The Anniversary / Detachment Kit

The Anniversary/Detachment Kit: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: maverickScott
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This show had the distinction of being the first 18+ show I have ever attended. It honestly didn't make that much of a difference, I think, as there were still plenty of girls that looked like they were 13 regardless - either the Abbey Pub doesn't card anyone for these shows, or these girls hid beh.

This show had the distinction of being the first 18+ show I have ever attended. It honestly didn't make that much of a difference, I think, as there were still plenty of girls that looked like they were 13 regardless - either the Abbey Pub doesn't card anyone for these shows, or these girls hid behind fat guys like me to get in. Anyway. The venue itself, the Abbey Pub, is incredibly nice - the stage was kind of cramped, but plenty of space for the audience, and there really wasn't a bad view in the house. I'm definitely planning on going back as soon as I can [which will probably be the Cursive/The Ghost show on 6/28 there, rock!]. Okay, enough small talk, on to the bands.

Up first was the Happy Supply. This band singlehandedly takes the award for the worst live band I have seen in quite some time. The group consisted of a guy on guitar, a girl who "played" keyboards [barely], and a drum machine. Halfway through their entirely too long opening set, they switched instruments, and the music actually got a little bit better. It was obvious the guy of the group was a more talented musician, as the girl struggled just as much on guitar as she did on organ. Either way, the set was completely painful. I wish Happy Supply on no man.

Up next was the Reputation. This band features Elizabeth Elmore of Sarge fame. I've never been one to hide my feelings for Sarge - I thought they were godawful. When the Reputation's CD came in the mail for review, I expected more of the same and was pleasantly surprised. The album [review coming soon, I promise] is a more well rounded creation, with just enough bite to it's pop. Live, the band was almost 100% faithful to the recorded versions, sounding a bit like Hankshaw [just with an actual girl singing]. They played the best songs off their CD ["The Stars Of Amatuer Hour" and "She Turned Your Head"] as well as some new material, all of which had heads bobbing [and one really enthusiastic guy up front throwing the rock sign after every song]. They were respectable.

Speaking of reputations, Detachment Kit is certainly building one. Based out of Chicago, these guys are getting so much buzz in the underground it's ridiculous. I usually don't buy into hype, and this was no different - until they started to play. Imagine Fugazi getting knocked up by Managra, naming their kid Cursive, and having him get in fights every day with At The Drive-In. You might get an idea of what these kids sounded like. The bassist was crazy, their guitarist played a wicked Flying V, and their singer scaled the walls up to the balcony, and then jumped off. The crowd was electric, and the band completely fed off of it. This band is now on my "must see again" list. I recommend you see them for the first time, before everyone else does.

Finally, the Anniversary took the stage at 11 PM. Launching into a rousing rendition of "Never Die Young" off their fantastic new LP "Your Majesty," the band was dead on for the next 75 minutes straight. Second on the set was "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter," and this band played it with a fury that I haven't seen from very many people. Their amps were cranked up to 11, the audience was bouncing around in bliss, and this was only the second song! Where could they go from here? Simple, into a drastically reworked version of "Anais" off their split EP with Superdrag. Instead of doing the eerie, folksy feeling present on that recording, the band turned it into a rock and roll, early-Beatles feel pop song and it rocked. Three songs in, and I was already going nuts.

The set went on to include one more oldie [a wickedly jammed out version of "Perfectly"] but mostly focused on new material. "Sweet Marie," "Crooked Crown," "Peace, Pain, and Regret," "The Siren Sings" and "Devil on my Side" all showed up at various points during the hour. The band closed out the hour with "O Lady Butterfly" [also off their Superdrag split] which was segued into "Your Majesty" album closer "The Death of the King." But this was no album version - the band doesn't seem to be content with what they recorded, as they played around with the song structures, tempos and melodies all night long. This was a common occurance for the majority of the set, which really made the whole time worthwhile for the audience.

After the band left the stage, the crowd wouldn't go so easily. A well-deserved encore was called for, and as the band retook the stage, they treated the audience to "The Ghost of the River" and "Tu-Whitt Tu-Whoo." The band then said goodnight for good, and Abbey Pub emptied onto the Chicago streets, abuzz with the rock spectacle that had just taken place. With this show, the Anniversary has now made my list of bands that I am willing to drive long distances/go through extreme circumstances for [other bands that are worthy of a full tank of gas and/or a missed class in the morning include the Weakerthans, Dismemberment Plan, Superdrag, Weezer, the Faint, Cursive, Ted Leo, and Engine Down]. This band seems to constantly want to reinvent itself - I honestly cannot wait for them to get back in the studio. I have a feeling this band is only getting started.


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Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

The Anniversary rocks, I've seen them three times, all excellent shows. Good review man.

Anonymous (June 3, 2002)

Please retire now scott

Anonymous (May 29, 2002)

I don't even live in chicago and i can attest to the fact of how amazing the scene is. not only has it produced some of the greatest (and also some of my favorite) bands already mentioned such as the broadways, tla, trio, honor system, smoking popes, tuesday but the fireside may be the greatest venue outside of gilman.

maverick (May 29, 2002)

Maybe so, but spending my hard earned cash on their merchandies usually means I like a band.

Or did you forget to read that part, seeing as how it would prove you wrong?

This site makes me want to retire from reading sometimes.


Anonymous (May 29, 2002)

just because you book shows for bands doesn't mean you like them......

maverick (May 29, 2002)

no, I'm afraid I'm not. I have nothing against them, I don't think they suck or anything, I just never got into them.

Rise Against is pretty bomb, however. I'm seeing them with Reach The Sky, Hope Conspiracy, and Stretch Arm Strong on the 4th of July. Should be kickass.


evildeadalive (May 29, 2002)

You don't like 88 Fingers Louie??!! Are you fucking kidding??

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

I seen Detachment Kit in Chicago w/ Thursday and Sparta and I couldn't get into them even though they had great stage presence. . .I think they would kick ass if their vocals were half-way descent! AVS IN 6

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

I'll keep this simple. This was also my first 18 show. Detachment Kit was pretty kick ass, which they usually are. The Anniversary wasn't as good as everyone hypes them to be. I noticed Apocalyspe Hoboken mentioned below. Their last show was crazy. Chicago has a great scene.

tgarn (May 28, 2002)

we're all real impressed by how well you all know the Chicago scene. I have actually invited my entire neighborhood to see how cool you guys are.

sickboi (May 28, 2002)

If you like em, more power to you; but the Anniversary sux a big, fat, hairy cock. Oh, BTW, to all you homo-phobe police out there, that wasn't gay bashing.

Geetarchick (May 28, 2002)

I like 88 Fingers Louie. :) And also the new bands they formed after they broke up. Same goes for Slapstick which, of course the Broadways and all those other great bands (Lawrence arms, Alk3, The honor system, etc) came from. Chicago has a great music scene and i'm pretty happy to be living here... I love the Chicago bands and i would put down 10 bucks that I can name a lot more off the top of my head than most people. :) And they aren't just of one genre. Booya.
Scott, don't hate the people here just because of weird criticism like that. I like your reviews, so don't hate me because i'm part of everyone. :)

maverick (May 28, 2002)

I love all the Vagrant bands? Since when?

And as for all those "cool" Chicago bands that I know nothing about:
Oblivion - I own 2 of their albums on LP, 1 on CD, and 2 of their split 7"s [w/Humble Beginnings and Gods Reflex]. Hell, I even booked a show with them [and Apocalypse Hoboken, I might add] a few years back in Belvidere - it was their CD release show.
88 Fingers Louie - I never liked them. I do own their split 10" w/Kid Dynamite, though, just cause KD rules.
The Broadways - I own both their CDs, "Broken Star" on vinyl, as well as one of their 7"s. I never got to see them live, but have seen the Larry Arms a handful of times - that almost makes up for it.

In conclusion, I'm into the Chicago scene more than you'll ever know. Quit assuming shit.

God, I hate you fuckers so much sometimes.


Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

news flash joshcore...emo, in short is rock...not much different. Emo fucking sucks

Geetarchick (May 28, 2002)

Detachment Kit is pretty good live. I dont remember when I saw them, but I did see them once. I miss the Anniversary everytime they play a show close enough to me.. as for Reputation, which is what my comment is basically about, I've seen Elizabeth Elmore and her band (they just went by Elizabeth Elmore) play with Allister and the Plain White Ts like last November and I really wish she didn't go right before the PWTs and after Allister because that just made me have a lower opinion of their music... seeing that Allister is very upbeat and Elizabeth Elmore.. is not. But anyway, it was sooooo incredibly boring and I was really falling asleep. Ok, thats all I wanted to comment on. Heh.

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

Wow, you seem to love all them Vagrant bands, but you didn't even go to the last Apolcaypse Hoboken show. You don't even like bands like Oblivion, 88 Fingers Louie, Broadways, you know some of the true Chicago bands. While bands like the Smoking Popes are good and you like them open your eyes to Chicago more buddy, you should like more punk stuff.

joshcore (May 28, 2002)

i don't know much about the anniversary, but i saw the detachment kit with sparta and thursday in cleveland. the detachment kit did not impress me at all ... to me they were just a bad rock band dressed up like an emo band.

Anonymous (May 28, 2002)

For years my friend's and I had always said that Fern was the worst band we'd ever seen. That was until we saw Detachment Kit. They are now the Fern of the new millenium. Detatchment Kit is the worst band ever, for now.

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