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(edited): Weezer is still hard at work on their fourth album and now has around 30 mp3's of new material in the audio section of their website… The fan correspondence with Rivers is at an all time high. These correspondence can be viewed here. Through these often quite personal emails, Rivers has revealed that he often feels uncertain about his musical talent, and he has referred to the Green album as "lame." In fact, in a fan chat the other day, Rivers said this new hands on approach with the fans stems from the fact that he is not pleased at all with the last work, and he is attempting to regain the "old" Weezer sound. He thinks that the dedicated fan base's opinion is better than "some 50 year old producer." New recordings of the new songs are posted almost daily, and the sound on them is near album quality… Weezer is encouraging fans to email them to help determine the track list for the upcoming fourth effort. The tentative release date is sometime this April.