Most of you remember Vendetta Red as yet another of the all-hype, little-substance bands to get signed in the post-At The Drive-In world of major-label land. The band's Epic debut, Between The Never And The Now, was an epic flop, and cost the label more money than any of us will probably ever see in our lives (barring someone buying my complete Boris The Sprinkler 7-inch collection from me). The band should've fallen into obscurity; instead, they came back and wrote a concept album about a nuclear holocaust and the woman who rises to power from it. What the fuck; I know. But goddamn if these songs aren't some of the best rock songs I've heard in quite some time. Here's three tracks off Vendetta Red's new album, Sisters Of The Red Death, hosted courtesy of VR fan site
Vendetta Red - The Body And The Blood Vendetta Red - Shiver Vendetta Red - Silhouette Serenade Sisters Of The Red Death currently has no set release date, although it is tentatively slated to come out via Epic sometime this August. It would be worth your while to pick up a copy, whenever you're actually able to.