begining for a nofx album in my opinion.. but i like it a lot

ddb43 (May 12, 2009)

I actually find this to be quite enjoyable. It is much better than their last one. "Creeping Out Sara" is hilarious.

whoostin (May 12, 2009)

Good Review. I really hoped that with only 12 tracks, Nofx would cut out the mediocre filler but I guess not. I think the rest of the band needs to start writing songs. And who is Fat Mike to call out Bruce Dickinson?
Kudos to Bruce and Fuck you Mike. He can fly a plane and your drunk ass can hardly ride a bike!

Dante3000 (May 12, 2009)

There are some decent songs on here but I'll say it again, as a band who claims to be gay positive "Creeping out Sara" can be quite confusing.

joeg (May 12, 2009)

review is right on point, as i find most of jelone's.

punkerpages (May 12, 2009)

So disappointing :(

BluthCo (May 12, 2009)

Half the songs are good and half are decent but forgettable. About all of them have bland lyrics.

mikexdude (May 12, 2009)

My Orphan Years is incredible but "Blasphemy" is unlistenable. A step up from the last one. My favorites will always be Errorism and So Long... but, not bad, not bad.

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