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Comadre: A Wolf TicketA Wolf Ticket (2009)
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Contributed by: Dante3000Dante3000
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Comadre has always been a band that has defied classification, and thus always been labeled by everyone. Before becoming familiar with the band I've heard them called everything from hardcore to screamo to emo revivalist and even skramz. In an attempt to avoid lazy listening (or just misuse of a gen.

Comadre has always been a band that has defied classification, and thus always been labeled by everyone. Before becoming familiar with the band I've heard them called everything from hardcore to screamo to emo revivalist and even skramz. In an attempt to avoid lazy listening (or just misuse of a genre), I tried to avoid any such comparisons when I first heard the band and tried only to use non-genre comparisons. The only terms I could come up with was, "a mess." Comadre was fast, sporadic and angry. It all just seemed like a giant mess, but over time the mess began to make sense, with the intensity opening up to great hooks and melodies that range from fist-pounding to danceable. All of this and more is encapsulated in their most recent effort, A Wolf Ticket.

At just eight tracks and under 14 minutes it may seem strange to dissect A Wolf Ticket into smaller sections, but the album does lend itself to a division. The first half seems to embrace less conventional (even by Comadre standards) styles and methods. The opener, "Hamlets" is a bare-bones production, opening with dual guitars and drums before exploding with the shout of "This is it" and continuing with only drums, distorted vocals and feedback. It sets the stage for the seamless jump into "Tannerisms," which holds the most traditional song structure of the first four tracks, with the classic Comadre screams and call-and-response lyrics between lead vocalist Jaun Gabe and the rest of the band. Rounding out the first half are the combined "Viva Hate Pt. 1" and "Viva Hate Pt. 2," two separate tracks that flow together seamlessly and only clock in at 2:16. The tracks are a great pairing, with "Viva Hate Pt. 1" starting slowly, with a repeated selection of vocals and a near-march drumbeat that erupts into an avalanche of guitar and drums, before breaking into a full-speed sprint for "Viva Hate Pt. 2," all climaxing in a shoving match of instruments and styles as vocalist Gabe repeats, "How's this for a breakdown baby," closing out the volatile and unique first half.

The second half of A Wolf Ticket plays much more like a standard EP and even features the interlude/intro of "Word Is Bond," which sounds like the band tuning up over clips from a gangster film I can not quite identify. Following the brief intermission is possibly one of Comadre's best and most catchy songs, "Grow Worms." The track opens like a dance track, with a solid snare beat and upbeat guitar strokes, before Gabe comes in screaming, "Same shit but not amused. Give us a way to fight these hardcore blues." From there the song launches into a place that lies somewhere between dance and hardcore, as if the two genres had a drunken hookup on prom night and had to discard the offspring before they went off to college. "King Jeremey" follows with what is arguably Comadre's most accessible song. The track is relatively slow and long by Comadre standards, clocking in at almost three minutes, but has such a strong buildup to the shout-along of, "Division, communism, I am missin', the whole point," that it's easy to see why it's become a staple of their live set. The closer, "Suicides May Have Been Pact" starts blasting with energy and breakneck speed but about halfway through everything shifts and like a train that has blown its engine, the track slows to a roll. Just when it seems like the train has derailed and lost its course, the track comes in with the exact inverse of the guitar and drumbeat that opens A Wolf Ticket, closing what might have been an otherwise disjointed release and showing the forethought that Comadre puts into their music.

For as unique as Comadre is, they aren't afraid to show their influences. One can easily pick out elements from bands such as Refused and Kid Dynamite on A Wolf Ticket. However, relentless energy, diverse lyrical content and delivery and the ability and willingness to blend genres and styles have made this band, and this release, more than the sum of its influences. I still don't know, nor do I wish to venture a guess, into what genre this album would fall. I can say it's fast, loud, angry, contemplative, diverse, spastic, snarky, tight and intricate. It's all these buzzwords and more, but really it's Comadre, and you'd be wise to not try and classify it and just shut up and enjoy it.


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Chaos_is_Goose (February 13, 2010)

I went to the house show also, was so fucking high , I was in the back by the couch. I dont know how people wherent passing out from the heat. If I had a bottle of water, I would of attempted to go to the front, I wish I had. Also important question. The band that played after Comadre was supposedly Touche Amore, now this was before I really got into them (love them now), but did I just imagine this (I was super super high) but didnt they have a large female doing vocals? Then DST played and they where fucking awesome, sad that all the Comadre fans left though, the other 2 bands had much fewer people there.

Dante3000 (November 12, 2009)

Part of me loved the Hunter S. Thompson guy, part hated him. Ultimately, it was rad that he was having a good time but he needed to tone it down. I didn't mind until he started knocking over equipment (which kind of sucks since I know they borrowed at least the drums). Anyone see that kid who got the gnarly gash on the side of his head and bled all over the drums? Shit was intense.

mattevans (November 12, 2009)

I was at the house show. It ruled. I was right up front, in front of the singer trying to stop the Hunter S. Thompson guy from crowd surfing.

nunkpews (November 11, 2009)

I went to that house show. It was pretty wild. Also, I left a burrito in someone's (from Punknews) SUV. Sorry about that!

laserguidedbygod (November 10, 2009)

One of my Top 10's for the year.

Dante3000 (November 10, 2009)

Yeah, I was up front, toward the right side of where they were playing (between the drums and Jack). Afterward I was completely gross and was having a hard time breathing (it seems like there's smoke everywhere in Florida, and I'm an old man), so we cut out. But Comadre and Touche Amore were great.

acris (November 10, 2009)

I didn't know you were at that house show, Dante! Did you cut out right after Comadre?

Dante3000 (November 10, 2009)

Fuck! I knew the voices sounded like Wu-Tang but (to be honest) I haven't listened to them in forever and couldn't place it for the life of me. Also, that Refused set was ah-mazing. Seriously, if there's one band that can do a Refused cover set and not have it seem corny, it's Comadre.

conduit (November 10, 2009)

And another 10 for their sets at fest (Refused cover set on friday, and market street on sunday)

conduit (November 10, 2009)

Score is for the EP...by the way "Word Is Bond" is them tuning over a wu tang intro

Dante3000 (November 10, 2009)

Yeah, I was going to say, the line for Comadre was out the block and probably close to University St. (or whatever the main strip is...shit was long). A lot of people got turned away. I got in and they absolutely killed it. However, some dude did hit me with a Randy Savage elbow to the forehead.

acris (November 10, 2009)

so fucking good.

and eyepatchguy, the line for comadre was fucking ridiculous. you'd probably need to get there an hour in advance.

eyepatchguy (November 10, 2009)

I can't believe I missed Comadre to see Chris Wollard at Fest. Worst mistake ever.

Archangel (November 10, 2009)

Love this band, love this release. These guys kill live.

Dante3000 (November 10, 2009)

Love, love love this record. I put the label as Bloodtown, but maybe they only did the vinyl...I don't really recall. Seriously, I'm biased but I'm amazed more folks aren't into these cats.

kram1234 (November 10, 2009)

this record rules.

awesome review.

i was wondering why comadre has never been reviewed on this site....

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