Brian: Whoa, Brian recommending a punk band?! Mindblowing, I know. High Tension Wires play fast and short in a classically-influenced style, stuck somewhere between the Ramones and the Soviettes, but that's if you like to make lazy, overly general comparisons just to get someone to listen to an MP3. Regardless, this track is taken from the band's recently released Dirtnap disc, Send A Message.

High Tension Wires - Smile And Lie Adam: To give credit where credit is due, the inimitable Pitchfork Media brought this little gem to my attention a few days ago. Of course I had little to no idea what they were saying, but my degree's only a bachelor's so I'm probably at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to grasping their verbiage. But I digress…

The first single from Portland's the Nice Boys can be streamed online now from the band's MySpace page. The band features Terry Six, surviving member of the Exploding Hearts, and members of the Riffs. Terry plays both guitar and drums on their new 7" as well as providing the vocals (current drummer Alan hadn't joined the band until after recording). "You Won't See Me Anymore" b/w "Lipstick Love" is availible now from Discourage Records. A full length and Californian tour is expected later this year. Here's the A side:

The Nice Boys - You Won't See Me Anymore