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Long Island ska–punk act High School Football Heroes are back together. In a post to the band's MySpace page saxophonist/keyboardist Jason Rutcofsky commented:

When I said indefinite hiatus over a year ago I didn't think we'd get back together, I expected a last show and us to go our separate ways. Again I was proven wrong as the High School Football Heroes are getting back together. I would have waited a little before writing this but Dave insisted I post immediately, so yeah. Give it some time, we're gonna practice for a while, get the kinks out, but yeah, dust off your dancing shoes cause we're back. We will be immediately working on new material and tour won't be immediate, but will happen again and everywhere. More news in the coming weeks, spread the word though, we're back.

I'd also like to thank everyone that wrote things after the band went on hiatus, the response was absolutely overwhelming and I couldn't even begin to answer people back, you guys and gals are the reason we're back. Expect news as it happens.

The band's discography included their sole full–length, 2004's Close Only Counts in Horseshoes & Handgrenades, and a more recent EP titled We've Fooled Around Long Enough. Both were released via Abestos Records.