Pepper - Kona Town (Cover Artwork)


Pepper: Kona TownKona Town (2002)
Volcom Entertainment

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Contributed by: moldyMoldy
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Pepper is a band from Hawaii, which to me that gives the image of lying around all day, drinking, smoking, getting laid and going to parties. This album is the perfect soundtrack to that lifestyle.Musically the band sounds exactly like Sublime, there is no deviation from the reggae, ska, punk mix t.
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Pepper is a band from Hawaii, which to me that gives the image of lying around all day, drinking, smoking, getting laid and going to parties. This album is the perfect soundtrack to that lifestyle.

Musically the band sounds exactly like Sublime, there is no deviation from the reggae, ska, punk mix that Sublime did, laced with lyrics that don't get much deeper than parties and girls. The production on the album is really good but that should be expected from a group that uses 3 separate producers who have worked with Blink 182, Sublime, Snoop Doggy Dog, and Death Row Records.

Some of the better songs on the album include: "Stone Love", "Dry Spell", "B.O.O.T.", and "Tradewinds". The band breaks from their normal sound on "Face Plant" and play more of a Blink 182 sounding song; it reminded me of a cross between "Anthem" and "Stay Together". "Give It Up" also breaks to play in more of a Goldfinger style.

I'm still undecided about my feelings for this album. On one hand I'll be the first to say that they are just a Sublime rip off that's probably going to get huge and thus probably really annoying. They were on the Volcom Stage at Warped Tour 2001 for the entire tour, and they have opened for groups like Shaggy. Yet, I have been enjoying listening to the cd while I was studying, it just has that chill factor to it, where you can leave it on in the background, and not really notice it and be distracted by it, but still have some noise going on. While it's a bit redundant, if you like Sublime, you are going to love this album. If you didn't like Sublime, then you are going to loathe it, that simple.

Dry Spell
Face Plant
Sitting On The Curb


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Anonymous (June 17, 2006)

Oh, my world. It is ok

Anonymous (January 18, 2006)

This cd is good and so is the band.

Anonymous (August 11, 2005)

Can I get the CD online???? If anyone knows... holla back

Anonymous (July 18, 2005)

awesome cd. its just great all around. they were one of my favorite bands before this and it just made me like them even more with these songs. they do everything with just there own little taste. give it up rocks even if it isnt part of their usual style they did great with it

Anonymous (June 29, 2005)

this cd freakin rocks. if you like sublime your going to love pepper. all they do is drink, smoke and get laied. and surf. if you have ever been to a pepper show, which i don't think the person who wrote that last thing about them did, they drink and smoke on stage and try to get girls up there with them. pepper is perfect chillin music. and stormtrooper is wicked to listen to when your smoking on top of a mountian. keep it up pepper i cant wait to go to the show on friday!

Anonymous (March 11, 2005)

ya im really sick of the punk rockers who blah blah about pepper they need to shut their assholes and listen to sum41

Anonymous (March 11, 2005)

Pepper is such a groovy band... It gets me pumped up when surfing and just relaxes ya- sucks for the poze's

Anonymous (February 17, 2005)

Would anyone possibly know how to get in contact with Pepper or their producers??? I have a great proposition for them to help get their name out there if they will be touring around Florida in the beginning of May. I am a server at T.G.I. Fridays in Clearwater, Fl (voted #1 for best service in the country) and would like to know if they are interested in playing for Cinco De Mayo. Last year there were over 1,000 heads at Fridays for Cinco. There are sure to be way more if they play. All of us are college students at that Fridays and love Pepper. Our bar manager asked me to do this. Contact me at punkrockbiatch@yahoo.com

Anonymous (August 30, 2004)

my favorite band today, they are awesome and its too bad not alot of people know about this kickass band

Anonymous (April 27, 2004)

Pepper is so fucking good. I hope they dont get too big though because i dont want a whole bunch idiots parading around with their music. It should be for locals only. No fucking posers that think its cool to listen to them. Pepper is perfect at the point they are at right now in status. Their music is so good and light. I truely love it. Pepper kicks ass!

Anonymous (December 4, 2003)

I think it is a great cd, it grows on you. I can't wait to hear or see what these guys do next. For sure worth checking out if you like a sublime style. It's chill and has some really good songs on here. Buy it punk!

Anonymous (October 14, 2003)

I love this cd when im bored i listen to it and i fell good and happy and hyper like i want to party and have fun. Its awesome i recommend it to every sumblime lover out there.

Anonymous (October 13, 2003)

I love this album but I must say, like everyone else, that they do sound a lot like sublime. I don't know why people are getting all defensive about it. The bottom line is they sound like sublime but sublime rocks and so do pepper. I like pepper a lot and I don't know why it just kind of captured me but I must say that sublime blows pepper out of the water. But pepper is good.

Analog_Boy (August 12, 2003)

Hey cool. I saw people reviewing this band in the warped reviews. So I checked if someone had reviewed one of their records. I like the cover art. Looks sorta like something sublime would do even there.

Anonymous (December 5, 2002)

CD is very well put together, definitely has a whole Sublime vibe about it which attracted me. I can't say Slightly Stoopid did the same for me, but a decent band by all means. Pepper definitely deserves a listening to. Not for everyone, but if it was then it'd probably be #1 on TRL. By the way, today's POP sucks.

Anonymous (June 1, 2002)

I know a fucking righteous cd when i hear one and this cd is fucking sick. And people need to get off their back because they have like 2 or 3 songs that song like sublime to some people, but who are we to judge.

Anonymous (May 6, 2002)

Overall a very well put to gether cd, but nothing compares to SLIGHTLY STOOPID check these guys out.

Anonymous (April 26, 2002)

this CD is pretty good. I agree with the person before me. Well said.

Anonymous (April 26, 2002)

My friend recently purchased this CD and made a copy for me. I think it is a overall good CD. I agree though...they definitly have a very Sublime sound, but i think that they do what they do very well (if that makes much sense). They have my respect. If you want a CD that is good to put on when you are hanging out with a bunch of friends, this is the CD. Very chill..but upbeat

Anonymous (April 25, 2002)

Pepper rocks. I put this cd in and never have to take it out. They sound a lot like sublime, but that's okay, because sublime wont be making any new stuff and pepper will. Definitely easy to listen to.

Anonymous (April 22, 2002)

Yeah definately good stuff

SKAMAN (April 22, 2002)

Cool stuff. Thanks

Anonymous (April 22, 2002)

Oh shit, did someone just mention Too Rude?! I thought I was the only fan! Fuck yeah. When the hell are they (he) going to come out with some new material though? I guess this has nothing to do with Pepper...I love Sublime and I saw these guys at the last Warped Tour and liked them a lot. I kept meaning to buy the CD but never got around to it. This review reminded me so I bought it online the other day. I guess I'll have to wait until it gets here to give my review....krowdsurf

kirbypuckett (April 19, 2002)

Check out the band Too Rude. They play some dub music too. And they don't sound identical to Sublime. Just some music to make ya feel all irrey (sp? haha).

This does sound a lot like Sublime though. But that's ok...

Anonymous (April 19, 2002)

I just saw these guys live on Saturday with The Gamits. Not too bad, but not too good. I wont be listening to them, but whatever, they have my respect. Wannabe rock stars if you ask me.

callinglondon (April 18, 2002)

well i've never heard of this band before, but I listened to the mp3's you listed, and i liked them. a lot. the problem is that you're right, they do sound exactly like Sublime. Exactly. Face Plant doesn't sound like a blink song, it sounds like one of sublimes straight ahead punk songs, untill the end. anyway, it's good music.

Anonymous (April 18, 2002)

This band wouldn't succeed on their own merits if Volcom wasn't throwing their weight behind them.

Anonymous (April 18, 2002)

This CD is GREAT

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