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Billboard is reporting that the Hives are at work on material for their next studio album. The follow up to Tyrannosaurus Hives is expected in the fall of 2006 on Interscope. With the completion of Japanese and Australian tours in support of the 2004 effort, the band is considering their future approach:

…because the last three albums have been done the same way, with the same guy just recording us. We want to get the songs in order first but then we'll do it some way different. We don't really know how yet, but we have some ideas about different producers or recording it in a different place.

The band is set to release a live DVD titled Tussles In Brussles on November 22nd. While speaking to Billboard Pelle Almvqist described the faux, Little Steven Van Zandt narrated Hives documentary that appears as a special feature:

Apparently Bruce Springsteen saw us on TV and kind of introduced Steven to us, which is weird enough as it is… When they got to Sweden on an E Street Band tour, they looked us up and had us come down to the show. We've been friends since.

…We bought like 10 or 12 DVDs before we made this to see what other bands had done, and most band documentaries keep to the formula. Oh, we're at a radio station doing an interview! Let's film that! We're meeting a crazy fan. Let's film that! We're shooting out the window of the van while traveling. Let's film that! We just said that anything as far removed from that as possible would be good, so we made a movie."