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Strung Out: An American ParadoxAn American Paradox (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: wyzowyzo
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This album is average. Compared to when I usually say an album in average, I don't mean it in a bad way. I think it's an entertaining record, produced ad nauseum. After a couple listens, I softened my initially dismal opinion into one of grudging acceptance, like having a barren womb and learning to.
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This album is average. Compared to when I usually say an album in average, I don't mean it in a bad way. I think it's an entertaining record, produced ad nauseum. After a couple listens, I softened my initially dismal opinion into one of grudging acceptance, like having a barren womb and learning to go on living. I think the early half of the record runs together. The real reason I'm not completely blasting this record is "Satellite" which saved this record for me. The middle is really the only good part of the disc apart from "Cemetery" which after not liking it, I really warmed up to. It sounds nice, I mean they produced the fucking record forever. The fact that some of the drums are triggered and are not the actual drummer (though live I would imagine they would be) is okay though I prefer bands only recording what is not too feasibly away from the live sound (all I remember from seeing SO is feedback, maybe they heard what they were playing but nobody else did). "Dig" is on here which is disappointing because I had great promise in this due to the Strung out Fat club 7 inch mainly because of "Lost Motel" which I really rocked out to. Why dig instead of Lost Motel, I dont know, I think Dig is subpar in comparison. Maybe it'll be the bonus track.

One interesting thing about this band is I have never heard a band's fans get into so many arguments over drumming. According to the (its been pulled down for now) Strung Out message board, his drumming is almost godlike and they fantasize sexually about his drumming. Kids, its punk rock. Drum drum, fill, drum through the chorus, fill, and so on. There is a reason why people are going to remember the Ramones longer than Joe Satriani. Anyone can learn how to manipulate a mechanical instrument. Its the human element that makes or breaks a great work of music.

Basically, if you're a SO fan, its decent, I do like some of the songs more now that I've heard them a few times, so I'll change my opinion from bad to alright. "Razor Sex" really makes you wonder if it was put on the record just so they could have a song called Razor Sex. I think if you can borrow it, that's what I would suggest. It's nothing amazing, so if you're on a budget, I'd save your money for the new No Use for a Name. An uneventful review for an uneventful record.

Epitaph and Fat wreck are turning out the sitcoms of the punk rock world. Entertaining and they're good, but you can only listen for a short time and it sort of leaves you empty. But we can't watch Art films all the time (why we can't watch Requiem for a dream forever I dont know) and sometimes we need average just because its better than shitty. For me, thats my version of a compliment so deal with it.


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Levendus (July 31, 2012)

Revisiting this review in 2012 and it's very poorly written !

Anonymous (October 27, 2004)

I for one liked this album. It is pretty solid from start to finish in my humble opinion. I know all the shit below me is like two years old but whatever. Who in the hell is this wyzo guy and why is he named after a fat band? You said fat is sitcom punk fuck you dude if you want sitcom punk go listen to the fucking blinkstreet boys or good charlotte's web little kid nursery rhymes. Fat is a fucking staple in punk music today and they have a message just look at the rock against bush comps and tours they are trying to get jaded punks who hate the government and love to talk shit about it but don't do shit about it off of their collective arses and vote but wyzo the fucking german punk band man has the gall to call them sitcom punk fuck you dude have some respect i am sick and fucking tired of everyone talking shit about fat like they fucking advertise on mtv or something. Anyways in closing this cd rocks and wyzo the literary genius is a fucking chump ass sitcom pilot that never got off of the fucking ground

Anonymous (July 19, 2004)

Who in the hell made this review? Obviously someone who has no clue. My advice clue up and open your ears! think any band on the radio could make music like this? This is originality in its finest hour. Maybe they should slow it down and make it simple so you could just sit there and sing along without using your mind. Nothing against nufan but are you serious? Try and play the complex music they have created and interpret their lyrics and get back to me!

Anonymous (May 28, 2003)

wyzo, you lost me when you said "Satellite" is the best song off the album. Then you made me damn near laugh when you recommended Nufan over this. You obviously go for softer pop punk, and are unable to like the harder stuff. This album kicks ass. My favourite for the year. Jordan rocks, wyzo does not.


Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

I think this is a great album. It's different to STWB and twisted by design yet still destinctively Strung Out. That's what the great bands are all about, not every album is a repeat of the previous one. As much as I like No Use most of their albums are very similar and their latest one, whilst having some "nice tunes", doesn't exactly have a lot of depth.

Anyway, back to SO. For me this album is great from start to finish. And they manage to pull the songs of live as well. It's good to watch a band whose guitars can actually be heard above the drums and bass! This album comes in joint second with STWB behind twisted by design which I doubt can be beaten.

Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

YEAH dude this album is killer my friends and I have listened to it 4000 times since it came out it never gets boring or repetitive. Leave it to Strung Out to put something as amazing as this out. And wyzo, you can save all the money you want and buy as many new NUFAN cd's as you can afford, but the whole world will laugh at you. Watch the video for Dumb Reminders it's funny, but you won't relate to it wyzo. Also I saw SO this summer in Kelowna... Fucking once in a lifetime experience!! Yeah Strung Out rules.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Wonderful album! Guitars and drum really kicks ass! Also, Ryan Greene have made a very great job on the realisation! All songs sound good and differents! Velvet Alley, Unkoil and Razor Sex are the best songs! American Paradox sounds like a mix of all Strung Out album since their debut. A little bit similar to their past albums but even fucking great!


Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Hell yeah motherfuckers!
strung out are the best band. No use??? Hahaha its a fucking joke or what?? Strung blows fuckin away no use!!!!!

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

i didnt even read this. only a few sentences lets u realize what a pretentious prick wyzo is. go fuck yourself.

Anonymous (May 14, 2002)

Did you say save your money and check out the new No Use For A Name? You're a tool man. No use isn't nearly as accomplished as Strung Out is. Go listen to Sum41 prick

Anonymous (May 14, 2002)

fuckin mad album, best band ever!

Anonymous (May 9, 2002)

Hello, this is Jordan from Strung Out and i just wanted to clarify one thing. I played all the drums on the record as i have on all the Strung Out records (except Skinny Years) Not some computer, i have no clue to where these crazy rumors come from. I can respect anyones opinion of our music as not everyone will like it so the review you give mr. wyzo doesnt bother me in the slightest. I was only bothered by the accusation saying some of the drums arent played by me. Try to get your news and facts straight if ya will ok. Or is this like a tabloid punk website where they just like to make things up without knowing the true facts. Also Moto XXX is not a company we endose or are sponsored by, i am a partial owner of the company and im quite proud to sport Moto XXX gear all the time. Chris backs it pretty hard as well. If you go to motoxxx.com and read a little, you will see what Moto XXX is about if your actually interested.Anyhow, we are not "OFFICIALY" endorsed by any single clothing company though we do get kicked down from a few once in a while. Well i only made comments on this here cause so many people where talking aboaut this on our message board and i came here and read some posts and thought id clear things up a bit. Thank you to everyone that loves our new CD and to those who dont, what can we do right....thanks for listening anyhow. Maybe we can gain your attention back on the next one maybe not..we shall see...take care everyone and hope to see some of you at a show somtime down the road...

Anonymous (May 9, 2002)


Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Jordan(SO drummer)is one of the owners of MotoXXX so if you are saying they are endorsed by there own company then you are correct. Oh and I really like this album.

Anonymous (May 7, 2002)

Wyzo, All I want to know is where is this Triggered drumming you speak of in the album an american Paradox... owning the album and listening to it many times, i detect no computer drums......

Anonymous (May 3, 2002)

I read something about clothing endorsements...and its funny that a band with clothing endorsements would have a song called razor sex. Now I'm wondering if you're talking about the moto xxx connection. If I remember right strung out is into motocross and well they kinda helped start the clothing line. Not really an endorsement

Anonymous (May 3, 2002)

I cant believe...your ignorance. This album is incredible. It's obvious that you are not a musician, because the drumming...it is incredible. drum drum fill drum? what the hell are you talking about...the timing in a lot of these songs is just wacky...its not your average 4,4 beat. And the guitar playing is insane too. Last night I was listening to this cd with my roomate and he commented "I don't know how they can come up with these riffs". And its true the riffs are fast, complex melodic and tight. I would have to say that all the songs stand out on this album...but what you said about razor sex...what the fuck!!? You think they put it on the album just so they could have a song called razor sex? You are a moron. That song is intense...not to mention probably one of the best produced songs on the album. This album kicks ass...it is a must have for the collection.

emptycauses (April 26, 2002)

Fat Wreck is So diverse now, you cant fuckign say any shit about them, same kinda goes to epitaph. and about if you want good melody go get the new NUFAN. I HOPE you are fuckign joking, they are the definition of "the FAt Wreck Band". A term NO1 can place on that label anymore

emptycauses (April 26, 2002)

Strung Out was the 1st punk band i ever liked, and while there style has changed, from when i first heard 'another day in paradise' i was amazed, then BLOWN away with teenage..., then to hear there style tottaly change in TBD (in an amazing yet, i want my adip and stwb back way), but none the less an amazing new sound. Then came EOSD, with the departure of there AMAZING bassist/songwriter Jim Cherry (now in Zero Down), there perfect band (talent wise), took a blow. EOSD was a very aggresive move for them, while not 'amazing', it was nonetheless good, somewhat of a let down you could say, but to be expected since the loss of jim. Now here comes the HIGHLY anticipated AAP. After qucikly going to my near by record store, i find a 'special copy' with the 14th track. I listen to it, and decide i love it. The new style which seems to be a mix between tBD and EOSD is very polished and not nearly as fast as previous releases. Still an amazing record, i would have to say there 2nd worst however. BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING. It is hoenestly better than i expected, (alien amplifier aside). Fav Track is Lubricating the Revolution. Now about the HORRIBLE REVIEW by wyzo. Why would u say that the drumming is "compuerized", i mean jesus, your just asking for any1 who has a taste in music and know a good musician (jordan being the best drummer in p rock), to say shut the fuck up, and you try to drum like that. And its not funny when you say '"Razor Sex" really makes you wonder if it was put on the record just so they could have a song called Razor Sex". That was dumb, and not funny, So heres a hint for you wyzo, dont write any more reviews for this site, cuz no1 fuckign lieks you. Anyways Go out and get this record, along with Cave In - Jupiter and the Faint -Blank-Wave Arcade, which i got while getting this record

Anonymous (April 20, 2002)

este cd esta kabronsisismo se la mamaron kon este cd
no se por ke dicenke es una mierda
estan pendejisimos no ammes kabron nadamas te dedikas a chingar al grupo ke tu bien sabes ke es el mejor mas talentoso ke ahi ahorita, no me vengasa decir ke este cd no esta bueno, PENDEJO american paradox es una obra maestra cada cancion se te atora en tu cabeza como un chicle ,no te puedo decir kon palabras ke tan kabro nesta este cd, todo el cd es una obra maestra kabron!!! masterpiece! otra cosa el baterista es uan verga no he escuchado un talentoso,tecnico baterista komo jordan burns no ahi nadie en el punk rock ke teoke komo el NADIE!! yp tpko bateria te puedo decir ke en verdad tiene mucho talento pero mucho talento jordan sin duda el mejor. asi ke kalfiko kon un 10 a este cd por ke me volo los sesos!

Anonymous (April 19, 2002)

I've only heard a few songs from AAP, it may not be as good as Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues but nothing by any band will ever be so i'll take the next best thing, AAP.

Anonymous (April 19, 2002)

melodies? there are no fucking melodies on this record. although im not too big of a fan of any post making friends nufan, without even hearing the new record i would already confidently say that it has better melodies than the new so record. the new so record is riffing and filling. you want melodies? listen to suburban teenage wasteland blues. THAT is a strung out album. they will never top that, especially not with this type of shit. there are no SONGS on this record. there is a bunch of riffing followed by a bunch of other riffing linked together with some riffs. i listened to the whole thing all the way through and not one melody stuck out at me at all. i cant believe what has become of this band, nothing used to be able to make me feel like wrong side of the tracks did. so powerful. the only thing that is even close to a real song is alien amplifier, by far the best song on the album. and i know all of the diehard strung out fans and everyone else will be so quick to jump on how "gay" and lame that song is because of the moog, which to be honest i wasnt too into, but the song itself was way above the writing of everything else on the record.

Anonymous (April 19, 2002)

i don't care what anyone one says, Strung out have and always will be the best punk band to ever grace the earth, the musicians are the best, and the live shows will blow you away, and this album shows that

Anonymous (April 16, 2002)

"was an amazing move on there part."

yeah man. amazing move on there part, their so smart at fat.

Anonymous (April 16, 2002)

This Album rocked, it took me a few hours to download it with a dail up connection, and it was worth every minute. This cd fuckin rocks, everyone should buy this when it comes out, I know I will

Anonymous (April 16, 2002)

yeah i got a problem. why the fuck can I not download pr0n in the public library? Its not fair!!!!!!

wyzo (April 16, 2002)

for the millionth time, in the simplest language.

1. Nothing I say is meant to be taken like a fucking decree from the pope. To the fellow who said that my opinion of saying "Razor sex" was only on Paradox for its title was ignorant needs to take the anal badger out of his ass. Of course I'm not saying that the only reason its on the album is because of its title. Its just a funny title to have on a band who has clothing endorsement's record. Its meant to be amusing, a joke, lighten up.

If there was a song titled 'fucking cracked skulls of the late term aborted' on the new Green day album you'd laugh. Whether the song is any good, I dont know, Its just funny to have such a blatantly dramatic title on a record. Down boy.

2.I like fat records, I like epitaph, dont take my comment about Fat so seriously. They both have reputations for being the SoCal punk sound, and I think this record falls within that field. So mentioning the label is not out of place. If you want my opinion of FAT that isn't specific to this record, I think The new Dillinger 4 record is going to blow the shit out of the collective fat rosters asses, so I like Fat and the new signing of the Lawrence arms and D4 was an amazing move on there part.

And as if nothing can be taken as a brief comment, someone commented on how Requiem for a dream is not as good as the guys first movie. Is there anything else anybody wants to bicker about?

Fucking crackers (ohmigod did he just say crackers, im so sending a digital retort his way).

wyzo the unjaded

Anonymous (April 15, 2002)

i slept with your mom.

(sleeping with other peoples moms jokes are funny, right?)

Anonymous (April 15, 2002)

shitty review of a shitty album.

Anonymous (April 15, 2002)

To say that Strung Out only put the song "Razor Sex" on AAP just so they could have a song by that name on the album is just ignorant. I can respect this guy's opinion, even though I don't agree with it. As the for whole "go buy the new No Use cd if you want songs that get stuck in your head" comment, I've listened to both AAP and the new No Use and there isn't even a comparison. Every song on AAP gets stuck in your head, whereas the new No Use is exactly like More Betterness as far as sound goes and none of the songs are as catchy as any of the songs on More Betterness or AAP. Stick to a review of the tracks instead of rambling on about FAT putting putting out repetitive records.

punky (April 15, 2002)

I may not agree with wyzo on this album, but thats no reason to call him an idiot...People if you can't see that we all have different tastes and views and if you can't stand that...then simply don't read it, or better, write your own review.

Anonymous (April 15, 2002)

oh please darrens movie "pi" kills requiem at least four time over...requiem seemed like a typical stretch for hollywood reconition...isn't he working on the next batman...go art!...i suggest checking out "donnie darko" that's funny and depressing =]

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

I think that it's a good album. Not quite as memorable as some of their previous stuff though. 6 months down the road, I'll still be listening to suburban teenage Wasteland blues. I'm not really certain that I can say the same thing for This one. Some of the songs on there are fucking awesome (Like razor sex, and unkoil) Some of them are pretty disappointing (For instance Alien Amplifier) But overall, I'd say this is way above average.

I think that the whole "You must not be a drummer" thing is bullshit. I'm not a guitarist, but I think I still have the right to say that huge epic guitar solos are often out of place, or even unnecesary (SP?) Strung out has an amazing drummer, but he can overdo it at times. Sometimes less is more.

Is it me, or is flaming people's album reviews the latest fad around here. You people sghould really find better things to do with your time. It's a review. No need to shit your oversized low-hanging pants in anger.

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

um, you accuse Fat of releasing empty, boring music, but then glorify the band that embodies that description, NUFAN. Strung Out is amazing, and their music definitely has a huge human element (to me anyway). i haven't heard this album, but i'm sure it will blow most everything else out the window., and i will get it as soon as i kick my swiss cake roll habit.

oh yeah, the reason we can't watch RFAD all the time is because the suicide rates would instantly double. Watch "bottlerocket' instead, it's funny.- fathead

Vmac (April 14, 2002)

This album rock, take off the shit you have in your ears

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

I'm the same guy that posted about the drumming below.
I honestly think if you took out the drums in this album (i haven't ehard the whole thing) and just put in generic drums, like you described, it wouldn't be the same. There wouldn't be as much intensity to it.
I don't even play drums, but I know the effect they have on a song, and me. Jordan? has got to be one of the best drummers out there. His drumming is and always has been grade A drumming, putting a lot of other drummers (although good) to shame.
I notice that I drive faster when his beats are coming through the stereo, my whole collection is punk, and I can't say the same thing for any other band.
Drums make a world of difference, as do guitar, bass and vocals.
Call me crazy but that is what I liked about f2f's IIB. A lot of depth to the music, more than anything they have done before or after.

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

i honestly can't think of a worse review

Anonymous (April 14, 2002)

dude is it me, or is that Davey Havok on the cover of the album? i haven't heard the record, here's to hoping its typical strung out material!
~Vladimir Hubitcherkokov

wyzo (April 13, 2002)


Is everything right in the world again, now? Did the bad man go away?

4 years ago Im on a plane to london, an asian flight attendant comes up to me and goes 'strung out?', and I dont know why the flight attendant has just told me I look like I need a drug fix, then I realize shes translated my strung out shirt. It is possible to like a band, but hate a record. Lighten up.

To the guy who said Im obviously not a drummer. One of things punk was a reaction too was the conception of being a musician in mainstream culture. Punk bands were critized because they weren't polished. There was the idea that a true musician was better than regular people, and you had to be a certain kind of person, God forbid you teach yourself guitar. Normal kids lack the unique and "special" talent that real big time musicians have. The idea of punk rock was that if you had heart and sincerity, if you had fucking intensity and soul, whatever technical ability you had high or low, would be surpassed by the sheer force of it. While technical skills are nice, if you cant write a tune and your writing well played shit, its still crap.

So I'm not saying drumming is a walk in the park, Im saying it doesnt fucking matter if the guy has 8 arms, if the song has complicated drum parts simply to have complicated drum parts, if the show of "technical" skill is nothing more than theatrics, a dazzling display of talent that just creates filler in the song, who cares? There's such a thing as an 'expert master' plumber, but his amazing prowess doesn't make me appreciate him anymore if he can't plunge the dead body out of my pipes so I dont have to urinate on a severed skull.

Finally, to the one tactful guy who responded intilligentally, the only reason I respond to these "kids" (I do it too, but I hate the tendency to instantly call people kids to discredit them) is I dont see it as validating myself. I dont care if they love the new Strung out, by all means like one of the comments below, tell me you disagree and the record made you smile, by all means, music is supposed to engage you, more power to you, lets fucking talk about each others opinions and go back and forth, I like other opinions. Just dont be an ass. So when I respond, its no big deal, I type fast enough, I take maybe 5 minutes out of my day that I'm usually not awake enough yet to care about anyway.

And to your comment that I needed to talk more about the music and not my opinion on epitaph/fat, I like Epitaph and fat I just meant sometimes they can put out really stereotypical records, and I think this is one of them. Not that all there records are like that. But I know what your saying. I could rewrite my reviews forever adding and deleting stuff, so I with that.

Musically, they stayed uptempo, the lead guitar is significantly more prominent but there all metalheads at heart so thats understandable, the vocal melodies are a little more complex, but the mix drowns some of them (like in cemetary) which is a shame.

I know im longwinded, you should read my post it notes there worse.

wyzo the excessively verbose

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

Give him a break. Even if you don't agree with his review that still doesn't give you any right to bash him as a person. I think that using a large vocabulary doesn't mean that you are trying to make yourself seem better than everyone else. It just means that you can express your ideas more clear and precise.I personally don't agree with Wyzo but I still praise him for being brave enough to post his review of the album despite knowing that he would be ridiculed for his opinions.

SideLinedForLife (April 13, 2002)


Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

first of all
the quality of sound is fucking amazing
vocals drums guitars bass
all sounds awesome

the albums itself is slow
compare with suburban.. or twisted

but have great fast songs like velvet alley and razor sex

but the slow sounds are amazing too

this is a great album

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

i haven't heard the album, but i have cheese in my ears.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

Wyzo, why do you give a shit what these other kids say. You don't need to validate yourself for them. Ok, I am going to get off your cock now and tell you that this review really doesn't have much to say besides the album is mediocre. Tell us about the music, not your opinions on Fat and Epitaph.


Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

i am guessing wyzo that you don't drum yourself.
I wish drumming were that easy.
you make it sound like there is nothing to it, and really all instruments take talent to play them well.....excluding the recorder.
Don't be so ignant

wyzo (April 13, 2002)

one, I wasnt 'name dropping' requiem for a dream, thats just stupid. Why would i name drop a movie. To get all that Requiem for a dream hype? Dont be silly, it was mentioning a movie that would be considered a smaller more independent film, I suppose I could have said road house and you would have said I was name dropping road house.

Dont be so quick to assume people are saying things purely based on ego, not everything has some secret purpose.

Like the shakespeare comment, in which its obvious im not comparing myself to shakespeare. You seem to enlarge every I say to imply something grand that you can criticize as self serving. I mentioned a movie and I mentioned shakespeare, anything that infers is in your head which seems to have a low opinion of human beings.

And to the other guy, the SO album didnt get stuck in my head because I had the pepsi jingle in my head and enough sugary tunes were in my head.


Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

And by the way i think the last part is the best of it.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

I have heard this album and i have heard the No Use For A Name album, and at the point where you mentioned it i knew what i have ot hink of your review. Telling people the NUFAN album is better than the SOU is a joke, i listend to it, an i like it,b ut it cant compete to SO. And if someone tells me he heard this SO album two or three times, then turned the music off, and he didnt hear the melodies all day in his head, then he hasnt listen to the album at all. Thats all i have to say about this album, once you listen to it, you cant get it out of your head, exactly the opposite of the NUFAN album dude, except perhaps song mmm 7 i think with the woman singing but the rest doesnt stick to your mind.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

whoops. shakespeare

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

your review was pretty good, essentially what i would expect from this record. and your sitcom comment was right on, but your name dropping of requiem for a dream was lame.

oh, and don't compare yourself to shakespere... i only hope you were joking and not actually trying to impress anyone by flaunting your vocabulary.

evildeadalive (April 13, 2002)

These guys helped define boring So Cal punk.

wyzo (April 13, 2002)

"Using words improperly when you don't know their meanings doesn't make you look smart.

Shakespeare created his own words, I suppose the same socially graced critics are still calling him an asshole.

You wouldn't know so many people get there dose of character assassination from reading other peoples opinions of some record most people couldnt give two shits about anyway.

Which words were used wrong?

Oddly enough, in the face to face review I get critizized because I defined "reactionary", now I get criticized because I dont know the definitions of words.

Get your act together, I cant be emotionally invested in your aspersions if theres no common thread of disgust.

All I have to say is your review of my review was tepid, full of idle sophistry and the typical sort of hum drum mamby pamby boyman insults up there with 'bro, your so not as smart as you think, Iwill level your ego, for I am the great mediocre equalizer'.

Now write a review of my review of your review of my review. Something film noir, it better be creative.

It's not like maybe just maybe its just a review, lighten the fuck up there chief.
wyzo the untidy

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

That review was laughable at best...stick to masturbation buddy, it seems like the only thing that will satisfy you.

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

Woops, wrong rating...

Anonymous (April 13, 2002)

Dude, you're an idiot. Using words improperly when you don't know their meanings doesn't make you look smart.

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