by Dirtnap

The future's uncertain for Milwaukee's Modern Machines. Frontman Nato Coles is now living in Brooklyn and playing with two new bands. This playing guitar and singing in the Radio Faces with Bent Out Of Shape's Jimbo on guitar, the Ergs' Mikey on bass and Justin Sullivan of Ringers drumming. Nato's also playing guitar as part of the Headless Hookers.

As for the Modern Machines, their drummer quit in late 2006 and they never moved to seek a replacement. Bassist Danny himself is heading to Brooklyn this fall, but there's no word if he and Nato will continue the band there or not. The Machines have declared that "regardless of the state of the union" they will definately play this year's Fest VI in Gainesville, FL this October.

Nato meanwhile has a number of songs online via MySpace, including some rare demos, a classic from the Machines and something from the Radio Faces.

The Modern Machines most recently released 'Take It, Somebody!' in 2006 via Dirtnap.