by Jade Tree

Recent Jade Tree signing Fucked Up have set an October 10th release date for their upcoming full length, Hidden World. The record is the Toronto-based band's first record for the label and follows a series of vinyl and casettes released since the band formed in 2001.

The album features tracks with an average length of five minutes, and instrumention includes violins, acoustic guitars, samples, piano and other instrumentation. Lyrically, Fucked Up continue to combine confrontational ideologies with deliberately skewed subject matter. The label draws comparisons to Negative Approach, Chokehold, Agnostic Front, Tragedy, Kill Your Idols, Arcade Fire and Pink Floyd.

  1. Crusades
  2. David Comes To Life
  3. Invisible Leader
  4. Carried Out To The Sea
  5. Baiting The Public
  6. Fate of Fates
  7. Two Snakes
  8. Hidden World
  9. Manqueller Man
  10. Blaze Of Glory
  11. Triumph of Life
  12. Jacobs Ladder
  13. Vivian Girls