Rocket From The Crypt
Contributed by IllaZilla, Posted by Swami

Rocket From The Crypt have detailed their third All Systems Go release. The series compiles the band's rarities and will be released August 28, 2008 through Swami and Vagrant. It is comprised of 20 "Lost Masters" recorded on 8-track in the band's practice space between 1997-2000, most of them previously unreleased and available for the first time ever. It includes contributions from original RFTC drummer Atom Willard as well as Chris Prescott and Ton DiPrima, both of whom filled in after Atom left the group. According to Reis:

According to frontman John Reis aka Speedo:

It's violent, aggressive and thuggish stuff and to me sounds much better now in retrospect than when we originally were recording these demos. I am really psyched about it. Thematically, musically, etc it's all very period to an undocumented part of the bands history. I hope you take it for what it is and enjoy it on that level. I really believe if the band was still around, we would make a record at least sonically sonically similar to ASG 3.

A fourth and final installment in the ASG series is also in the works and will be a CD/DVD release.

  1. Falling Down Stairs
  2. Total Bummer
  3. Chariots on Fire
  4. Little Shaver
  5. Canyon Killer
  6. Don't Wanna Be Touched
  7. Orange County
  8. Pictures of Lenny
  9. Man Down
  10. Summer Survivor
  11. Luck Is the New
  12. Tiger Mask (Instrumental)
  13. When in Rome (Do The Jerk)
  14. Dick on a Dog
  15. Dynamite!
  16. Due Warning
  17. The Whip
  18. Come on Everybody
  19. No Way at All
  20. This Way Out