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Deathwish has announced the track listing for Black Thunder, the upcoming full length debut from Doomriders. The record is due out August 9th from the band which includes members of Converge and There Were Wires.

The label has also launched an online label sampler featuring tracks from many of their recent releases including Embrace Today's We Are the Enemy and Modern Life is War's Witness.

The sampler will also be available on Deathwish tours, but you can check it out online here: Death Comes Ripping.

Doomriders: Black Thunder
  1. Black Thunder
  2. The Long Walk
  3. Ride Or Die
  4. Deathbox
  5. Listen Up!!
  6. Midnight Eye
  7. Fuck This Shit
  8. Worthless
  9. The Chase
  10. Voice Of Fire
  11. Drag Them Down
  12. The Whipcrack
  13. Sirens