Website: http://myspace.com/icedmaple
AIM: AIM icedmaple
Yahoo!: YIM alfirin_kirinki
MSN ID: MSN icedmaple@hotmail.co.uk
Location: London
Occupation: Desk Monkey/Psychic Artist
Interest: music, holy roman empire, rise against, cobra starship, iko, fall out boy,

About Icedmaple:

24; Geek. Total tomboy. No tact, no grace, no pretention. Says mean stuff without meaning it; never says nice stuff without really meaning it. Chubbychaser. Will hug anything that stands still long enough. Intensely passionate about everything - be it love or hate; the only thing I'm indifferent about is Marmite. Hates mySpace and goes Exorcist within 12 feet of tuna due to a violent allergy. Sees (and draws) dead people for LPS. Obsessive compulsive with music and has been known to have the same song on repeat for up to three days (and nights) without noticing. Was a punk while you were still doing your SATS. Somewhat obsessed with the paranormal and WWII. Owns full US Marine uniform. Has been scared of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends since Gordon crashed in the early eighties; still can't look at the website aimed at children. Has the ability to break anything electrical JUST BY LOOKING AT IT. Oh yes. An expensive superpower indeed.

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Holy Roman Empire - The Longue Durée (Hewhocorrupts, Inc.)

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