Contributed by aubin, Posted by Go Kart

The latest issue of the LA Weekly features a cover story showcasing the photography of Jennifer Finch of the Shocker and L7. The article, titled "14 and Shooting," features previously unpublished photos of a number of bands including Black Flag, Social Distortion, the Circle Jerks, Minutemen, Bad Religion and others. Some of the images and the full text of the article can be found on LA Weekly's website. Finch comments:

Being a 14-year-old girl made me kind of invisible, I don't think anyone was even paying attention when I had my camera. A lot of the subjects were friends, some weren't. I was always taking photography classes and so a lot of those early pictures are actually just lighting tests. It was just something I enjoyed, and it allowed me access. I would tell bands that I would take their pictures if they put me on the guest list so I could get in free. It was a way to meet people and be part of the scene.

A reception is being held tonight at the Aidan Ryley Taylor Gallery titled "14 and Shooting, Jennifer Finch's never-before-seen images of early punk Los Angeles." The Shocker will appear at the event along with guests Black Fag and the Gabba Gabba Heys.