by Epitaph

Epitaph Records have retired the venerable Punk-O-Rama series of compilations. Taking their place will be the new Unsound series of compilations. The tagline for the new series explains the shift:

[…]Unsound has now stepped to the fore in reflection of the evolution of Epitaph as a label! Featuring many of our new artists, as well as out rock solid veteran bands, Unsound is the new compilation that truly portrays the diverse personality that has become Epitaph Records!

The first in the series will be released on June 6th and features tracks from The Matches, Youth Group, Vanna, Converge, Bad Religion, and remixes of Sage Francis and From First to Last.

  1. The Latest Plague - From First To Last
  2. Situations - Escape The Fate
  3. Little Maggots - The Matches
  4. Forever Young - Youth Group
  5. Attractive Today - Motion City Soundtrack
  6. Surrender - Matchbook Romance
  7. I Am The Wind, You Are The Feather - Vanna
  8. Last Light - Converge
  9. Hot Piss - Some Girls
  10. Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Die - I Am Ghost
  11. Benzi Box (feat. Cee-Lo) - DANGERDOOM
  12. Los Angeles Is Burning - Bad Religion
  13. The Gold Song - Bouncing Souls
  14. Knocked Down - Pennywise
  15. New Eyes Open - The Draft
  16. The Buzz Kill (Reanimator Remix) - Sage Francis
  17. The Latest Plague (Atticus Remix) - From First To Last