Big D and the Kids Table / Leftover Crack

Big D and the Kids Table/Leftover Crack: live in Bostonlive in Boston (2002)
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Leftover Crack. I love these guys. Basically they played a good mix of Choking Victim era songs, a new song, and Leftover Crack songs. Thing is, though, no Crack Rock Steady Seven songs. I was upset about that sort of. But so it goes - they play pretty much straight forward and i had to witness stza.

Leftover Crack. I love these guys. Basically they played a good mix of Choking Victim era songs, a new song, and Leftover Crack songs. Thing is, though, no Crack Rock Steady Seven songs. I was upset about that sort of. But so it goes - they play pretty much straight forward and i had to witness stza screaming first hand to actually believe such a scream was possible.

They were straight to the point. This is a band who likes Crack and Killing Cops, and they hate World Trade, and government in general. The audience was largely there to see a ska punk band (Big D) so I think LOC got a very good reaction as they play at simmilar... let's say, speeds. The last notable thing about LOC was the obligatory blink 182 fuck you. They busted out dammit! in a bridge in some song. Funny stuff.

As for big D - this was my fifth big d show. It's always been a fucking blast, I've been huge fans of them sense day 1. It might be the whole Boston thing. Where crack=leftover crack, boston=big d .... also, where killing cops=leftover crack, hating LA=big d.

These guys put on a GOOD SHOW. The energy level is insane. You couldn't even ATTEMPT to do that whole "skanking" thing. There USED to be a ska scene in boston. Don't quite know what happened to it. But regardless - they are the deffinition of tight - highly trained professionals. And it shows when they rock out.

They played a good set. A bunch of songs from the new album and 2 or 3 songs that are "new, but not on the album". They were planning on releasing "Thugs, not Hugs". but then they didn't. I only mention this because "Thugs, not Hugs" is a GREAT album name and I really wish I could get an explanation of why. Also, they are minus one of the old singers, (mark?) who used to play french horn as well.

The bands parents were there, and the singers mom even got to request the closing song. What a nice boy.

Anyway, this was a pretty rocking show despite being at AXIS which is on %(*()*#%* Lan$down street where you have to dodge the eurotrash on the way out. Fortunately though, It's only like 20 min. from my apartment via train.

I would recomend highly the new Big D album. Especially the song "Scenster" (if you hate emo. which i know you do, because i've read the comment boards.)


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Anonymous (March 6, 2004)

Wow. i didnt even know these guys were big. i went ot show with himsha/ big d/ and death by stereo and i thought these gys were just fillers. i started listening t them after and they are good. they turned me to have a bit of a softer side towards ska, but my INDK, cv, loc, unseen n exploited still top5

Anonymous (August 11, 2002)

the dude who left big d was marc. he played the VALVE TROMBONE, NOT a french horn. you guys couldnt make them sound more lame by saying it was a french horn. but anyway, he left for personal reasons one being touring, so he now concentrates on Drexel. and you can still see him at almost every Big D show in the Boston Area.

Anonymous (June 20, 2002)

LOC is a bunch of trust fund kids w/ drug habbits masquerading as punk rock. All they care about it money.
They were a dick to me and my friend when I saw them.

Anonymous (June 8, 2002)

someone commented to something i left about marc leaving for drexel. and yes...i know very much that drexel has been around for as long as big d, well not as long but close enough, and yes marc has completly left. he left before the last halloween show. he is just in drexel.

Anonymous (June 6, 2002)

To the canadian who was saying that Big D won't come back in Canada for 4 years... well that isn't true. The band was banned from Canada for a year and Dan, their trumpet player for 5 years. Thanks to our dears custom agents. Fuckers. Big D will be back in Canada this summer!

Anonymous (June 6, 2002)

True, 5Bucks rules! Everyone that likes Big D should check them out as well.

Fuzzy (June 2, 2002)

I like both LoC and AF...
i saw big d once in toronto nad the french horn player ruled. ilike his voice. to bad they won't be back to canada forl ike 4 years.

check their website
Big D is heading to Canada in a few months or something.

They rock.
Your Socks.

and check out 5 Bucks! @ www.tonyandpals.com/5bucks/

they rock your soX also, only cause Scully tried to eat some guy's soul at the Big D show I saw...I helped hold him back...it was great!

Anonymous (June 1, 2002)

overheard at a LOC show in canada:
"I got up near the stage.... and stza smells really bad." "well, what the hell did you expect??!"

Anonymous (June 1, 2002)

Anti-flag sucks balls. LOC are squatters who live the life. They watched the towers burn from their rooftops. God love 'em.

Anonymous (May 31, 2002)

Indeed, LOC is anti-preaching, whereas you go to Anti-Flag show and it's all preaching.

Anonymous (May 31, 2002)

Leftover Crack are bums, they don't need to sing about that, they live it. As far as politics go, they are VERY different from Anti-Flag. As Anti-Flag basically just says everything that has already been said, LOC is a band they relys on a lot on Sarcasm. "Shoot the kids at school" "Kill yourself" etc. Kind of like the Dead Kennedys. Do you think Jello Biafra actually went around "Killing the poor." The reason they have ill-will towards cops, cause well, if your a squatter, your main threat in life is the cops.

The whole idea of Leftover Crack is to think for yourself, not to follow blindly what some band you idolize says.

Anonymous (May 30, 2002)

Leftover Crack is even worse at being a political band then Anti-Flag is, and that's not an easy thing to be. Yeah dude, hating cops and the world trade center and just stirring up anger, that does alot to solve problems. In fact, neither of those are problems, just sore points that these morons are trying to push to stir up excitment about their terrible band. If you wanna talk about the homelessness problem or the education system problem in this country (as bands like the broadways and the honor system do, they give not only attention to real problems, but give solutions) then that is fine. Making rediculous blanket statments just, and this is in my opinon, to score with the mindless, anti-flag, anti-government, mostly white middle class kids is utterly lame. screw this band.

Anonymous (May 30, 2002)

the basic reason for the name thugs not hugs, is because big d is made up of insane asylum escapees. they basically wanted to make fun of how dumb music is lately & they like rapping.

CallingLondon (May 29, 2002)

"This is a band who likes Crack and Killing Cops"

interesting, and how many cops have the members of this band actually killed?

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

Big D ROCK! i saw them in october in Miami, in the crappiest venue and still rock the hizzouse! Hugs Not Thugs

planaproject (May 28, 2002)

i saw big d once in toronto nad the french horn player ruled. ilike his voice. to bad they won't be back to canada forl ike 4 years.

stzas screams are insane. i filmed the show here and did some closeups to see those veins bulge haha. anyways...

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

If the person who left that last comment is still around, Yeah, I know all of drexel - but it's not like they're NEW, as they released their first album when Big D released theirs (it was the same cd, in fact, shot by lami).... so now marc has just completely left Big D for Drexel? That doesn't make sense. I remember once going to see Big D but getting Drexel because the horn section didn't show up or something like that.

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

the name of the other guy in big d that wasnt there name is marc (c not k but either way) and he left big d around the early fall and he now plays in another band with dave the singer of big d aaron the origanal guitar player or big d and my boy todd. they are called drexel. http://www.forkinhand.com/drexel

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

big d rule, when they played here in uk, my m8s band was supporting em, and we watched their sound check, they just jammed for 10 minutes, it was so cool
the bassist is such a dude :) or chicken dude, or just a chicken :) aghhh hehe

great band, cant wait for the new cd

Fuzzy (May 28, 2002)

w0rd up...
My brother lives in Boston and was at the show. I listened to the Gipsy hill EP and LOVE it...The damaged and destroyed version of Find Out is great...

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