Murder Weapon has officially announced their intention to disband. They will be playing one final show in Richmond on Dec. 26th. Below is the official statement about the break up from Scott.

"It's true. Murder Weapon has decided to call it quits. We've had a great time doing the band, but like they say, all good things must come to an end. There's no 'bad blood' (pardon the pun) between any of the band members. We all are still friends. All of us have a lot of responsibilities (work, school, etc.) outside of Murder Weapon, which essentially led to the break up. We regret not touring as much and not getting a chance to record our new material, but that's how it goes. Our last show is in Richmond on Dec 26th. Come out if you can. It's been real. Thanks to all our friends, Steve at Martyr, all the bands that helped us out along the way."

The band's only full length release was 2003's Nervous Wreck on Martyr Records.