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No Use For a Name: Hard Rock BottomHard Rock Bottom (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: rest_easyrest_easy40
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I have to say, I've always loved NUFAN. That's why I was so eager to hear this release and share with everyone just how damn good it is. It starts off with "Feels like Home". This is a soft minute intro with wonderful lyrics and very light guitar. This opens up into track 2 "International You Day"..
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I have to say, I've always loved NUFAN. That's why I was so eager to hear this release and share with everyone just how damn good it is. It starts off with "Feels like Home". This is a soft minute intro with wonderful lyrics and very light guitar. This opens up into track 2 "International You Day". This ironically opens up with the lyrics "I'm sorry I took so long, to write this song..." This flows ever so nicely much like songs from more betterness. "Pre-Medicated murder" opens up light with a violin sound and then guitars and vocals punch through. It's a short, fun song. "dumb Reminders" is next. This has a great beat and flow to it where at points it'll break down to just light guitar, drums, and vocals, then burst back into what it started. "Any Number Can Play". I absolutely love this song. This could also have opened the album if was so decided. It has that light vocal intro with the song never really losing that feeling. We continue with "Friends of the Enemy". This has a bob your head, move your body beat to it. You just wanna sing along with this song. It almost reminds me of "6 Degrees Of Misty", but I can't place why.

If there had to be a weak song on this album, it'd be "Angela". Something about it just doesn't make me believe in it. However, it is still a good song by far. And I wouldn't be surprised with anyone disagreeing with me. "Let Me Down" is an acoustic driven song reminding me of let it slide, except that this one lets the electrics and drums come in halfway through. "This is a Rebel Song" has a female singer in it. It turns out to be a duet and is a nice change in the flow of the record. It brings something different which upsets the chance of this album becoming boring. "Solitare" is another bob your head song. It's slower than other songs with more breaks in the guitar play. "Undefeated" opens with a distorted riff and drums until you hear a screeching slide and little bass line prevail through it all followed by the singer. Next is possibly my favorite song on the album, "Insecurity Alert". It starts with a screech, then a beat and guitar play that gets ya and stops! A tick is heard and the words "Emergency dispatch to mission control, I think something's wrong..." are sung lightly though they obviously would represent an exclamation. Then a chorus and back to this softer part with the drums taking the place of the ticking. This is a great song. It is different. And the lyrics are great! The final and 13th song on the album is "Nailed Shut". It opens with a clean guitar riff and drums. This is a great song to end the album with. Why? Because it is a great song.

I have not stopped listening to this album. The opening track I must say will speak for itself 'I like it sooo much' and the you'll see that this will be played for years to come and loved by any NUFAN fan, especially if you liked More Betterness.


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Anonymous (May 5, 2003)

Best NUFAN album ever just

Anonymous (December 21, 2002)


Anonymous (August 9, 2002)

This album is the worst no use album ever. To fuckin poppy.

Lunk (July 2, 2002)

To be honest i expected so much more from NUFAN. With all the hype fat mike was giving it i really expected something great. And what did i get instead? something which isn't even very good. Making Friends was so good... how can they have gone so rotten so quickly... Admittedly more betterness was not quite as good, but this is rediculous. Using trend analysis, i predict the next NUFAN album will be a pop album in the vein of recent no doubt, and will have four singles on it, all with film clips produced by hype williams and the neptunes, and it will get airplay on mtv and easy listning stations.

I used to love nufan... and now i am ashamed of this fact.

Anonymous (June 28, 2002)

since making friends NUFAN have always got better with time, hard rock bottom is definetely a "must have" for any fat wreck style fan.

Anonymous (June 20, 2002)

Nufan dissapointed me with this record,they practically did what greenday did with gettting all mellowish and slow,god i fucking hate that.

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

This cd is definately more mellow than more betterness, which was definatly their mellowest cd...in short, no use has changed their style a lot, and this cd resembles more betterness as far as style goes, but it's still an awesome cd. Personally I think leche con carne is their best release followed by the daily grind, but that's just me. Of course, the style of those two cds are almost opposite the style of more betterness and this cd, but it seems like no matter no use does musically they sound good...just one of those bands, I guess

Anonymous (May 23, 2002)

This record rules. I guess if you're all into the whole "punk rock with no melody thing" this CD isn't for you. But fact is the songwriting on here is amazing and the songs are just catchy and cool. If you liked the last album you should like this one as well. It's a good buy.

Anonymous (May 21, 2002)

I haven't heard this l.p yet and have no plan to if it sounds like that "more betterness" bucket of slop.
That album was the most pussy shit thing i've ever heard. What were they thinking trying to do justice to fairytale of new york! I nearly fucken threw up.
FUCK nufan.

Anonymous (May 20, 2002)

this is the worst nufan album ever

Anonymous (May 19, 2002)

damnit.. what a BAD review . This album isn't bad though but not amazing either. More Betteness and Making Friends were much more inspired.

emptycauses (May 18, 2002)

sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but this is a bad review, and fat's a great label dont put it down kid below me

stoopid (May 17, 2002)

this album sucks hard. this review was even worse. i dont like no use anymore.

orkj (May 17, 2002)

it isnt softer? what the fuck? thats about the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

Anonymous (May 17, 2002)

the is the worst fucking review of all time. like 6 times the writer uses the wordly lightly. what does that mean? it starts off with light vocals? or light violins? as opposed to heavy or dark? this is proof that the people who listen to FAT bands are indeed ball-licking jocks. im gunna fuck your mom and make you watch as you cry like a whiny biatch.

Anonymous (May 17, 2002)

Angela is the best song on this album. Great pace, and amazing solos... I can't understand why you don't like it. Great album...

Anonymous (May 17, 2002)

I personnaly think it's better than More Betterness, and isnt softer.


orkj (May 17, 2002)

what the heck are you talking about. there is NO WAY this is a piece of history. i want to forget it already. and by the way, its not a poppunk album, its a pop album, with some punk on it (minimal). probably the worst NUFAN record, but its OK to listen to, but man, what a major disappointment. please dont buy this album, its too darn soft. much MUCH softer than "more betterness."

Anonymous (May 17, 2002)

what a horribly written review, but such a great record.. definatly the best NUFAN album to date, maybe one of the best pop punk records of all time

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