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Blink 182 / Weezer: live in Camdenlive in Camden (2009)
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Contributed by: skankbookskankbook
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I'm going to man up and be "First to Admit to Going to the blink-182 / Weezer Concert" guy. I waited 11 years to see the most influential bands in my life play together. This isn't to say they've remained my favorites over the years, but they were crucial in developing my musical tastes to the Orgco.

I'm going to man up and be "First to Admit to Going to the blink-182 / Weezer Concert" guy. I waited 11 years to see the most influential bands in my life play together. This isn't to say they've remained my favorites over the years, but they were crucial in developing my musical tastes to the Orgcore I currently live for. Earlier in the week, I was in the pit for the Bouncing Souls / Lifetime / Tim Barry show at the Trocader -- a crowd larger than could fit on the Troc's floor welcomed me before I even got through the gates. I couldn't help comparing the attendees to the Poison / Def Leppard concert I'd been to earlier in the summer, only instead of 35-year-olds in cut-off Dokken shirts and 15-year-olds in tight jeans, there were 35-year-olds in fading "Jumping Bunny" shirts and 15-year-olds in, well, even tighter jeans.

I missed the openers (Chester French and Taking Back Sunday) due to Philly rush hour traffic, but I'm not losing any sleep over it. After a video played with drummer/guitarist Pat Wilson showing off his favorite sights in Philly (think cheesesteaks and the Rocky steps), Weezer came out with their new setup: Brian Bell on guitar and keyboard, Scott Sharp on bass and Wilson on guitar, with a new drummer and Rivers Cuomo acting as a "frontman." They opened with "Hash Pipe," then launched into "Troublemaker." I knew I wasn't at a typical Weezer show when the crowd response was greater for "Pork N Beans" and new single "(If Youâ??re Asking If I Want You To) I Want You To" than for Pinkerton gem "The Good Life" or "Perfect Situation," which I feel is their best song released this decade. "My Name Is Jonas," was performed with rotating vocals by the whole band except Rivers, who was off stage until the harmonica solo at the end. The roles were reversed for "Island in the Sun," with Rivers performing a bit of the song on drums, bass and guitar, which was then looped until the rest of the band joined at the end of the song. Cuomo had a lot of energy throughout the set, running around the stage and even singing while jumping on a trampoline next to the drums. Yeah, a trampoline. They closed with "Buddy Holly" and a cover of the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go," but I would've much rather heard something off Maladroit, which was completely ignored.

Set list:

  1. Hash Pipe
  2. Troublemaker
  3. Undone
  4. Surf Wax America
  5. Perfect Situation
  6. Say It Ain't So
  7. My Name Is Jonas
  8. Pork N Beans
  9. The Good Life
  10. Island in the Sun
  11. (If You're Asking If I Want You To) I Want You To
  12. Beverly Hills
  13. Buddy Holly
  14. Should I Stay or Should I Go
With "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" blasting on the speakers and two spotlights on blowup dolls on each side of the stage, it was time for blink-182. The curtain dropped and the opening chords of "Dumpweed" were blaring before it even touched the ground. After a quick welcome, the band launched into singles "Feelin' This," "What's My Age Again" and "The Rock Show." Tom and Mark used these songs to tease me into thinking it would be a greatest hits set before launching into a number of songs off their last album, much to my displeasure. Tom DeLonge, sporting an Angels and Airwaves shirt, proved he has yet to repeat his in-studio performances, messing up high parts in "Obvious" and "Always" while just ignoring lines in "First Date." For every sub-par song they played ("Not Now," "Stockholm Syndrome"), they'd pull out an unexpected treat ("Josie," "Going Away to College," "Man Overboard"), keeping me dancing and reliving my middle and high school years. They closed their set with "Reckless Abandon" and "Anthem Part Two" before the most talented member of the band, Travis Barker, came back out to do his "flying drum solo." If you caught them on the Pop Disaster Tour, it's pretty much the same thing he did seven years ago, only going side-to-side instead of in loops. The encore of "Carousel" and "Dammit" made up for the pretty average set list.

Set list:
  1. Dumpweed
  2. Feelin' This
  3. Rock Show
  4. What's My Age Again?
  5. I Miss You
  6. Obvious
  7. Stay Together for the Kids
  8. The Fallen Interlude / Stockholm Syndrome
  9. Always
  10. First Date
  11. Going Away to College
  12. Man Overboard
  13. All the Small Things
  14. Not Now
  15. Adam's Song
  16. Josie
  17. Reckless Abandon
  18. Anthem Part Two
    Travis drum solo
  19. Carousel
  20. Dammit
As a college graduate and working professional, I can finally move on from middle school having seen this show. When the opening chords to "The Good Life" hit, I was instantly transported back to 7th grade. Mark and Tom's onstage banter was funny, but so is 2000's The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show. If you're still living in denial that you ever bought the Green Album or Enema of the State, then you can go back to hating Tom DeLonge and saying Weezer was only ever been average at best. If you're looking for $70 worth of nostalgia, though, go check this out when it comes to your town and you'll leave with a smile.


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VisualDegree05 (September 10, 2009)

Seeing as how you're a "college graduate and working professional," I think it's safe to assume you're the same age as me and therefor provides the comfort one needs to leave a comment such as the one you're about to read. About yourself.

I'm not going to open with an attack on your horrible word choice and overall lack of any grammatical skill, but rather your lack of musical appreciation. Throw in taste as well; I'm pretty pissed.

That opening band isn't worth mentioning - besides their blow-up palm trees, monkeys and pink mics - but good for you to throw them in there. That's a sign of a good "reviewer."

We all know Taking Back Sunday is a "hit or miss" band; they either have really good songs or really horrible ones. Not to say everyone has the same taste in music, but judging by your reviews' vibe, I'm going to assume that you think this. Adam Lazarra is a damn good artist and performer - when he wants to be. I saw TBS in Projekt Revolution and it remains unforgettable. However, he seemed to lose track of where his mic was throughout the show. Anyways, the instrumental backup kept him alive - as the audience.

Now this is where I began to not like you. Not only have you forgotten some vital parts of the show, but you contradicted yourself. For two bands who have contributed to your *ehem* musical taste, you've totally dissed both of them, dude (I mean to put this simply, not to confuse you).

I've never been huge on Weezer, but that's not to say I hate them or they suck. They opened with an awesome "FOX" movie introduction knock off entitled Weezer. Good way to get the crowd going. Yes, they opened with Hashpipe (at least you're not BLANTANTLY lying). Their setlist was AWESOME. I never got into them and yet I was able to sing and dance along to most of the set. Yay for me. That IS the main point of a concert, right? The trampoline, toy guitar, and Rivers playing along to the HOUSE MUSIC (not looped, you idiot) was utter jack-assery and complimented is "turrets syndrom" dancing quite well. They were fun and worth seeing. By the way, the new song - "I Want You" - was actually quite catchy and further away from the usual "Weezer sound." You also forgot to review this song which seems important to me in a review. Well, good review.

Blink 182. The name in itself is notorious. I will say this - you did a good job with calling Tom out on his lack of stage etiquette. Yes, he's indeed "proved he has yet to repeat his in-studio performances." I've found myself saying that for years. Selt-titeled wasn't their best. That's not the same thing as it's their worst or it sucks. Tom just needed to get A&A out of his system.

This part's a bit harsh. Let me put it simply.
1) "most talented member of the band, Travis Barker"
- You can't compare talent between instruments. It's not fair. It doesn't work. Blink 182 wouldn't be Blink 182 without Mark and Tom. Out of respect for Mr. Barker, yes, he will go down in history as one of the most talented drummers ever. And that guy who survived that plane crash...

2) "it would be a greatest hits set"
- This makes me truly wonder how many shows you've EVER been to. This is usually the repertoire for any band. Seeing as how concerts generally contain music by them or the ones the fans liked the best. Especially in Blink's circumstance. THEY JUST REUNITED. They've been together for how long? You should research that. Get your review on. I wouldn't have expected anything short of what they did. So, yes, the occasional early-tracks were placed delicately and delightfully.

3) Screw you for including sub-par in any of this. Go listen to some more music and think about what you've done.

4) "I can finally move on from middle school having seen this show"
- You still write like you're in middle school.
- I'm glad you were able to grow - a little - in this experience. Thank God you were able to move on.

5) "Mark and Tomâ??s onstage banter was funny, but so is 2000â??s The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show"

- NO ONE GOES TO A SHOW TO LISTEN TO AN ALBUM. Impovisation is necessary. Thus, the basis of most humor since close to the dawn of comedy.

6) I can watch Travis do a drum solo up-side-down, sideways, stationary, in bed, in loops, etc, for the rest of my life and wouldn't once complain.

I will give you that Weezer has never passed the "average doorway" but I won't give you anything else. Maybe a slap on the hand.

"If youâ??re looking for $70 worth of nostalgia, though, go check this out when it comes to your town and youâ??ll leave with a smile."
- Nostalgia... Of middle school? Pass.

Look, here it is. If you like TBS, Weezer, or Blink 182, go to the show and you won't be disappointed. The music you like always makes ya feel good. That's all you had to say.


thekeyboardplayersucks (September 7, 2009)

self titled is the best blink album, straight up.

jacknife737 (September 7, 2009)

The blink setlists isn't actually that bad. Their self titled is probably the only album of theirs that i'll listen to, on the rare occasions that i put on a blink album.

mikeva (September 7, 2009)

i saw blink in 99 by accident at some big festival. they were terrible live. i can see not much has changed since then.

andburntherest (September 6, 2009)

For the love of cheebus if you're going to record video don't fucking sing along. You suck.

martinNZ09 (September 6, 2009)

Score is for the reviewer

How can you not rate Blink's last album yet love 'Going Away To College"?

Necktattoo (September 6, 2009)

blow up dolls on the stage? how cutting edge.

ZappBrannigan (September 6, 2009)

I have some kind of sick fascination with Weezer, and I always like hearing about how they further to tarnish their briefly interesting career. They've continued to follow up on two solid albums with exponentially shittier releases, culminating next with Raditutde. Sounds absolutely terrible, and yet I can't wait for what follows that. I could believe Rivers is just pranking the world somehow, but hopefully we all realize by now that Weezer is never going to pull a 180 and release a decent album ever again.

I saw Blink on their last(?) tour with Taking Back Sunday and Cypress Hill. They were pretty good then. I still like their catalog for the most part, and they seemed to be having lots of fun even if there was some behind the scenes bickering. Glad I saw them then, wouldn't care to see them now. Tom seems like he's dragging his feet through this whole reunion and I can't see it lasting very long. They aren't the best performers, so their even-sloppier shows just sound awful.

telegraphrocks (September 5, 2009)

Wow. That must've been a horrible fucking show to attend.

I'm so fucking glad I lost my Weezer tickets 8 years ago, and I'm also stoked that I've never seen Blink 182 live. The time I spent masturbating definitely proved to be better spent.

Score's not necessarily for these bands, but IS for stadium / amphitheater shows which are always just overrun with the worst fucking people, and 900% mark-ups on everything from beverages to band merchandise.
I'm off to see Banner Pilot in a shitty bar...

RedElephant (September 5, 2009)

score is for the fact that a worker on ap.net called blink and i quote "modern-day prophets".

Grue (September 5, 2009)

Score is for Tom Delonge wearing his own band's t-shirt. LAME.

Salvador (September 5, 2009)

I stopped caring about Blink when Travis joined.

friokir (September 5, 2009)

not now and stockholm syndrome are awesome songs, especially comparing to going away to college.

wyld_stallyns_rule (September 5, 2009)

I saw Blink in '98 with Home Grown and MxPx as openers in Minneapolis. Good show, but not as good as the Slow Gherkin show I saw at the Fox Fire around the same time/era. Anyone here remember the Foxfire lounge? Lawrence Arms, MU330, other groups seemed like regulars there around the mid nineties.

red_eye_inc (September 5, 2009)

I wish Rivers wouldn't let the other guys sing. The guy playing drums is Josh Freese, he's their new drummer.

xBadxAstronautx (September 5, 2009)

I didn't go when Blink came to town this summer, although if Weezer was with them I might have (it was Fallout Boy). I did see some youtube videos that showed how bad Blink was, especially Tom.

Still, they were my favourite band for a couple of years in high school and I listened to Dude Ranch and Enema almost exclusively until I discovered Bad Religion. I never saw them live. I can't say there wouldn't be some serious nostalgia if I saw them now.

Jelone (September 4, 2009)

Saw Blink play with Green Day and Bush back in high school. They were bad then, and it looks like they're bad now. I'm not gonna cop a "fuck 'em" attitude, because I thought the self-titled was a huge leap forward for them, but I really can't get behind this tour.

And you don't want to hear Maladroit live. C'mon now.

burntorangepeel (September 4, 2009)

If youâ??re looking for $70 worth of nostalgia..."

NO concert is worth 70 dollars, sorry.

sumwon (September 4, 2009)

Score is for Weezer exposing 13 year olds to the Clash.

hot_cheetos (September 4, 2009)

"Perfect Situation" is one of the worst songs Weezer has ever, ever done. Horrible.

These setlists don't look toooo bad. Could be a little better, but could be a lot worse. Weezer knows most people love the blue album.

I would go if I had the money.

Pencilsssssssx1000 is annoying.

kylewagoner (September 4, 2009)

I was at that show! And I, too, missed Chester Fench and Taking Back Sunday. My aunt got assaulted by that guy in the banana suit that you may have seen outside. I will say that I wasn't satisfied with Weezer, but only because they just played for an hour. I cannot deny being completely in love with their new single. I do wish there was more from Pinkerton and and least SOMETHING from Maladroit, but whatever. And their drummer isn't a "new drummer." It's Josh Freese. Blink-182 were excellent, I thought.

Phantom_Maggot (September 4, 2009)

So one of the oddest things happened to me the other day. After class a student comes up to me and asks if I like Blink 182. I said that I used to when I was his age. He then asked if I was going to see them when they came to town. I told him probably not. He was floored that I wasn't. I said, "Well I saw them on Warped Tour right after Enema of the State came out, and they were only O.K." This young lad look terrified and said that he'd always wanted to see Blink-182 in their prime, but was too young (he's a Sophomore in high school) when they were still playing. I felt jaded and old. Some current young kids dream, like mine of seeing the original Misfits, the Clash in '77, or Bad Religion after the release of No Control, was my ho-hum memory. Or, like my sXe uncle falling asleep at a Ramones show in the early 80's, because he could have cared less.

Joken (September 4, 2009)

That setlist looks bad, and Tom's singing sounds awful in Athem p2, thats a shame

MN_DrNick (September 4, 2009)

What's wrong with the Green Album? It wasn't amazing like Blue Album or Pinkerton, but it was good.

pencilsssssssssssssssssss (September 4, 2009)

"If youâ??re still living in denial that you ever bought the Green Album or Enema of the State"

i didn't buy any of these bands albums. ever. in the year 2000 or whenever these came out i was listening to real punk rock, always against commercial bullshit. anyway, all the punks at the time bitched that blink182 was being called punk now they're like being accepted as nostalgia or some shit. fuck that. pick a side. i say: fuck 'em!!!

pencilsssssssssssssssssss (September 4, 2009)

fuck this is lame!!!!!

what kinda fuck spends on fucking shit like this!!!!!!

Chadreligion (September 4, 2009)

Every piece of live footage I've seen up until now looks that they are everything but stoked to be up there playing.
For as many times as I saw (on tours with Unwritten Law, MXPX,Sno-core,)
they were always so active and now it just seems fucking fake as hell.
Tom even used to hold his guitar differently.
Besides, they haven't written anything in ages, so why the fuck to tour unless you need the money.

danperrone (September 4, 2009)

i actually WALKED OUT on blink 182. they were that bad. they were playing like they just didn't give a shit!! mark was really struggling wish the vocals and his performance, but tom was acting like he was awful on purpose. i just don't get it. i never thought that weezer, who i think sucks, would outperform them.

i wasn't expecting greatness, but come on...

colin (September 4, 2009)

that looks like the worst weezer setlist. and blink 182 actually.

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