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Face To Face

Face To Face: How To Ruin EverythingHow To Ruin Everything (2002)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 2.5
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Contributed by: maverickScott
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Similiarities and differences. I was never a big fan of Bad Religion. Before this year, I only owned one album [Stranger Than Fiction] and it mostly just sat on my shelf. I just never really got into the band. I was never a big fan of Face To Face. I've never owned a single album of theirs,.
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Similiarities and differences.

I was never a big fan of Bad Religion. Before this year, I only owned one album [Stranger Than Fiction] and it mostly just sat on my shelf. I just never really got into the band.

I was never a big fan of Face To Face. I've never owned a single album of theirs, and while my old band did cover "Handout" a few times, I just never really got into the band.

One of the biggest stories in punk rock in the past year was the return of Bad Religion to an indie label [Epitaph] after a failed stint on a major resulting in depressingly worse successive albums. Legions of BR fans everywhere heralded the move as a "rebirth" of the band, and looked forward to hearing what the re-energized band could do.

Another of the biggest stories in punk rock in the past year was the return of Face To Face to an indie label [Vagrant] after a failed stint on a major label resulting in depressingly worse successive albums. Hordes of F2F fans everywhere heralded the move as a "rebirth" of the band, and looked forward to hearing what the re-energized band could do.

Being in my position of power, I am given an advance copy of the new Bad Religion album. While I had never really cared about the band in the past, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Again, being in my position of power, I am given an advance copy of the new Face To Face album. While I had never really cared about the band in the past, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Here are where the similarities stop.

The new Bad Religion CD was more than a return to form for the band - it was like a phoenix rising from the ashes of their major label mediocracy. Bad Religion was dead; long live Bad Religion.

The new Face To Face CD is nothing more than boring, boring SoCal punk. So many bands credit this band as an influence; I'm baffled on how people could be inspired by music this mediocre. Of course, I'm not too familiar with the entire recording history of the band, so maybe their older stuff is good. This, on the other hand, is just as generic as a "genre defining" band could get. Yeah, there are some good songs - "Waiting to be Saved," "Shoot The Moon," "Graded on a Curve," and "The World In Front Of You" are standouts to my ears, but the rest of them blend together more evenly than a strawberry-banana smoothie. This is the "triumphant return" that fans have waited for?

To add insult to injury, the band includes "Fight or Flight" on the album - this is the exact same version that appeared on their split CD with the Dropkick Murphys only two months earlier. I liked the song before, but including it on another release? Bad form, boys. Speaking of the split CD, it's obvious that those tracks were recorded the same time as this album because the overproduction is consistent. The album is just too arena rock, guys - tone this shit down.

The album takes a half dozen tracks to hit it's stride, and the stride sounds pretty good, but then they lose pace only a few songs later before stumbling to the finish line. By the time the last track rolls around, you're not even paying attention anymore. The album ends and you forgot that you even were playing it.

Bill of Goods
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Fight or Flight
The New Way [live on Carson Daly]


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Dycelot (May 11, 2011)

I agree with your rating, and I'm a face to face fan, one of those who call them an influence. perhaps tone down the bias? it tarnishes your otherwise correct review.

Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (May 26, 2002)

I didn't think this was very good when I first heard it but after listening to it for a couple of weeks I really like it, it's not as good as don't turn away or big choice but it's solid and has some great songs. Give it a go.

xStreetPunkx (April 21, 2002)

You guys should appreciate the fact that the album is so clear--they tracked it live in the studio! That's right, they didn't record each instrument separately, so sound levels,etc. could be changed, they recorded all the instruments at once! There, I'm done...what, no I'm not.
I didn't think this was a very good review because, there was no examples to back up what you thought, scott. That's why the review isn't that great; besides, if you already don't like a band, you should probably not review their albums!
I just saw f2f in Pittsburgh last night and they were awesome! Even their old stuff sounded really good w/ only one guitar (they had two for awhile.)
Face to Face is killer!!!

Anonymous (April 19, 2002)

It must be pointed out again that people aren't bitching about his opinion, they are bitching about how this review killed their brain cells.

He says that 'he's never been impressed' by the band before. So, obviously he has some knowledge of their previous works. He went into the album with an already formed opinion of the band. It was a lost cause.
If you are going to refer to previous works, than state why you never liked them, with detail. And with an even greater amount of detail state why you disliked the album.
Shit, what other review has been flamed like this before? Most can agree to disagree. If it weren't for the people coming to the website it more than likely wouldn't be here. We deserve quality content. This review lacked any quality.
It should really be rewritten. Add more detail. And for the love of god, comparing f2f with BR is just moronic. That would be like comparing Bracket to the queers. Same universe but completely different worlds.

Anonymous (April 18, 2002)

Face to face is the best band ever

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

"ruined music"

have you received an oscar yet? because you're a total drama queen.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

How to Ruin Everything? Face to Face ruined music by releasing this album.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

The ep was much better than the album. They should have sold that and gave the full length away.

By the way, as far the review..why does one need to be so well versed in a bands back catalog? Isn't the review of the current album? I do not agree with the BR comparioson though, just review one album at a time.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

Fucking A some of you are absolutely retarded. Most people aren't pissed that the reviewer didn't like the album. It was the manner in which it was reviewed, OK??? It was the comparing and contrasting with a BAD RELIGION album and NOT taking the album on it's own terms. It's not even like this turd compared it to an old Face to Face record; that I might understand, yet not agree with. He compared face to face with a TOTALLY different band, and attached his "never been impressed" attitude to the review. The kid is a moron; that much is clear. Love the record or hate it, what intelligent human being would write that sort of review? None. This is the same shit heel who starts school reports with "Websters dictionary defines _______ as..." because they are too vacant to come up with something original. Again, it isn't because the review is negative. It's because it isn't a decent review. It's just so poorly written and based in nothing but the writers own agenda. It's hackneyed (shocking, huh?) and ill-informed, not to mention moronic.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

ok the album is pretty weak overall, but that was expected. I do however think the reviews reads like it was written by someone in grade 4.
How about a little explanation as to why those couple of tracks stand out? Why not tell us something aside from the fact that you didn't like the album.
Honestly, you could have made the review much shorter.
Hi I am scott, I listened to this album once and it sucked. I don't like this band.
Instead you just added a lot of filler in between there, and some seriously fucked up comparisons.
I like the news you post scott, but if someone else had submitted this review (word for word the same), you more than likely would not have posted it. Maybe even laugh at the lack of substance within it. I only think this review was posted because the person that wrote it had the ability to post it himself.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

fuck this gay album. "uh oh you haven't listened to their older stuff" fuck that. scott is reviewing this album, not the band. he has the right to say this album fucking sucks, and if you don't like it go make your own review and send it to him. just like how the process of belief went, there were like 3 reviews of that album. "uh oh you don't understand how great they were" man fuck that give it a break. we all have different taste.

and to one asshole down there who say farewell delete the shortcut etc etc whatever to punkrock.org, just fuck off. punk scene is not like "the old/boss/cool/smart person needs you", this shit is about mutual respect. just fuck off if you don't like this site, you don't need to put anyone down.

by the way, f2f sucks because i don't like their music, and that's my opinion.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

Eegad. Most of you people suck. Since when has Face to face been a sacred cow? Their last few albums have been progressively worse. Now they release something that's a little bit better, and everyone's supposed to eat the shit and call it popcorn? I hate you guys. With every ounce of my heart, I hate you guys. Never mind teh fact that you're freaking out like chipmunks on amphetemines over someone's OPINION. Seriously, If you don't like it, that's fine, but it's no reason to crap your courduroys. I've seen some seriously worse reviews on this site, that didn't even begin to get into explaining why the album was bad liek scott did. It's a negative opinion of the album. It happens. I'm just glad that it's a negative opinion that was backed up with some reasons for the low rating. Most of you should eat some shit or something. Then you can go back to McDonalds, ask your boss for some extra hours, and take out your insecurities on some customers. Fucking hippies. eat shit and die.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

Yes, folks, Face To Face rules.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

Hey daegan,get your head out of your ass-olpunker-

daegan (April 12, 2002)

Yes, folks, Face To Face is horrible.

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

p.s.s.s..s.s.s.s.s saying someone shouldn't review a certain band because they like "emo", or because they like "indie" is BS. i'm a big pedro the lion fan, but i really like some of the older strung out. the new album is more mellow, which is kind of a bummer. but omg look i've heard their old stuff! and i even like it!! who is driving car??!?! bear is driving car?!? how can this be??

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

p.s. i agree with scott -- it was the same standard face to face format, but really polished..which i guess you'd like if you were a face to face fan? but it's pretty boring. i just liked the mid-end of the cd. -ermac

Anonymous (April 12, 2002)

i find it silly that in order to appreciate THIS cd, i need to go and buy 4 or 5 more so i can "understand" their "sound." waaaht the hell? a review sure as hell can compare to older sounds of the band, but it sure as hell doesn't have to. case in point, i don't like much bad religion, but the new album is pretty sweet. i don't want to listen to the new face to face and say "wow! this sucks shit! well, unless i factor in the fact that they used to suck even more.."

maverick (April 12, 2002)

I don't hate everything on Vagrant. I love the new Anniversary disc, I can't wait to see what the band will do next. The Hey Mercedes CD is pretty darn good, too. It's just most of their stuff recently has been subpar. Don't blame me, blame the label.


Anonymous (April 12, 2002)


Youre mighty defensive arent you?

Damn man, if thats your opinion, state and move on. It kind of leads me to believe that you only write reviews to stir shit up.

Its not about YOU dude. Youre just some guy who conned another guy into giving you free records.

I notice you slag everything on Vagrant....I believe you went so far as to say last year that you hated everything on the label.

Kinda makes one wonder why you would be asked to review this.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

Alright I just got this cd and have to say that scott got it EXACTLYY right. There was nothing else I would have added to this review. I could have taken the Bad Religion shit out but other than that Scott had the right idea about the whole thing!!!-pat41

tumblorb (April 11, 2002)

Oh god....as I don't make any sense at all.....alright......we need something that breaks new ground...musically....yes.....there we go.....and this album...does not do that..at all...in any way shape or form...yes I'm done....


tumblorb (April 11, 2002)

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DUDE THATS GREAT!!! Scott that review was lovely; really it was; dead on.....best album EVER!!!! *hangs head in shame* Face to Face has fallen into the what-everyone-else-is pit; We need to something to break ground.....

maverick (April 11, 2002)

Okay, here's my new review. Hope you all approve:

Omigod! Face To Face is sooooo good! This album is soooo amazing! I would go gay for Trever! Scott is the bestest bassist ever! Pete plays the drums better than anyone [except from that guy from Strung Out, he's super good]. I love every single song on this CD, I cream my pants every time I listen to it. Punk rock is so good nowadays! I wish I could give this a 15 like Punkbands.com does with mediocre CDs!


tumblorb (April 11, 2002)

scott--i think you hit the nail on the head here...this is a crappy album; as was Ignorance is Bliss....I have their self titled album--its alright....I mean its rocking.....and in some degree these songs are rocking....but does that make it good? Just because one likes to call them "a heavy punk influence" mean they should get five stars off the bat? No--they haven't switched it up.....they havent ventured away from their past.....they did not grow...and it has all been heard before; but then again, if it works, and people buy it; might as well keep doing it....

Keep the reviewing scott.....

after all folks...its just an opinion, an editorial, a rant; so theres nothing to start chastizing him about it. It just makes you look stupid; and an asshole.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

now i remember

your that same wanker that did that fucked review of snuff- numb nuts

your a bloody dick head mate
did you even read the comments below that review?? maybe you should so you can see why you should give up your little fagy dream of being a writer.

the new green day cd sux emu dick.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

the album is pretty bad
but i think a lot of people are pissed off that the review was so gay and that punknews.org does not have any standards anymore.

scott we know you are a fag but do you have to ruin this once fine web site??

wheres that fathead guy?
he should hurry up and post something or write a review of this album.

Huey (April 11, 2002)

I've never really listened to a lot of stuff these F2F has done, but ever since they butchered Chesterfield King, I've been kind of turned off towards them. I think I may just go download a few more of their songs and give them a final chance, you know, not to be an ass about it? As for BR, I wasn't much of a fan either, but The Process... was an outstanding album. Oh well. Music's music, and opinions are opinions.


moldy (April 11, 2002)

christ scott, you sure put a bunch of panties in a twist with that review. I didnt even think face to face was that popular and now everyone and thier mother is bitching about how good they are. For the record i could never get in FTF, I've listened to some of thier songs both old and new and I never thought they were that great. The only good song they did on the DKM split was "Wasted Life" and that was a Stiff Little Finger's song.

Mabey the reason everyone is post anonymously is cause it just like 3 or 4 people continously bashing you cause you didnt post thier review, Ha Ha i bet thats it.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

I'd call your mother a cunt Scott but she is a face to face fan, she told me so last night. She said "UmmmphIUmmmphlikeUmmmphfaceUmmmphtoUmmmphface" and I understood every word with my dick in her mouth...

HAHA! Just kidding, she actually said she loved them.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

Alright, now usually I can understand the innundating amounts of punkwrock records that come out and how hard it is to be up on everything. But you guys have somebody writing for your staff that has never heard the "Don't turn away" or self-titled face to face albums. While "How to ruin" doesn't create anything new, the simple truth is that it rocks. It rocks hard. So my suggestion is that somebody string this bastard up by his little toes from a yardarm and beat him in the face with a ball ping hammer untill he can appreciate so-cal rock for what it is. Fanfuckingtastic.

maverick (April 11, 2002)

I taint the website?

Go to hell.


Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

well mr. kirby pucket,
It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to SPAM.

As far as the anonymous posts, I can tell you exactly why I am posting anonymously: Because up until this review I had only been a casual punknews.org reader - never posting. Since this review, I see no reason to come back and post again. As far as I'm concerned, with people like Scott on the staff, it taints the entire Website. I'm deleting my shortcut, and bidding punknews.org farewell.

SaYnE_Guy (April 11, 2002)

Peace and unity!!!

kirbypuckett (April 11, 2002)

As usual I was scrolling through the comments, because I only read things by certain people. Simply because a lot of people write like 2nd graders or have no idea what they are talking about.

I've noticed a ton more anonymous' than usual. I was just wondering how many people were scared to write under their real name and bash the reviewer simply because he writes the news on this site?


Anyways, the reviews of this album is going from one extreme to the next. It's great, it sucks. I really don't know who to listen to, haha. So as usualy I'll just empty my pockets and buy the damn thing. But if you don't like it Scott, send it to me! Haha.

Well I've got some promotion to do, so I must be heading out, however! If you like the CKY videos (or Jackass I guess, I dunno I don't watch MTV) then please go to my site (http://www.local-felons.com/~uw/) and check out the videos my friends and I made.

If you like, I'll be sure to send you a free copy of our 2hr long movie when it's finished. I'll be back w/ my comments on this album later.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

To the fucktard who called me a fucktard. I just looked at a map of the US. Then I turned my eyes over to California. Then I looked at the lower portion of the state, the Southern part if you will. And I assumed this is what is commonly referred to as Southern California.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

This album may not be the second coming of Christ but it is certainly not the pile of steaming monkey shit that some are making it out to be. Some bands cannot change their sound...like Face to Face. They play (I hate to say it) southern California punk rock. They are good at it, and their feeble attempts to change their sound in previous albums sounded poorly. The production quality of this album is superb...I guess I just like my music loud and clear, instead of the muffled sound that plagues most punk groups.. Give this album a listen.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

well, i just got this fucking cd and the only thing that i want to say right now after listeing to four songs is that scott must have been listening to creed. I think someone sent you a creed cd in a face to face case, cause this is the furthest fucking thing from what you call "arena rock" that i have ever fucking heard. Arena rock, what the fuck man? get off the drugs. I am liking so far to say the least.

sickboi (April 11, 2002)

For the grammar police on this site, the "I" in the last sentence is a typo.

sickboi (April 11, 2002)

Scott, I'm not going to bash you for your taste in music, but the whole Bad Religion/F2F comparison was a bunch of rambling. You seem to listen to a lot of emo, which makes me understand why you can't appreciate F2F. But next time, I listen to a little more of a band of this stature before making conclusions.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

Uninspired warped tour music? What the fuck has F2F todo with it, hey dude i bet you didnt even listen once to that album, so be fair and dont tell bullshit. And if you have listened to it, than its even worse with your comment, cause it makes me think you have no clue of music at all.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

christ this band sucks. all the people angry with the reviewer are proof that uninspired warped tour punk will never die. i miss dk.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

better than reactionary, but overall a weak album.
Its almost like they aren't trying anymore.
F2F needs to get riddle back, he was so much better. Tired of this cock rawk bass. kurth's playing would have put more energy into the songs too. Pete's rythm seems to be stuck in an 80's looped mode. (minus a couple fast tracks.)
This album just reminded me of how old trevor is getting (including myself).

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

even if u didn't like the cd, i think that would be accepted by the readers. the problem is that when we read a review, we want to know if the album is any good, if so, why? and if the album isn't good, why?
Especially if said band has had previous albums. Do they sound similar to any previous ones? This review really said nothing in a couple of paragraphs.
I vote this review gets scrapped and a more accurate review (whether praising or putting down) gets posted. I hope the next review will actually tell us something.
How inaccurate can you get? The reviewer obviously didn't know what the hell he was talking about cause he said 'This is the "triumphant return" that fans have waited for?'
Return from what? Making music?
It couldn't be referring to a label, cause f2f has been on a ton of different ones.
Can someone explain that?

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

scott's review reminds me of when i was in school, and some retard would do a book report and add in his favorite summer memory - which had exactly zero to do with the contents of the book - for 90% of it. the kid is illiterate, so writing about his vacation is the closest he could come to making sense. yet in the end, he was still a retard. like scott.

the review sucked, but i mean really, who cares? it's punknews.org. nuff said.

ETx310 (April 11, 2002)

You can't hate the guy for doing a simple review of an album... after all, he did get everyone talking about it. My only qualm was that I thought a negative review like this might turn a lot of people away from getting, what I think is, a really great album. It reminds of another reviewer (I don't remember if it was on this site) who was talking a lot of shit about the new Strung Out and 98 Mute albums, and then went on to say his favorite new album is Pedro the Lion. If he really likes Pedro the Lion, maybe he shouldn't be doing any Strung Out or 98 Mute reviews... because those reviews would be completely irrelevant to someone who is already into that kind of music.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

to the fucktard two posts below, so-cal is not a location on a map. Where is it then, if you are so sure its a place.
Actually, just so you don't sound ignorant, we'll assume that you forgot the label so-cal doesn't only stand for an area, but actually a sound that seemed to generate initially from that particular area (in southern california). Some people associate it as skate punk too, but I am sure many disagree.

Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

this site used to be so good now all i read is gay reviews from fags.
i worship face to face but could not get into this album
scott you are a bloody wanker
the whole bad religion thing made no sence. Just because your running out of ideas for your homo reviews
socal? huh? where? i can not find any.
maybe you should stop batting off to pics of new found glory members.

maverick (April 11, 2002)

How did I steal MP3s? I linked to the ones provided by Vagrant [except for the last one, I found that off F2F's webpage]. I do that so people can download them after they read the review to either help support or negate my opinion stated in the review. I think you're just drunk.

And all you guys are really caring way too much about this; it's a simple review. Oh, and one thing I forgot to put in the review which might help prove my point better:
After the new Bad Religion album came out, I felt compelled to acquire the rest of BR's back catalog as soon as possible, because this album made me fall in love with the band.

Conversely, after hearing this new Face To Face album, i have no motivation at all to see the band live, download any mp3s, or buy any release, past or future. To put it bluntly, it didn't do shit for me.


Anonymous (April 11, 2002)

First of all you son-of-a-bitch, you have no idea. Who are you, Stuart Green's backstreet boy? Fuck what people say, face to face are 50Xs better than Bad Religion ever was and mixmatching your review between bands is pathetic. The return to a indie label? Really the only album that was on a major was the self titled one and that didn't do too bad. Like someone said on the board "when they did Ignorance is Bliss, they had no record label". When IiB came out on Beyond (which I wouldn't consider a major), it sold alot of copies even though it got bashed by reviewers. People said they were trying to cash in on 'that' sound.. HAHAHA! They got away from the 'in' sound when they made that record. You punk reviewers want a bands entire catalog to sound the same. Y'all are idiots.. You expect the 30-somethig year old members of face to face to continue making songs where they are supposed to run around stage and act like a bunch of 16 year olds? Hordes of F2F fans everywhere heralded the move as a rebirth of the band? Give me a break.. On the bands message board, not too many people bashed any of their albums from the last 4 years.. You just think that because that is what you want to think. Tell me this, what is NOT boring SoCal punk to you?

"This is the "triumphant return" that fans have waited for?"

Return? They never went anywhere... They have put out great record after great record.. I can't believe that you are gonna cry over them putting a previosly released song on the album.. Two of the other songs came out already too.. Ooooh! It's ok when other bands do that but when F2F does it, it isn't? I laugh that you mention that the overproduction is consistent because the album was recorded LIVE (minus a crowd). Chad Bliman must be a genious then right? Arena rock you say? OK! How about they go back and make 'Ignorance is Bliss part two"? NO! Not that.. Then you would find something to say about that too... What you need to do fuckface is quit your reviewing job and get a job at Dairy Queen selling your world famous strawberry-banana smoothies....

PS And how dare you steal an MP3 off their own website...

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

SoCal is a location you fucking dweeb. Not a sound.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

well i am in the middle of listening to the album right now.
I gotta point out the fact that the only tracks scott mentions are alright seem to be the only ones that have the 'so-cal' style to them. Coincidence?
He says that so-cal is boring, and then points out the only good songs on here are the so-cal sounding ones.
Help me, I am confused about this one.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

well after finally finding a copy of this album today, it is on hold for me since i cannot get to it now, i am to say the least anxious to pop this into my cd player tomorrow. after everything that has went down on this comment board today, i cannot wait to hear to this cd. i have high expectations for it, but i think they will be met by face to face as they always have done. I still and always will think this reviewed suck, but that review and everything else on this review page comment wise made me anxious to go get this cd. i'll see what i think tomorrow.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

first off, i don't understand how a reviewer from punknews hasn't really heard face to face, let alone bad religion. These are 2 of the first bands that i discovered in the punk rock world.

Second, half this review is about bad religion, and how they relate to face to face, in there "supposed" comebacks. To me the last thing i hear on this record is "Boring SoCal Punk," hell, i don't even here SoCal Punk.

When a band is on there 6th full length disc, its hard to be in a catogory of "genre defining" all in one disc....especially now a days. I would agree with saying that face to face DID infact help form the original sound for a lot of bands, and will continue to do so, as long as all their albums are being pressed.

As of this album face to face has finally said a BIG F YOU to everyone in the industry, because they are doing things there way, and how they want to do them, everything that was accomplished on this album was done on their own terms, and it truly shows in the production, as well as the lyrics and music.

My Short Review
The first song grabbed me...The last song grabbed me, and everything in the middle is just gravy. This album is TRULY TRULY heartfelt, and so so so personal. At points in the album i feel as though trever keith himself is singing to me, and me alone, and he was telling me not to buy into big dollar record deals (shoot the moon). Music at this point in time is filled with such diveristy, but HTRE shines through, BRIGHTLY, its not about being punk anymore, its about a band of greatness, and doing what you want in life. With this new album face to face shows that they are much more than a band, they are a way of life, and deserve the strong following they have.

in conclusion...
i wish i could say a more constructive comment to "scott" except for that he is wrong...very wrong.

with or with out scotts review, face to face will always do what they want to do..this album proves it more than any other...and they will continue to make inspiring music for me, and my family of face to face followers

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Can someone please do another review of this album? I appreciate it.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

face to face is one of the better punk bands out there. All of the insolent fools that claim to like punk because they wear a NOFX Tshirt, or play in a lame ass garage band, or write reviews for bands they have no background on are to be shot by me. This INANE review of this record is laughable. How could anyone think this record is a bore? Were you hit in the head as a child or something? This "Scott" that reviewed this needs to be shot; by me, in the ass. You're an idiot. Get some taste. For those of you that didnt like Ignorance is Bliss, you truly are ignorant in the most serious sense. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS YOU PIECES OF SHIT.. GOD DAMN IT I'm sick of people that say "they should play like this, because I like Bad Religion.. if they dont play like this, they suck" YOU suck. BR is a decent band, i dont have anything against them. They had some great records. Unfortunately, they have NOTHING TO DO WITH FACE TO FACE. Get your head out of your ass and listen to some good music, dumbass.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Amazing band. It's funny how they have ignorant people try and judge good music. Best band in punk music right now. They make real music. they definately don't survive based on their name. And, any real music fan can appreciate their music. People want punk to be their version of punk. Face to face defies the stereotypes and people are afraid of that. This, like evry other f2f CD is awesome.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

face to face = great record
ignorance is bliss = great record
reactionary = shit
how to ruin everything = better than the last.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Hey guess what? This website has too much punk for me so im not going to come here anymore (ie: the face to face CD was too much SO CAL Punk, so it sucked according to Scott, who fails to listen to the disc close;y)

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Can we stop writing essays now? Please?

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Oh Sorry, excuse me, didnt know we have no right to demand a convincing review, sorry, how was this section called again....

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Cause i havent heard it yet, and this review doesnt convince me!

SaYnE_Guy (April 10, 2002)

Can people PLEASE stop bashing this review. It's getting pretty fucking old. Sure the review wasn't to good, but anyone who write reviews write a couple of bad ones. Anyway, why don't your write your own review of the album instead of wining.

CallingLondon (April 10, 2002)

you all really should stop shitting on Scott. The fact that he wrote a review about this CD, not having any knowledge of their back catalogue is a good thing. it won't only be people that are familiar with their old stuff who buy this CD. some of the peole won't know jack about their past stuff, so reading a review from someone in the same position is helpful. I thought this was a good review, and the comparison of an influencing band and the influenced band is helpful. if you really don't know which band he's reviewing, there's something wrong, because it's quite obvious. if you like the record, then good for you, but just because you don't agree with him, and don't like one review he's written, doesn't mean he's the worst reviewer ever to walk this earth. it's also really lame to assume he loves Blink 182 and New Found Glory. why don't you look at the other reviews he's written instead.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

I appreciate most of the reviews on here, but the minute I read that this person was never really into F2F, I knew that this review was gonna be absolute shite.
If this was the bands first album, I could understand a review like this. But you have nothing to compare it to, cause you don't know about their other albums. If you have heard the other albums then you would completely understand why F2F has influenced other bands.
I personally like Ignorance is bliss but many people didn't, and I can accept that. A difference of opinions. This review wasn't anything like that though. Does this album sound like any of their previous stuff? Closer to IIB, or BC? You didn't tell the reader anything, except for the fact that you didn't like this band before and after the cd. Wow, thanks for wasting our time. No depth at all covered here.
Maybe you should have listened to the album a second time. You can't really give a good review by listening ONCE.
If I based my opinion on every album by listening to it once, I wouldn't like a lot of bands. (Fugazi, being one of them, it took many many listens to get into them.)
I like the stuff you do on this site scott, sit back on the fence and then read this review. You'll see that it isn't much of a album review, more like a public speech of how you don't like face to face.....without telling us all why.
Can someone out there that has this album, and a few other f2f albums, please submit a proper review, and maybe leave bad religion out of it. Cause comparing those two bands are like comparing apples to oranges.
(I am not bashing you scott, just thought a review by you could have been 1000X times better)

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

the problem is this:
the kid is far too caught up in being the "davy" in what HE sees is some sort of "goliath" situation. case in point:
mentioning that "just cuz vagrant buys ad space"..blah blah. why even mnetion that? if you were simply reviewing that without any sort of agenda, such a comment would never even be thought about. he's far too concerned with what OTHER people were touting the album as, and that HE was gonna really lay the smack down on that, be the rogue reviewer, the rebel. someone mentioned that he tookthe album on it's own terms...that's exactly what he DIDN'T do. to mix in something about bad religion and discuss the hype is precisely NOT taking it on its own terms. i think people comment on having a reviewer who knows his/her stuff because its frustrating to read sheer ignorance. this kid was predisposed to disliking the album, so reviewing it was worthless. hype tends to cloud the eyes and ears of the disaffected youth.
im all for reviews, not diatribes with agendas.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Is everybody blind or didnt you notice that only the last half part of the review has to do with the album. (50%) From this part the only thing that comes close to an ALBUM review is :
"The album takes a half dozen tracks to hit it's stride, and the stride sounds pretty good, but then they lose pace only a few songs later before stumbling to the finish line. By the time the last track rolls around, you're not even paying attention anymore. The album ends and you forgot that you even were playing it."
For a review of an album this sucks, to me it looks more like an essay about what the "reviewer" thinks of a band that comes to an independent label. (what has bad religion to do with this album,pal? what has their label switching to do with the music?what has the fact that you are not into this band to do with the album?)
How can it be more important to know the label history of the band than the lbum history?
Let me review your review: I see someone who doesnt like the new album and doesnt like F2F label history and doesnt like F2F music.
Next time make please a review of the album and the music, not of the band and their history.

Tupac_Shakur (April 10, 2002)

I heard about half of the album on mp3's and it's all average run of the mill type stuff.

I fucking love Ignorance Is Bliss, I really wish they would go back to that style b/c they did a great job with it.
The new stuff, while it's done well, has been done to death.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

unfortunately the album only came out yesterday and like i said the i went to two indies and best buy as well and no one had gotten their shipments yet, along with the new slick shoes as well. So, it is kinda hard to write a review when you haven't heard it. Also, i do believe to write an acurrate review, it might take longer than a day for you to get a real impression of the cd and what it is about, has to offer, it's intracacies. If you didn't do that, you would write a half assed review, that would have no substance that would come out sounding just like the one that scott wrote for us. That is not to say that he did not take his time with his review, he might have, but i know if i listened to a cd yesterday that i got, then wrote a review that i posted today, it would be the worst thing i would ever write, because you cannot truly get to know all that a set of music has to offer in less than 24 hours. i could write a review that would say this sounded like this, but then you would all just bag on me for telling you what each song sounded like. And to the guy that said the one guy that tried to write a small review only gave us F2F's history, think again, he gave us a small taste of what a sophisticated/educated review (good or bad final decision on cd wise) should sound like. Read the stuff about trevors vocals again, scott's base riffs, and the acoustic song description. All of those qualities, TELL US THINGS ABOUT THE MUSIC. THAT MAKES ME WANT TO HEAR THE CD. I could have cared less if scott had wrote stuff like that which pointed out that the cd was horrible. obviously you missed all that stuff though. That is what a review should sound like, whether bagging a band, or congratulating a band. Rethink your idea of what a review is. or come up with something better to say. Some people need to read a little more and broaden their horizons. This is not a journalistic thing here, but reviews should really be something more, if you don't think so, then i don't know what to say.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

That guy 3 posts down that wrote the long ass comment attempting to be a review is so cool... he knows everything about F2F's history and can name off old albums like a pro but no where in his little "review" of Face to Face did he ever tell us what they sound like. He gave us a little insight into the history of the band and what a few of their different songs are kind of like but never did he say anything about the overall feel of the music. I wish people that complain would prove to me that they can do a better job!

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

For all you people out there who are condemning the reviewer for his own personal opinion, Hitler and Mussolini are looking for a third for their golf game, if any of you are interested.

Oh yeah, and by the way, everyone here that was griping about how badly the review sucked, why don't you all write a review and we can dump all over you. Fuckers.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

now whoever wrote that nice little review below me should've had a whole review posted. that is a damn good job.
I am more than curious now.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Ummm.. has anyone else read any of the other reviews posted lately? There are a whole bunch a whole lot worse than this one. Give him a break, even if his opinion does suck. I mean, come on, he likes the Barenaked Ladies.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

I would never bag on anyone for their opinion. I would never want you to sugarcoat your review either. However, after reading your review, I've come to different opinions than you. It probably has more to do with me knowing the history of the band, listening to their releases multiple times, and seeing them once or twice on tour.

face to face is THE most bagged on band in punk rock of the 90s. It seems nothing they do can "appease the rock critics"...perhaps they aren't trying to appease everyone. EVERYONE in the punk community, with exception to some of the hardcore face to face fans, slammed Ignorance is Bliss (calling it an attempt to sellout, saying it was too slow, etc). I am one of those people that liked Ignorance is Bliss, and if one knows the history behind that album, and the band was label-less when they recorded it. NO record company money (with exception to a few friends at Vagrant in 1999) was expended in recording it. That record was only picked up AFTER it was finished.

If you take face to face's FULL music career, you'll see a pattern of having NO LUCK when it comes to record labels, press, etc. That is why I just shook my head and laughed saying "how typical", after reading Scott's review.

face to face returns after Reactionary, not backing down at all and not easily slipping into "typical" So Cal punk. They helped define that "genre" in the 90s to begin with and they continue to expand their catalog with a healthy diet of punk rock that is expected when the name "face to face" is uttered.

Trever Kieth's vocals have NEVER been stronger, full of grit from years of getting kicked around by a scene that is as ass backwards as George W. Bush. With songs like "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" "Shoot the Moon" and "Double Standard", Keith clearly has a lot to say with biting sarcasm and a booming voice to boot.

Scott Shiflett is often overlooked because of the precedent set by Matt Riddle on earlier records, however his bass lines are fuller and he plays with precision to make the full guitar pacakage on the album transfer through the mikes on the floor that recorded the album with. The album was recorded live, therefore all the songs had to be prepared and played perfectly when recorded. On How to Ruin Everything, it shows.

The only remnant perhaps of a lighter sound from Ignorance is Bliss, is the title track, recorded acoustically. Trever puts "Mr. Acoustic powerhouse of the second" Chris Carraba, in his place by nailing a song that should be listened to by Dashboard Confessional fans, so they can get an idea of what a powerful acoustic song can sound like.

In today's definition's of punk rock, these guys stick out like sore thumbs. They aren't young men trying to impress anyone, they are hardened guys just playing music that continues to be inspiring to people out there. They arenā??t interested in trends, they are only interested in music. Maybe that is why they sell out shows.

As for those people who are trying to say that you donā??t need to examine a bandā??s back catalog to understand what they are aboutā?¦Why on earth did he include anything about Bad Religion in this review. If ANYTHING is important about THAT band, itā??s their back catalog.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

it's funny howe the only comments I read are-
This review sucked.
Face to Face is good.
Stop slamming the review.
Yes, the review left something to be desired, but so do your repsonses. Most importantly though, so does Face To Face. This band is one of the first real credible big punk bands I got into. I loved the self-titled album, and Big Choice rocks. Ignorance is Bliss doesn't rock me, but it is a beautiful well-written album that takes time to enjoy. After that, though any idiot can realize F2F is just grappling at straws to try and find a way to win their fan base back and become what they were again. Best way to do that guys? Write what you feel, don't try and make your albums sound a certain way. I slowly and consistently lose respect for this band. Its like a teenager who's into pop-punk one month, then he's into emo, then he decides the clash was better, all the while he's reallly just trying to look cool.


Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

you are very welcome oldpunker

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Thank you chris-oldpunker-

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

He may have "looked over, studied and examined again" but he sure as hell didn't convey any of what he found out to us in a way that was a "to write a critical report" because if to say something has "overproduction" and sound like "arena rock" is a critical review, i must be an idiot. Those offer no insights into the sound of the album, nor do they critically examine or convey to us what the problem areas are in the overproduction and arena rock area's. to the guy 2 responses below me, your use of the dictionary is wonderful, but you can't stick up for what was a very uncreative and lackluster review. i am not mad he gave it a bad one, as i said earlier i have not yet heard it, but he offered no true insight or reasoning, or descriptions as to why this cd was bad, overproduced and sounded like arena rock. also, i do think it is necessary to be familiar with a bands back catalogue, especially a band like face to face who has quite a few releases, because i am sure many would agree with me, that when a band has a good number of releases out it is nice and a rather good idea to evalute and compare and EXAMINE a new release while also examining the old. To see how they (as i had said earlier) PROGRESSED or how they have REGRESSED or digressed from what else they have done in the past. If you don't see this reasoning, you might want to re-evaluate some things. Bottom line, this review SUCKED. Not cause he gave them a bad score, but because it offered us the readers ABSOLUTELY NO INSIGHT INTO THIS ALBUM WHATSOEVER. it is as plain as day. To say this record sounds like arena rock and is way too overproduced, give no descriptive example from the album as to why and then move on is idiotic. If you didn't know what a tree looked like and i told you it was green, i am guessing you would think that would suffice. i would hope not. Essentially in this review he told us this record was bad, but you know what he never, ever, NOT ONE TIME, told us in anyway shape of form, WHY. That is all i want, a review that adequately, creatively, constructively and descriptively examines a cd, and then does all those things again, only putting what they found into words that i can read. Get good reviewers, ones with ability and knowledge, or read reviews before they are posted and make sure they tell us something, and are not just someone rambling about how this is bad religion, only i am reviewing face to face, and i am not familiar . . . but i think. That is all i want. i am getting this damn cd today, regardless of whether it is the worst thing i ever heard, cuz i need to see if i would ever write this exact same review from the impression i get from this cd.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

dude.....scott....you have no room to talk. your band was honestly the worst band i've ever seen

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Thanks for the honest review, Scott. What a lot of you are forgetting is that he judged the album ON ITS OWN TERMS. You don't need to know the entire recording history of a band to have an opinion on one of their albums. Scott knows punk and knows what is good and therefore can tell us that this album is a piece of shit.

No one needs to hear "Don't Turn Away" to know that "Ignorence is Bliss " is a complete pile of shite either.


Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

And i gave my opinion of him, so lay off-oldpunker

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Alright, I have not heard this album and am not extremely familiar with F2F's past releases but I know this... Just because Scott was not familiar with this band does not make it wrong for him to give the album a bad review. You all keep talking about all the different sounds that F2F has put out over the years but then you all go and condem Scott for not being able to make comparisons to their older work. Why would you want to compare it if it changes to greatly over the years. Also, a review is "to look over study and examine again", "to write or give a critical report." This to me seems to be what he did. He told us what he thought the overall album was like and he gave us specific examples of what he liked and why and what he did not like and why. Wouldnt someone be more likely to give a truthful review of something if they have never heard anything of the previous albums so that he could give an opinion on the album that was unbiased? Lay off...-pat41

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

A pasty sweaty nutsack - bigjerk

kirbypuckett (April 10, 2002)

What the hell is a "buttersack"?!?!?

maverick (April 10, 2002)

Why did I review the album?

Because Vagrant sent me a copy.

When labels send me CDs, I tend to review them.

I am also honest. Just because a label is buying ad space on here doesn't mean I will sugarcoat it. Vagrant puts out good stuff [the new Anniversary disc is amazing], but this is not one of them.


Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Scott, I think you had some creativity in the manner in which you reviewed this album. I also have drawn the paralel in my mind over the last few months between bad religion and face to face both moving back to indies. I can't really judge the merits of your review yet because I have only heard sound clips from the album and a few mp3's, not the whole thing in its entirety. I will say that I was dissapointed with what I had heard so far, but I want to really listen and evaluate this record before I form an opinion, because it has often taken me a few listens to fully judge this bands releases in the past. If you can't see how they are an influence to the scene in so many ways, go pick up a copy of Don't Turn Away. Then you shopuld get it. as to the guy who said F2F influenced Social D, I definitely think it is the other way around, considering Sociol D has been a band for about a decade longer.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

This cd is the return of F2F regardless of what you say, buttersack. They turned back the clocks to "Don't turn Away" era and I think it rocks. - bigjerk

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Amen to the posts below me, and to adam there is nobody here saying they are punk as fuck,all we are saying is that scott has no clue about f2f so why review them if you dont know them(other than a few songs,and one last thing,this cd is "arena rock"? Yeah you know what your talking about. -oldpunker

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Man this review is a bad joke. Someone who says he was never into those bands thinks he is able to judge the new records? If you arent into this band then you wont like their ne album anyway! Whats the point of a review from you then! I want a review of somebody who heard the album and can compare them. And you think you can judge BR's major label albums also? Perhaps you should first learn that quality isnt represented by sellnumbers, and especially not for BR, since they always said they dont measure success by record sellings. And i also like Ignorance is Bliss so there you go all major label haters. By what i know from FacetoFace and as far as i can judge the album by listening to the three released mp3 and the listening to the album online (they had clips from every song for a short period) i want to give it a 10, cause F2F never dissapointed me and yes, i am into F2F, and i am into BR, cause i gave more than one album a chance.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Oh yes, all of that was not to say that i feel he should have given the cd a better review. It was all to say that i feel he was inadequate to review the cd and that a review of that caliber by a staff member should not have been posted. If they are checked before they go up, whether a good or bad review of an album, as long as it makes clear points, shows inteligence, and overall does a good job of telling readers the ups and downs/goods and bads of the cd it should be posted. THat review told us nothing. just wanted to state that so i don't get bashed for what i said.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

We are screaming and whining because scott is a horrible reviewer. He knows none of the back catalogue of face to face, cannot make comparisions and cannot see their progression ( or regression for that matter.) i have not heard but one song off the new album as my record store did not have it in yesterday, but i do feel his review is a bit unfair and inadequate. I feel it might not be his fault because he is not all to familiar with the band, but his review of the album was unispiring and lacking. If he is a part of the punknews.org team he should be well read on the bands he is reviewing and at least be familiar with a small amount of their back catalogue. With that said i feel we can whine and complain as much as we want, because i am sure that their are other non punknews.org site associated employees that would love to write a review of this and many other albums. Quite simply his review was lacking in many catagories, and his analyis of overproduction included no references or descriptions of sound dynamics, vocals, ect. it was just stated as his opinion. that must be backed with some reasoning in my eyes. He just plainly trashed an album by a band he was unfamiliar with. If he is part of the punknews.org staff i would expect a lot more. My review of a 10 is not counting either as i have not heard the whole cd, when i buy it today and get home from class i will see if i agree with him. That is all.

adam (April 10, 2002)

Clearing up a few things...

First of all, we don't "assign" reviews to anyone here. We post reviews by the staff members in the same format and in the same forum as those submitted by our readers.

Secondly, I love to see how offended you all are. Some of you make honest rebuttals to Scott's opinion, backed by your own facts and preferences. However quite a few of you just scream and whine that YOUR preferences are not universal. You are assuming that since YOU like this, and you're punk as fuck, then anyone who doesn’t is somehow inadequate as a reviewer? Wow... that's the most punk thing I've ever heard... I commend Scott for having the balls not to sugarcoat this review, I don’t necessarily agree with him but that’s not the point. Why all of you are on the attack is beyond me, if you think differently, write your own review instead of crying on here…


Chaser (April 10, 2002)

I just wish that when a website, magazine, etc would assign someone to review a CD, they would pick someone that knows a bit about the band. I'm sure this guy only listened to it once.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

And by the way,this "reviewer" has no fuckin clue. Hey scott why dont you review music that you do understand and leave the punk to the rest of us, because you obviously arent listening. Oldpunker-

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Welcome the fuck back to the mighty face to face,i put this in yesterday and the opener knocked me on my ass,finally a punk cd comes out that low and behold...... Is actually punk!!!
if you like face to face... Get this now!

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

This was seriously one of the worst reviews of the year..i mean was this about Bad Religion or Face to Face..and this reviewer wasnt even really familiar with any of their work to even make any comparisons. He didnt even know that this was a live recording so to talk about over production is ridiculous. If your a fan of good melodic punk rock..this is the cd for you....thank you Face to Face for still rockin and continuing to give us hope!!

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

You seem way too impressed with your "position of power." Where does this position come from? Your English 101 class in community college? You not only failed to back up every point you attempted to make by comparing two bands as different as F2F and Bad Religion, but you actually began by contradicting your validity of being able to adequately review this album stating that you never were really into F2F. I've been listening to Punk for almost 20 years, I've been writing about it for more than 15 - and your credentials? Shave the fuckin' mohawk, burn the leather jacket, and go buy Strunk & White's Elements of Style. I don't normally bag on people opinions, because arguing opinions is almost as pointless as arguing religion. But you, amigo, who never even mentioned Bad Religion and Suffer in the same article and then went on to condemn BR, have lost all credibility. Whoever hired you to write punk reviews should be tested for that extra chromosome. Get a clue, consider going back to college if only to take a research writing class, and please, for the love of God, remove the Blink 182 and Puddle of Mud CDs from your player and bury them - along with any hopes of ever becoming an album reviewer with the least bit of credibility.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

While i haven't heard anything from these guys since Don't Turn Away and Big Choice, i'd have to say that it'd be hard to believe that there are any melodic punk rock bands out there today that haven't been influenced by F2F. Amazing Albums. And is anyone else getting sick of everyone bashing BR's major label releases? Personally, i feel that Grey Race has some gems like Cease that contend against a lot of their older stuff. The only problem i have with the major releases is they seem a little over produced. Process of Belief is amazing, but i think they tried too hard to 'go back to their roots' and whatnot. Face it, they'll never write another Suffer. But i'm perfectly fine with songs like Don't Sell Me Short, Shades Of Truth, or Come Join Us..

maverick (April 10, 2002)

As for my old band covering "Handout," the other two members in the band liked the song. I had never heard them before until then. It is a good song, the best song I've ever heard by the band.

And you guys can rip into me all you want but I stand by original assessment - boring. There are some good tracks, but not nearly enough to warrant a score higher than a 5. 15 tracks, 4 that I really liked, maybe 2 or 3 that I kinda liked, that's less than half the album. A score of 5 seems about right to me.


Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

this is what pisses me off about people like you. first off face to face kicks ass. they try to do something different when they made ignorance is bliss. they were repremanded for it. after that trevor said that they should try and give the fans what they want, and so far he's kept his word. reactionary was alright but this cd is really back to their roots with a new twist somewhat. they are all good fucking musicians individually and put together they are great. its not hard to believe people list them as their influences including bands like social distortion and such. and im tired of people also complaining about the quality of the cd. the band even said they were shooting for a more "live" feel. they recorded all the instruments live and only on 16 tracks. the vocals and backup vocals especially are astounding i think. yes they did record all those songs at the same time (18 total i think) i can handle people having differences in opinion but you are just flat out dumb. go pop in your blink 182 or new found glory cd...

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)


First things first...you can't understand how people credit face to face as an influence, yet your old band covered "Handout". Let's call the kettle black shall we.

I am fully aware that you are entitled to your own opinion. As am I. However before blantantly labelling something as "boring So Cal punk" and attacking a band, whom you admit you aren't really "into", it only goes further to show how biased you are in reviewing this album.

The new face to face record is a solid recording, recorded totally live so all the instruments bled into one another and created a "live" feeling for the record. I'm not sure if i'd call it overproduction at all, I'd call it trying to record something differently than you had in the past.

This album is not a "return to their punk rock roots", its a redefinition of all the sounds they've explored from Don't Turn Away until the time of this recording. Saying that an acoustic song like "How to Ruin Everything" sounds the same as "Unconditional" is proof that not much time was taken in listening to this album on the reviewers part. As for bitching about "Fight or Flight" being on this album...someone said it already, but get over it.

While this face to face album is not my favorite, it certainly is stronger than most of the material that is going to be put out this year. Everyone bought into that Bad Religion hype...I sure didn't.

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

Actually, for the guy who said that Reactionary was on vagrant, it very well may have been, but it was originally released on EMI. I have the thing in front of me now. You're right about it sucking though

punky (April 10, 2002)

I totally agree...they want to make a an anthem out of every song nowdays. which kinda sucks.btw, good review

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

For the record, this was not F2F's "comeback album" as their last record, Reactionary, was on Vagrant as well.

For the record, that album sucked as much as this one does.

ETx310 (April 9, 2002)

Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but I never thought it was fair to talk shit about something that somebody else obviously put a lot of work into, and possibly have an impact on how others will percieve it. Do you think that's fair? Especially when that person isn't even familiar with most of the bands work. I think this is a really good album, and a huge turn around from their last two records. Be your own judge people.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)


Do u like blink-182 by any chance?? or maybe nickleback?

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

I don't like the record either, but damn, this review sucks. Overproduced? This record sounds like SHIT. Way too tinny and flat. You seriously need to take a crash course on production there buddy. As for the band dropping a track a few months early on a split, who gives a fuck? Bands do this all the time. Get over it.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

Don't shit on his review just because he didn't like the album. Everyone's allowed to have an opinion.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

phew...well as long as its ok with you

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

... maybe if you weren't so close-minded, ...and listened to the album again, you will see why this band is so good. you may not like this cd, but go see them live... i must say they are by far the best band live i have seen in my life......

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

I don't really agree with his views of F2F or BR, but this is a really cool review anyway.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

Personally, I think someone reviewing a CD by a band like Face To Face, who's career has spawned years and years should be at least more familiar with their music. Tell if it's like don't turn away, or if it has any elements of Ignorance Is Bliss on it. It's one thing to review some band who has one other album out but this is Face to Face, they have a pretty big back catalog and history so I mean at least have some knowledge on it.

You did review Face To Face right? I'm still not sure if this was a Bad Religion review or face to face.

Anonymous (April 9, 2002)

Disappointment of the year: This review! But that's okay.

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