Frenzal Rhomb's Lindsay McDougall was asked to appear in a video which he was told, would represent the lives of working and touring musicians. However, later he discovered the video was part of a propaganda piece developed by the music industry to show to school children to discourage file sharing.

McDougall was outraged by the misrepresentation, saying:

I was lumped in with this witch hunt [and] completely taken out of context and defamed. I have never come out against internet piracy and illegal downloading and I wouldn't do that – I would never put my name to something that is against downloading and is against piracy and stuff, it's something that I believe is a personal thing from artist to artist.

I would never be part of this big record industry funded campaign to crush illegal downloads, I'm not like [Metallica drummer] Lars Ulrich. I think it's bullshit, I think it's record companies crying poor and I don't agree with it. I don't think i'm going to sue anyone but I would say that already this morning people's opinion of me has been lowered," McDougall said.

I'm from a punk rock band, it's all about getting your music out any way you can – you don't make money from the record, the record companies make the money from the record. If they can't make money these days because they haven't come onside with the way the world is going, it's their own problem.

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