Get Up Kids / Rhett Miller / Hot Rod Circuit

Get Up Kids/Rhett Miller/Hot Rod Circuit: live in Hollywoodlive in Hollywood (2002)
Vagrant Records

Reviewer Rating: 1.5

Contributed by: WussEmoRockWussEmoRock
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After failing a chem final, I realized that tonight was the Get Up kids show at the House of Blues. I conversed with my friend and realized we both had different opinions on when to get to the show. He wanted to miss the opening bands, and I wanted to see them, because Hot Rod Circuit was opening,.

After failing a chem final, I realized that tonight was the Get Up kids show at the House of Blues. I conversed with my friend and realized we both had different opinions on when to get to the show. He wanted to miss the opening bands, and I wanted to see them, because Hot Rod Circuit was opening, and who in the world would want to miss Hot Rod Circuit? That's right, No One! We finally decided to get there at 730, because my persuasion seemed to work, or maybe it was just my charm. In any case, we arrived at the venue right as planned, and parked and stood in line. It was now 745, 15 minutes until the first band would start, who we found out was an acoustic act, Rhette Miller. We didn't know who he was either, so I stop worrying about that and read on, I explain about him later. We get closer to the door, and I hear music being played, What the Hell!!! It is Hot Rod Circuit, I give my friends a glare, and quickly get a wristband on and run into the venue only to be stopped by a sold out crowd, with no where to go but standing on the far right hand side next to the bar and a smelly old lady, old as in 45 years old. I still don't understand why Hot Rod Circuit was playing first, but enough of the complaining and onto the review...

...Hot Rod Circuit, if you do not have their new album "Sorry about Tommorrow," I highly suggest you go out and purchase it, because it is a great album. My friend pointed out to me that they are comparable to Limbeck, but better than them. What he was saying was, their sounds are the same, but with Hot Rod they throw in very clean harmonizing vocal lines, and guitar solos here and there. Talk about the soloist, their lead guitar player plays his guitar way up at his chest, and even though that just looks plain dumb, I have never seen a guitarist jumping all around stage while playing a tough solo, it just doesn't happen every day. So for the close minded person, Hot Rod Circuit fits perfectly onto the Vagrant roster, not just musically but also with their tight clothes. I missed half of their set regrettably, but the songs I remember them playing in order were "Radiation Suit" (wonderful vocals in this song), an older song I didn't know the name of, "Cool for One Night" (a softer song), "Now or Never," and then they closed with my favorite song, "The Pharmicist." This song starts off very soft with singing abruptly, and then changed quickly into a poppy punk mood, which blends in just fine with the rest of their songs. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, not by moshing or anything to that standard, but right after they finished, a ton of people went to their merch table and after every song people gave them the recognition they deserved. Now onto the solo acoustic act...

...Rhette Miller was his name, which didn't mean much of anything to anyone in the crowd before he played. Matt of TGUK explained to us later when they were playing that they found Rhette In Amsterdam, and that he was in the band The Old '97's, which still meant nothing to me, or anyone around me. But, in any case, Dashboard Confessional came out onto the stage 15 mins after Hot Rod. Rhette really could have easily been mistaken for Chris Carraba (DC), even he made the joke about it, the only difference is that Rhette is newly wedded, has strange hair, and has a much cooler song than any Dashboard song. He started to play his first song and surprisingly it engaged me, the lyrics were straight from the heart (mostly about his wife I am assuming-either that or he has a side project, if you know what I mean), he could sing in a low and high key, which gave him more of a range which allowed him to show off his talent much more than the King of Bland voices, mark Hoppus, who is monotone, unlike our Rhettester. The crowd seemed to enjoy him, but by the 3rd song, I was very bored and tired, I felt like I should be going to bed with the music on in the background. This was the trend for the rest of the night. By the time his last song came on I had already left the floor, but then I heard the notes for "America the Beautiful," and it caught my ear so I went back down onto the floor to give Mr. Miller another shot. He played this song awesome, only changing the lyrics to about his wife, Erica. This was the standout of his set, and the song that kicks all of Dashboard's songs right out of the screaming infedelities...or something like that..now can we please all be emo and sit on the ground...next time don't cry when we trip over you, geese...

... Did I mention that this show had the most wide range of kids at it. It had the normal 4 or 5 assholes, where you just can't figure out why they're at the show, because they seem to hate every band, but they always seem to come anyway. Then there was young kids with parents, older kids, like 30 year olds, and then the normal teenager, between the ages of 14-19. beleive it or not, this was the first show I had ever seen a group of Asians at, besides Wapred Tour. I'm telling you, Get Up Kids has a very diverse following, but that is a very good thing in my opinion, now onto their performance, well sorta...

...The House of Blues has a screen that pulls down where they play show little clips of things, mostly ads, inbetween bands. After 20 mins they finally pulled it back up and TGUK was about to play, so we thought. 10 minutes (great song) later, they pulled the screen back down and "Tommy Lee is coming back to the House of Blues" was written on the screen, while yelling and boos were thrown out of everyones mouths. People were starting to get agitated about how long it was taking for TGUK to come out and play...I mean all of their stuff was already set up during the acoustic set, so who knows what they were doing back their this whole time. But, before I could keep on thinking about this, everyone started cheering and I looked at the screen, it had written on it this:...

The Get Up Kids
On a Wire

...they played us TGUK's new video for their "single" on their new album "on a wire." All I can say is this video sucked big time. It was a playoff of their album cover, the whole video was a cartoon, with the same images used on the cover and back and inside of the jacket on the new CD, leaving me with no other feeling except knowing that it was a strange video, and being relieved that they won't be playing that song live now (way too slow-if you catch my drift). I don't think you do understand me, so let me explain: When a band comes out with a new album, they usually play a lot of songs off of it, which means everyone in attendance of this show tonight is in trouble because every song on "on a wire" is a song you listen to while you go to sleep or in the background while you are studying, or pretending to at least. So now back to the show...they opened up with in my opinion, one of the two best songs on the new cd, called "Let the Reigns Go Loose", it is quite slow but the ending instrumentally is awesome. They then went into "The Worst idea," which has the worst intro ever made in music...go listen to it if you don't trust me, the keyboard will make you go crazy. "Stay Gone" was next, and then "Valentine," by this time the crowd hasn't moved one inch, and everyone seemed pretty bored. I think the band realized that too, so they broke out with a new guitar for Matt and played the crowd pleaser "Holiday," which made the place go nuts. I somehow ended up in the front after this, which made me happy. What made me even more happy was that there were barely any crowd surfers the whole night, which means less boots into the head. TGUK played 3 songs off of the old cd, about 5 more off of the new cd, and 1-7 on "something to write home about." In my opinion, their lead guitarist has the two best songs written by the band. The first one he performed acoustic called "Campfire kansas,", it is on the new cd and it is an awesome song..it isn't acoustic on the cd, so you have no reason to not check it out, if you were sitting their saying to yourself I don't like acoustic songs. It seemed the whole show Matt (singer)was getting jealous when the other lead guitarist would sing his two songs or even talk into the mic, he even at one point said to the crowd, "give it up to the band!" Which means one of two things...he thinks he is the leader and they are just the band who plays the music for him, or he is not a very modest person...even though it is both, I think it is much more the first one. They had an encore of course, and then came back out playing a song off the old cd, "Four Minute Mile," entitled "coming clean." They then played the crowd favorite, Action & Action, played another song I forget, and then my favorite song by them, Ten Minutes off of their second full length. Wow, what a great song live, it definitely had the most energy of all of their set, and the crowd definetaly noticed that. Surprisingly, their other guitarist sang it, he has a great voice so I am confused as to why he doesn't do any back up vocals in the whole show. They ended their set with the last song on "something to write home about," I forget the name of it though. I really wish they would have played Anne Arbor, and they were going to, but the stubborn lead guitarist didn't want to play it for this girl who asked them to play it for her birthday, what an ass! The Keyboardist, James, had the most energy out of all of them the whole show, well maybe their drummer tied for that category, but doesn't matter because 70% of the show the crowd was sleeping because of the new cd that they way overplayed. Personally I think Vagrant tells them to do that, they did the same thing with the Anniversary when they went on tour in support of their new cd.

I give this show a 3, not because I didn't like it, but because Get Up Kids weren't up to my expectations. Musically they were hitting every note, but they shouldn't play all of their songs off the new cd, they should learn how to work the crowd a little more, and play some tunes we can move to, and stop progressing in the wrong direction. Someone should call them and tell them to go home and write a letter, maybe then they will come out with a better album to play live, but for now "on a wire" is great to go to sleep too, in all honesty I do like the CD, just not in concert. Hot Rod was very good, and Rhette Miller was entertaining for the most part..so that is my score, take it or leave it.


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Anonymous (July 7, 2002)

I couldn't agree more with how they played their live show. Nearly every new song was played. It really turned me off, even though the newest album is my favorite one. Needless to say, it's not the most upbeat. I wouldn't give it a 3, but their setlist might find a better reception at a wedding.

Anonymous (June 21, 2002)

wow. The guy who wrote the penultimate comment had a shitload of time on his hands, and way too much testosterone circulating in his system. Someone had an angry childhood. Now, back to the subject at hand. I didn't see the show, and probably never will. The new cd is okay, but I would have to agree with the fact that it's not what you would call, a "crowd pleaser" if you get my drift. Much to wavy and bland, although handsomely produced and written. On a final note, I thought the lead guitarist always sings "10 minutes", am I wrong? Ohh by the way, I live in the Philippines (although I'm not asian) that was a pretty funny comment. Wow, I don't have much of a life either.

JOE_MOMMA (June 17, 2002)

Butt lickers.

Anonymous (June 14, 2002)

get up kids are fucking losers. Who think they are the shit of the "emo" world, when they really arent that cool at all.

Anonymous (June 12, 2002)

why does joe mama always write this kind of shit on every fucking board. its just not funny anymore. no ones even offended cuz its just lame. go jack off to images of your mom.

JOE_MOMMA (June 12, 2002)

Only fags and queers and homos and butt pirates and gaywads listen to this faggot homo gay queer crap faggots

Anonymous (June 12, 2002)

i'm gonna go with the person that said they did play it. i know they played it at a few other shows. they better keep it on their setlist the entire time.

Anonymous (June 12, 2002)

yes they did play "no love" plus they added keyboards to it as well...

Anonymous (June 12, 2002)

no they did not play no love from four minute mile

Anonymous (June 11, 2002)

did they play "no love" from four minute mile?

sockk (June 11, 2002)

jesus christ, i don't even know what went wrong with that.

oh wait, i don't know html.

sockk (June 11, 2002)

whoever heard of asians involved in punk rock?

Anonymous (June 10, 2002)

This review was hard for me to read, not in a the vocabulary was too big I couldn't make sense out of it way, more of a your a fucking idiot who writes so bad it pains me to read it way


Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

"they ARE touring for it." intelligent comment, i don't believe anyone here knew that tguk was touring for their new album, thanks for the info.

seek (June 9, 2002)

hi, my name's rob and i have a drinking problem. .. oops, wrong place

ambiotical_sophisticrat (June 9, 2002)

youre a fucking moron. of course they are gonna play a lot from their new album, they ARE touring for it.

Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

So....Is it worth it to see them when they come to Detroit? I like the new album but it's not in the same league as "something to write home about"....Its great background music or sleeping music...when school starts i'll probably do my homework to it...They do have talent, though.

If you like these guys, weezer, jimmy eat world, etc...then check out The Stereo....I saw them at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago last week and have been into them for a while, it was worth the drive. I got a copy of their new album, which comes out June 26, and it won't disappoint. Peace

-Barry Manilow

Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

wow, i love how all these people who comment on this guy's review think they are all awesome by saying sarcastic shit like "oh, and bcause you say you like hot rod circuit so much, that song that you didn't know they played is calld such and such." you people think you're so much more hardcore than other people cause you know the names of songs that they dont know. and i must say, i dont have the same taste in music as the guy who did this review, but who gives a shit? stop your crying. and jesus, who the fuck wants to hear a bunch of slow songs at a show that will make you all tired. if you play slow songs, you gotta space em out, and like this reviewer said, play more songs with energy. rock on brother, and chris, you're a beast

Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

i'm really sorry, i usually try to write positive things on this site when i post but this was really a bad review. don't take it personally, i'm not saying i could do any better but...gosh, hang up your hat with the press tag in it.


Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

Here's a nice little list of some things I'd like to say:

1. They did close with "Hannah Hold On".

2. I would agree with the fact that Vagrant pushes their bands to play heavily from their new albums (my opinion).

3. I don't think that he was commenting that the new tguk suck, all he meant was that the songs aren't too exciting live when they are all piled in a row; completely agree (nice analogy with the NOFX/Rancid show).

4. While the new songs aren't as entertaining live as those off 4 Minute Mile and STWHA, they are equally (but in my opinion better) than those off their previous cds.

5. "Campfire Kansas" is indeed played with an acoustic guitar for the most part with a second electric guitar doing a few riffs.

6. Realistically, I was suprised to not see them play "Coming Clean", "Anne Arbour", and "Close to Home."

7. What tguk seemed to have in energy two years ago, they seem to be completely devoid of now. Maybe it was just that night, but i remember an insane stage show when they last played hob.


Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

i really fucking hate when people diss other people for what kinda band they like because its "not punk enough" or because they "suck." fuck you guys. i like good charlotte, i like poison the well, i like blink, i like thrice...in fact, you could name plenty bands and ill fucking tell you i like em. im sorry that i dont have the same musical tastes as you shitheads tho, that say good charlotte or blink suck and that im a fag for liking them. fuck off. we can have our own opinions. man...someone fucking calls my friends fags for listening to good charlotte and not liking rancid or afi. funny...rancid and afi are good friends with good charlotte. so for any of you close-minded fucks who call ANYONE fags or any other derogatory name for that matter...go fucking blow yourselves, and choke in the process of it.

PS-great fucking review. i personally think the GUK show sucked. i am not a big fan of the new cd, and even if i were...id much rather hear older shit than the new cd. the older stuff has so much more energy, and i LOVE the energy that bands have onstage. thats why i go to punk rock shows. and also, hot rod circuit fucking kicks so much shit live. i love the band and everything about them. and about casey's guitar...for you kids who dont know, he is playing the guitar the "proper way" that it is supposed to be played. it is much easier to play the guitar when you dont have to outstretch your arm all the way down there. its just a matter of comfort. and one last thing. bands with as many songs as the get up kids tend to play DIFFERENT FUCKING SETS FROM NIGHT TO NIGHT. sorry, but i KNOW itd be boring playing the same 15-20 songs every nite. fuck that. so dont bitch on the reviewer if he says they played "ill catch you" at the end. i personally wish they had. fucking beautiful song.

Anonymous (June 9, 2002)

release schedule!!??????

Anonymous (June 8, 2002)

This has Scott's fingerprints all over it.

Daegan (June 8, 2002)

I'm sorry, but Hot Rod Circuit is the fucking most boring, bland band ever.

I can hate something, or I can love something. In either one of those scenarios, I'm okay because it at least made an impression on me.

I've seen Hot Rod Circuit before, and nothing they did - no song, no action on stage, nothing - stood out to me at ALL. It felt like I couldn't even tell the songs apart. If I wanted to pick one band to be "canned emo", it would be them.

God, they suck.

Anonymous (June 8, 2002)

Nice review. I really do appreciate it when people trash shit labels like Drive-Thru and Vagrant. What this site is missing is reviews from actual GOOD bands, like Snapcase and Modest Mouse.

Haha. Stupid asians.

Anonymous (June 8, 2002)

I am the reviewer, let me clear a few things up!

1) I never onc said the new cd sucked, I said I liked it a lot, but it doesn't sound as good live, and is infact very boring to watch them play live. It's like NOFX when they played all their reggae songs in a row on the NOFX/Rancid tour, it just didn't have the energy, yes good songs, but not fun to watch live.

2) Concerning the Hot Rod Circuit comments, to the guy complaining about me liking them..the 2 comments you made about the guitarist, if you actually read what I wrote i made it very clear that he had tight clothes and had his guitar way too high, not that it matters at all, but I am just clearing up the sentences you must have missed.

3) I wasn't making fun of asians, I just have never seen in my life a group of asians at a punk show, infact I said it was a good thing, branch out to more people. Don't be so fucking stereotypical and run to the conclusion that I am being racist, because I am not, I am simply stating a fact that I noticed.

4) The get up kids video did suck, yes I have eyes and ears, and dumbass, ears have nothing to do with the video, you watch the video, it is the same damn song on the video as it is on the cd...and I wasn't reviewing the song I was revieing the video, I would have said the song sucked if I thought it did, but it doesn't.

5) They didn't close with Hannah Hold ON, they closed with the last song on STWHA.

That is all, and personally even if you do not agree with the facts and opinions I stated, you have to admit, it was a very detailed review and said a lot more than "the band played such and such songs and then this shit band came out," I actually went into detail. So just for the assholes who didn't like my review, I'm going to write another one soon.

P.S. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, the label doesn't matter, it is the bands on the label that matter...the music that makes the label (yes business does matter too but we are talking about a music review not a business review at this moment). Rock On!

THAT_GUY (June 7, 2002)

I'm not saying that the Get up Kids suck ass,but why on earth do so many people like them ? Their live show is nothing to write home about(HaHa,I'm soooo funny),their cd's are mediocre,and emo is way too played out.I,like you, also looked forward to seeing Hot Rod Circuit(diff. venue),and made the mistake of buying a shirt BEFORE they went on,and at least I'll admit,their live show was shit. This may be due to the fact that they went between 2 AMAZING bands,(Thrice and FSF)but they just didn't have the energy that their songs imply.Also,not trying to follow everyone else,but still doing so,Vagrant SUCKS. Half of the bands they sign,they only sign because they already have a good following,a good rep,and a couple of cds,and the rest pretty much suck.They only have a few good bands,and a couple of those don't even put anything out anymore.i.e.Face 2 Face,Alkaline Trio,GotoHells,Rocket From the Crypt,and Paul Westerburg(The Replacements FUCKIN RULED !!).Peace.


Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

I spotted a group of Mexicans at the show, I spaced out.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

Good review. too bad all these Vagrant lovers (freaks) feel the need to shit all over it. I miss the old Get up kids, but what can you do? And who cares about asian people? Nobody here is racist, NOBODY.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

that review was really bad

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

"give it up to the band!"
Which means one of two things...he thinks he is the leader and they are just the band who plays the music for him,
or he is not a very modest person...even though it is both


Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

you act like you've never seen Asian people in your life. The show at the House of Blues had Whites,Blacks,Asians, and Latinos. Why's it so shocking that you saw another group of ethnicity at a show?

Phillip (June 7, 2002)

"He wanted to miss the opening bands, and I wanted to see them, because Hot Rod Circuit was opening, and who in the world would want to miss Hot Rod Circuit? That's right, No One!"

What kind of shithead with bad musical taste are you? Hot Rod Circuit is boring shit rock, and their live show sucks a fatass dick. Someone needs to tell their guitarist to not wear tight ass shirts and to hold his guitar lower. Sorry, I've gone off on a tangent. What I meant to say was, if you think that people are or should be clamoring to see another boring as fuck Vagrant records band, then your opinion isn't worth reading.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

I dont know how much it has to do with Vagrant in regards to them playing new stuff. Have you seen Face To Face lately? They play about 3 new ones, and they're on Vagrant. I think it has more to do with the get up kids finally have new songs to play so they want to play those instead of the ones they've been playing for years. Not that I dont agree with you in regards to them playing too many new ones, im just saying dont blame it on Vagrant.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

Altough i dont agree with everything you said, it's still a good review. Get UP Kids kick ass. The new cd is different form their other stuff but it's still very good. Never saw them live. I hope they come to Ottawa. Hope Reggie puts out a cd soon!


Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

hey annonymous guy that shit all over the guy who wrote this a few posts down (the long one) maybe u think the new GUK kicks ass, and the live show rocks, but its the reveiwers opinion. write your opinion but don't shit on his. maybe he does only like the poppy GUK songs. so what? i do too. i think 10 min. and action and action kick the shit out of anything that new drink coaster they call 'on a wire' contains. and i think blink is way cooler than the 'lets wear tight clothes, sing nasaly, wear horned rimmed glasses and write little crybaby songs' GUK. thats my opinion.maybe your opinion is blink suck,they just sell out so teenyboppers can rock out to our shit, and write dick and fart lyrics and suck live. good for u. i'm sick of people shitting on others opinions instead of just stating their own.asshole. fuck you. by the way good review.

martin (June 7, 2002)

NICE! Can u do more reviews.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

My personal favorite is your shock at the site of a group of Asians at a show. Way to go genius.

Rhett was awesome by the way.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

Rhett Miller and the Old 97's kick the shit out of both Get Up Kids and Hot Rod Circuit without even working up a sweat. Does it make me "un-punk" to say that? I think not.

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

first of all i agree with the first comment... you do suck at writing reviews... the older song(s) you didn't know the name of that HRC played was "flight 89 (north american)" and "radio song." yes the pharmacist is an awesome song but it will go on to prove a point later on... no comment on rhett miller, except that he used the word "love" in his first three songs. The video was animated by the Fudge Factory, mainly Travis Millard, and it matched the mood of the song well, it may not have followed the story line but you have to admit the slow mellow mood of the song was reflected in the video. Okay counting the video they played EVERY song of the new album except for "all that i know" which is a crappy song anyway, not just the 8 that you mentioned. Campfire Kansas IS acoustic on the cd, listen harder... how many times did you listen to On a Wire before you went to this show anyway? you said it was just background music... well you should actually listen to the new CD maybe it will grow on you instead of you bitching about how they don't sound the same like they did on Something to Write Home About... so back to HRC, it seems to me that you only like the "poppy-punk" side of these bands, and it's surprising that you don't like blink 182... or is it just mark hoppus you don't like? oh wait... it's cool not to like blink right? and it's cool not to like the new get up kids because it sounds different and mellow right? vagrant doesn't tell the band what to play you ass... rich and company are some of the coolest people in the industry and it's completely the bands decision on what they want to play. They SHOULD HAVE ended with the last song off of STWHA, "i'll catch you" but nooooooooooo they had to play the last song off of On a Wire instead, "hannah hold on" they didn't play "i'll catch you in any of their six shows in southern california. so you said 70% of the show the crowd was sleeping huh? well everyone around me was awake, i was rocking out, maybe you were sleeping and that's why you wrote such a crappy review. stay awake next time okay?

p.s. they're not necessarily progressing in the "wrong" direction... for example listen to "walking on a wire" that is an amazing song both live and on CD. The Kids' new live show showcases a different side of them, they used to rock out with the audience but now they rock out and show off how well they can play and execute their songs, so be prepared for half rocking out and half just sit there and be amazed by the songs...

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

You suck at writing reviews.

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