After a number of false starts, including a delayed album which was produced by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, the Bad Brains are reportedly back together and back on track.

Inspired by their triumphant return to CBGB's, the band has regrouped with its original lineup - H.R., guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Darryl Jenifer and drummer Earl Hudson - and are working on releasing the record as well as its follow up.

Guitarist Dr.Know spoke to Billboard about the show, saying:

It was tremendous, We hadn't played in that place in a long, long time. Did you see the DVD [the recently released 'Live at CBGB's 1982']? That shit was like that [laughs]! There was so much friends and family -- it was a bit much, actually. It was really an honor and a privilege to have so many good friends and see them all. We were back together for a week; we hadn't been together for a long time.

As for the record, he describes the sound:

There's a lot of dubs and there's some old school-meets-new school Brains, Not moderate tempo, but fast tempo. Yauch said, 'Man, I want y'all to do some old school-type shit,' so we did it like that. I want to start working on the next one, because we did that one two years ago already,

Dr.Know is also working on a solo record, with planned help from Flea (RHCP), Mos Def, Living Colour and his bandmates.