Streams: Listen to the new album from Rationale!

Today we are thrilled to bring you a premiere for the new album from Rationale.! The power trio is made up of Dan Lambton formerly of Real Friends and Joe Taylor and Ryan Runcaks of Knuckle Puck. The album is called If The Problems Persist. Lead vocalist Dan Lambton said of the album,

"If the Problems Persist" is special to us because even as the title suggests, that if our problems seem to persist, we are persisting as well. I know a lot of us have dealt with isolation and a lot of uncertainty over the last year and a half, that things may not return to normal as soon as we'd like, if they ever do. But we continue to roll with the punches and whatever else life may throw at us in hopes that we can adapt and find new ways to keep going individually and as a community, that our problems and issues don't define us, and through art and open communication we can help each other, offering our insights and perspectives in hopes that others can relate and we can pull through this together."

If The Problems Persist will be out digitally September 24 and will be available on vinyl in 2022 via Smartpunk Records. Check out the album in full below!