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Good Clean Fun has announced the release of a rarities compilation titled Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda. According to the band, it contains "comp tracks, out-of-print 7"s, and even a couple songs that never got released"; including two Atom and His Package covers.

The album will be released December 26 and available online only, and can be ordered here.

The band released Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place earlier this year on Equal Vision.


1. Xmas Time For The Skins
2. Punk Rock Academy
3. Hats Off To Halford
4. Let's Go Crazy
5. Bully
6. Fight To Unite
7. No More
8. Victory Records Sucks (old version)
9. Wonderful
10. Hang Up And Drive
11. Fuck Your Platitudes
12. No Sacrifice Too Great
13. Next Year In Jerusalem
14. Time Of My Life
15. The Ice Cream Man Cometh
16. Positive Day
17. Today The Scene