Bad Religion / Less Than Jake / Hot Water Music

Bad Religion/Less Than Jake/Hot Water Music: live in San Diegolive in San Diego (2002)
live show

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: SheenaSheena
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The opening band was called "The ShutDowns". They reminded me of the "punk" I would have liked to listen to circa '96-97. They were a pretty decent opening band, considering some opening bands just plain suck. These guys had potential and what few people were already in the arena seemed to take t.

The opening band was called "The ShutDowns". They reminded me of the "punk" I would have liked to listen to circa '96-97. They were a pretty decent opening band, considering some opening bands just plain suck. These guys had potential and what few people were already in the arena seemed to take to them pretty well. They played "GPC" for the smokers and passed out free demos to the kids on the floor.

Now for what was for the beginning of the "real" line up. Hot Water Music out of Gainesville, Florida. I swear these guys have been touring nonstop for what must be the past 2 years. It seems like every show I go to, they're there, or they're coming soon. There wasn't really a large crowd yet for HWM. That must be nice for the die-hard fans who still want a somewhat mutual performance in such a large venue. We received some previews of the upcoming album; one of the songs was called "All Related".

Less than Jake had the stage and their entry set up in the most interesting of ways. They had television sets all over the stage. For their entrance, they played a recording of "This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast Systemâ?¦" and then the TVs had a countdown.

This was my very first time seeing Less Than Jake, so I was excited to see what they were going to put forth. I was very please and disappointed with them at the same time. LTJ kept referring to the venue [cox arena] as the "Penis Arena" which gave me a good laugh. I've always wondered how long it would be before a band made a crack about it. The band asked the crowd if the people had payed more money to be on the floor, so they said "What the fuck? Get down here". By then, the venue was getting full and the crowds just swarmed over the railings and down the stairs. There was nothing the limited security could do about it. I thought Less Than Jake and Bad Religion was a weird line up, but it seemed everyone loved it.

I had really hoped For "Dopeman", but I didn't get it. I was so sure they'd play that song since it is a well known one. We got quite a few songs from "Hello Rockview" including "Nervous in the Alley", and "All My Best Friends are Metalheads." They also played a new song.

Bad Religion has been making music since I was a wee tot, so for them to be putting out anything other than good times would mean they have been doing something wrong this whole time. For these guys to be old enough to be my pop and still put out "cool" music, and still appeal to a wide audience of people ranging from early teens to their 30s and beyond is an achievement in itself. My dad likes them for crying out loud. There was a guy in line in front of me to get in and he was with his (about) 14 year old daughter. This guy had long hair and a Bad Religion jersey on. It scared me a bit.

There was a huge, yellow banner with the crossed out cross for a back-drop to the stage. With the start of the very first song, the crowd again poured over the railings and stairs and the security could not stop them. The crowd just went crazy. The band did so well, although I didn't expect any less of them. I was with someone who hates the band and even he admit they did great. One of the guys cracked a joke about nickelback, which got people laughing. They played (in no particular order) "Sorrow", "No Control", "You", "Super Sonic", "The Defense," among others.

This was overall a pretty darn good show, it just left something to be desired in the massive arena.


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Anonymous (April 29, 2002)

NOFX's mini-banner is fucking hilarious. truly punkrock.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

LTJ's "Dopeman" remix is an actual remix, and it was done by DJ Hurricane, formerly of the Beastie Boys fame.

Who was playing bass? Is it true Rog is really out of the band???


SOYBOMB (April 8, 2002)

When I saw Hot Water Music at Roseland, they were not that impressive.. they sounded decent, but nothing stood out in my mind to make me really want to listen to more of their stuff.......


Anonymous (April 8, 2002)

They played the Cox Arena? Despite the name, that IS an arena, right? Weird.

Anonymous (April 8, 2002)

What????? Are you kidding?

Anonymous (April 8, 2002)

The only reason i give this anything close to a good review is all Hot Water Music. I love there style and playing ability they are always fun. LTJ and BR are just clones of there former biengs. Just a replica to make a good comercial for there eulogys when they finaly break up.....

SOYBOMB (April 7, 2002)

Last year Warped had AFI, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Me First, H2O and Less Than Jake.. Great times..

evildeadalive (April 7, 2002)

I think this year is a hell of a lot better than last actually. The main stage was good but the side stages were pretty lacking. I guess it also depends on where you're seeing it though...

SOYBOMB (April 6, 2002)

hahah, that NOFX banner thing was great. I cant wait to see them again at Warped.. though there wont be as many bands worth seeing like last year.


evildeadalive (April 6, 2002)


Yeah, NOFX's banner is pretty damned hilarious. As Fat Mike puts it, they spare no exspenses for their fans. They had that tiny little banner raised up 20 feet in the air at the Gorge for the Warped Tour 2 years ago. Funny shit.

Anonymous (April 6, 2002)

ltj dancing guy = mr. skull. he is currently on hiatus (he's still at their shows, just not dressed up) and is expected to make a return in the future.

SOYBOMB (April 5, 2002)

I was at the NYC (Roseland Ballroom) show for HWM, LTJ and Bad Religion and it was great.

Random comment, but did you notice how big the banners were for each band?
When I went to see NOFX a short time after, their banner was like the size of looseleaf paper. Hillarious stuff.

evildeadalive (April 5, 2002)

Whatever happened to Less Than Jakes dancing guy? He wasn't at the show in Seattle.

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

Sheena, I told you that the guy is known as "No Sleeves Guy" and is known to just about anybody who goes to Cuyamaca College. I think he's like Boo Radley, where he's nice but everyone is scared of him. To all you reading this who have no idea, he is a very scary looking individual.

It was a good show. Not as bad as I thought for being in a huge areana.

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

Of the 10 or so times I've seen Less Than Jake, they've only played Dopeman once. What made it especially cool though was that they played the Dopeman "remix" which is now out on Goodbye Blue and White. I put the word remix in quotes because rather than play it as it sounds on the album, with actual turntables, they made the "scratches" with vocals. It was pretty fuckin' funny, but strangely enough it still sounded awesome. I wish they did that shit more often.

Zack (April 5, 2002)

I just saw Less Than Jake and Hot Water Music in Albuquerque. Good Stuff.

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

Hahaha, Dopeman. They fucking hate that song and refuse to play it live. And the song just sucks all together.

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

Yeah, you didn't explain why you were "disappointed" in LTJ. Was it just because they didn't play Dopeman? I've seen them four times and they have never played it-oh well. I caught the same tour in Minneapolis and it was amazing. Two of my all-time favorite bands on one bill. Rock.

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

you seemed to have more fun then what you gave it. It deserves more then a 7 which i think you gave it. But good review. They dont play dopeman at their shows unless they are headlining and they take requests.

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