by Sony Music

According to Billboard, the legendary Iggy Pop has begun working on new music along with his old band, The Stooges. The as-yet untilted album will be the band's first studio album together since 1973's Raw Power.

The album is due out via Virgin and production is being handled by Steve Albini (The Ex, Zao, Nirvana). Iggy had this to say about the sound:

We experimented a lot. We're stubborn people. We could have just started out and in 10 minutes we would have sounded like us, but that would have been too easy. We'd have these get-togethers every two or three months for four or five days and bang out stuff. As time went on it started to sound more and more like us.

As to the reunion itself, Iggy explained that the impetous came from his last studio album, Skull Ring and he explained:

I had resisted doing a Stooges reunion, but when I was putting 'Skull Ring' together, [the Ashetons] were getting really active on the road playing Stooges songs. Suddenly they were in sight and in mind. I thought, 'If I'm going to try a couple tracks with Green Day, why not get the original band?

The album is expected in 2007.