by Iron Pier

Iron Pier has provided another update regarding its ongoings.

The Long Island, NY-based label has resigned Thieves and Assassins and will release their first full-length, the 9-song Martyr Brigade, in the summer, following up their self-titled 7" released last year. The album is currently in the mixing stages, being done by Latterman's Phil Douglas, and will feature artwork by Capital's Tommy Corrigan.

Speaking of Capital, that band will see its full-length, last year's Signal Corps, released on vinyl by the label in the summer. As of this past weekend, the band had also started recording their full-length debut for Revelation at a Long Island kindergarten where Signal Corps was done. Their split with Crime in Stereo is also complete and looking to be released by State of Mind Recordings some time this year.

Agent will head out on their first full U.S. tour this summer in support of last year's I Wouldn't Trade That for Anything EP. Thieves and Assassins may be accompanying the band for a portion or the entirety of the 4-6-week tour. Specific details and routing will be announced soon.

Additionally, the label will release Dirty Looks' self-titled 7" on April 10th and has a song available for download here: "Thiefs." The San Francisco-based act will play 924 Gilman this Friday as well.

Dearly Departed's first full-length in three years will be released this summer as well.