Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warner Music Group

Oasis' star Noel Gallagher has accused punk trio Green Day of "ripping off" his song "Wonderwall" for their hit "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams." It seems that Gallagher is unaware that the entirety of American Idiot was composed by an Oregon grocery store clerk in 1992. (Since "Wonderwall" was released in 1995, that means Oasis also ripped off the grocery store clerk as did Dillinger Four.)

In all seriousness however, Gallagher adds:

If you listen, you'll find it is exactly the same arrangement as Wonderwall. They should have the decency to wait until I am dead (before stealing my songs). I, at least, pay the people I steal from that courtesy.

They consider themselves to be - and I quote - 'a kick-ass rock 'n' roll band'. They could not be less kick-ass if they tried.

Though Green Day's album has won every single music award at least twice, the album has managed to offend more than a few, including Killers frontman Brandon Flowers as well as this guy.