Protest the Hero - Gallop Meets the Earth [CD/DVD] (Cover Artwork)

Protest the Hero

Protest the Hero: Gallop Meets the Earth [CD/DVD]Gallop Meets the Earth [CD/DVD] (2009)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 2

Contributed by: William_DavidWilliam_David
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A Star Wars-style scrolling text at the opening of the "Director's Cut" version of the Gallop Meets the Earth DVD is a pseudo-review/hate letter directed at the band for a performance deemed to be all right, but nothing spectacular. The band lacks the energy and all-out craziness of previous perform.
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A Star Wars-style scrolling text at the opening of the "Director's Cut" version of the Gallop Meets the Earth DVD is a pseudo-review/hate letter directed at the band for a performance deemed to be all right, but nothing spectacular. The band lacks the energy and all-out craziness of previous performances, according to the text. If the letter is real, and was written in response to the particular show recorded for this DVD/CD combo, it's dead on.

Love or hate Protest the Hero, they are known for a sort of metal fusion sound that prides itself on technical proficiency in its wacky, always-changing time signatures, rounded out by fantasy lyrics that would make Rush proud. Such technical performances don't always translate well to the live setting (especially depending on the actual skill of any given band). Protest the Hero does a decent job of pulling it off, albeit better in a small club setting, and more notably a few years back in the Kezia era. But lately the band seems a little less lighthearted, and the show suffers a bit as a result.

Vocalist Rody Walker's jokes fall flat and piss off the crowd, Arif Mirabdolhaghi keeps quietly at the guitar, failing to deliver any of his signature poses, and guitarist Tim Millar, with his ever-increasing facial hair, is starting to look like he may be moonlighting as a faux-bo. And that could be a good thing. Maybe the band isn't trying to be a gimmick but rather simply perform their tunes, but the energy is lackluster, and the performance is mediocre with a recording that doesn't help, meaning fans should just toss the CD to the garbage heap in favor of the studio albums.

On the DVD side of things, viewers have the option of watching the performance straight through, or a longer cut that features backstage segments awkwardly cut in at all the wrong places to offer a not-so-special behind-the-scenes glimpse at the band. The performance itself is filmed with high-quality cameras, and the crew sets up some impressive visuals that involve confetti drops and great stage lighting. The effort is somewhat undermined, however, by editing that is at times more erratic that necessary, coupled with terribly ugly split-screen jobs that look like they were done with a home video kit on the computer.

The extra material is the usual fare of the band's tour shenanigans. These are unfortunately not as exciting for the viewer as the fun the band seems to be having in each scene. The highlight is two members of Protest and crew crossdressing for a metal awards show dance designed to be BrĂ¼no-caliber gay. And the liner art is an ugly wave of orange, yellow and black forming some kind of face.

Protest the Hero does nothing overtly terrible with Gallop Meets the Earth. It follows the standard formula for a band DVD release designed to bridge the gap between studio albums, packing in the content, but every piece of it screams mediocrity. And when the performance falls in that same category, the band has a problem on its hands. Gallop Meets the Earth is a disappointment.


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HB_Dad (October 26, 2009)

Protest the Hero is my other favorite band (right next to Between The Buried And Me). However, this is not a very good live album and shouldn't have been released. First off, the sound quality SUCKS and does nothing to represent the band positively. The other issue is the band doesn't have enough albums out yet to justify a live release. Maybe after 1 or preferably 2 more studio full-length albums it could be justified. As for the DVD portion a lot of this footage could've been used later on a retrospective DVD in a few years or so...

SilentStorms (October 22, 2009)

My bro filmed and edited this and then told me that Universal fucked with his editing. I haven't seen this yet, but I expect it's pretty sweet. Next time, DON'T FUCK WITH THE EDITOR. Nuff said Universal.

Hubitcherkokov (October 21, 2009)

For live DVD/CDs, I usually watch the DVD once and then just continually listen to the CD. The CD sounds great.

Alien (October 21, 2009)

The effects and editing are stupid.

they should've done this after they released kezia

RYANGP (October 21, 2009)

The effects/editing on the dvd are complete and utter garbage. That being said, the performance was pretty solid, although I can attest that they were definitely better in the Kezia era.

andrewking (October 21, 2009)

Forgive me for jumping the gun on the member count - you didn't imply that there weren't 5 members. That was meatheaded on my part. Arif plays bass, though (still a guitar, but you know...)

Still, I do disagree with most of your other claims, but hey - your review, not mine.

andrewking (October 21, 2009)

The fact that you don't even know how many people are in the band (or their instruments, for that matter) makes me wonder how many of their "Kezia-era" performances you saw.

With five instruments blazing this many sixteenth notes at once, where have you heard a better-sounding live recording? Rody's jokes do suck, but that's his bag. I was at the show and the crowd was eating out of his hands.

This is a solid live CD/DVD from a band that does a pretty damn good job of combining showmanship with execution. I agree with you on the extras, but I'm not sure you've justified most of your other assertions.

sexualsunshine (October 20, 2009)

This band just straight sucks in the first place.

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