Weathervein: "Enough"

Weathervein: “Enough”

Dayton, OH's Weathervein (formerly Absent Youth) have released a video for their song, "Enough." You can check it out below.

"Enough" is taken from their upcoming EP, which will be released in winter 2015. The song is also available for pay-what-you-want pricing on their bandcamp.

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Nuclear Blast
Napalm Death

Barney Greenway to miss upcoming Napalm Death dates

Barney Greenway, vocalist for UK grindcore legends Napalm Death, will be forced to miss upcoming shows in Italy (Nov 17) and Switzerland (Nov 19) due to "unforeseen personal obligations." Chris Reese of Corrupt Moral Altar will take over the mic in Greenway's absence. Says bassist Shane Embury, "We have been rehearsing a set in soundcheck today for tomorrow's show and it is sounding brutal and intense and we hope you guys in will show him and us your support. Thanks in advance for understanding and see everyone tomorrow."

The band is currently on tour in Europe with Carcass, Voivod and Obituary. Their most recent album, Apex Predator - Easy Meat , was released earlier this year.

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Ween reunites

Ween has announced reunion concerts. The reunion shows will take place on February 12 and 13 at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. We'll let you know if more details emerge.

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End Sounds Music
Riverboat Gamblers

Riverboat Gamblers: “I Wanna Destroy You” (The Soft Boys)

Austin, TX's Riverboat Gamblers have a new single ("Time to Let Her Go") (released Friday, November 13, 2015 on End Sounds) where the b-side is a cover of The Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You." You can check it out here.

The songs are available digitally as well as colored vinyl and cassette (both physical formats come with digitial downloads and booklets), and was produced by Stuart Sikes (Rocket From The Crypt, The White Stripes, Cat Power, Modest Mouse, Jets To Brazil). You can order the single here.

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Syndrome 81 Announce New 7-inch; Raising Funds for French Red Cross

Syndrome 81 Announce New 7-inch; Raising Funds for French Red Cross

Foreign Legion Records has announced a pre-order for Desert Urbain, the new 7" from Brest, France's Oi punks Syndrome 81. The label is using the record as a fundraiser in light of recent events, stating:

"We are not a political label. This is not a political statement. The preorder for the Syndrome 81 release was coming soon, and we decided to put it up a couple of days early. However, I feel like an opportunist promoting a French release considering the terrible events that occurred this weekend in Paris. I will be donating $1 for every copy sold to the French Red Cross to aid humanitarian efforts for those hurt in the attacks. French pressing will be available soon from Destructure Records."

Syndrome 81 released a demo tape in 2013 (later released on 7") and has played alongside bands such as RAS, Rixe, Angelic Upstarts and Urban Savage. You can order the release here.

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Everymen (FL)

Everymen (Europe)

Europe, prepare your battle cry! Fresh from their multiple appearances at this year's Fest in Gainesville (We were sponsors!), Lake Worth, Florida's Everymen are heading over to Europe in December for a 21-date tour. You can check out the dates below.

The band continues to tour in support of last year's Generations.

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Sonic Reducer: East Coast, F-ck You!

Sonic Reducer: East Coast, F-ck You!

Today, we continue our Sonic Reducer series! In the series, Punknews writers compress a band, genre, theme, or time period into a playlist that would fit on a single CD. Along with the playlist, you'll get either an overview of the topic, such as a band introduction, or a story about how the music in the playlist moved or changed the writer.

Today, Punknews news editor Samantha Barrett reps the East Coast! She spins tracks by a host of East Coasters, including The Loved Ones, Paint It Black, and, of course, The Bouncing Souls! Check it out!

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Downtown Boys

Members of Downtown Boys launch “Spark”

Members of Downtown Boys have launched a new online publication. It's called "Spark." The publication is described as " a project of Demand Progress, a national grassroots group with more than two million affiliated activists who fight for basic rights and freedoms needed for a modern democracy. We created Spark Mag to highlight and financially support artists and musicians who are promoting progressive and radical ideals through their work." Check it out here. The band released Full Communism this year.

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Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew to release 'Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia'

Mischief Brew has announced a new release. It will be called Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia. The release is an archival release featuring some of the band's earliest recordings including the Mischief Brew side of the Bellingham & Philadelphia release as well as the Bakenal EP. It will be out soon via Square of Opposition Records.

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