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Our latest Dispatch comes courtesy of O Pioneers!!! who are currently touring across the United States in support of their brand spankin' new album, Neon Creeps.

Today is Saturday the 21st of February. It's our first day of tour. We are driving from Houston, TX to Atkins, AR. It's an 8 hour trip. That's a long fucking car ride. People always ask me, why do you guys do such long drives? Well, basically Texas is really fucking big. So we do really long drives so we can spend more times in places that are not Texas. I'm playing with 2 new guys on this tour. Garret Carr is playing drums, he is from Ft. Collins, Co. He is in a sweet band called 10-4 Eleanor. They rule, except for Tim.

Anthony Adani used to be in a sweet band called Matadors of Shame. They were from Lansing, Michigan. He loves Faygo.

So we left in typical pioneers fashion, about 30 mins late. We ate taco bell for lunch. It was pretty filling. About 2 hours later I switched from driving duties. Anthony drove for about 12 mins before getting a speeding ticket. Michigan's finest.

Also over this drive the tempature dropped like 30 degrees. Fucking sweet. I bought an awesome jacket just for weather like this. Please tell me how good I look if you come see us.

The show was pretty sweet. It was us, True Gritt, Harbour, and Dirty Mugs. There was about 30 to 50 people there. The venue, The Goodbey, was a pretty awesome warehouse type place. We played sloppy but good. It was a good 1st show on tour.

Now we are going to Josh from Harbour's house. I have a really bad headache, so I'm gonna go. Next stop Lexington, Kentucky. 9 hours, high five. Be safe.