Contributed by Tye, Posted by Epitaph

English singer-songwriter Frank Turner has completed recording of his third full-length in Brooklyn, NY and spoke about it a little bit on his blog:

"We just finished recording the album. The last song was "Dan's Song", a guitar and vocals number, which we hammered out pretty fast (first takes all the way!), and which features my first ever harmonica solo. I'm feeling relieved as hell to have everything down at last. Next week is mixing, we still have a way to go before the record is done, but essentially, if I got hit by a bus tomorrow, the album would still come out."

Poetry of the Deed will be released in September by Xtra Mile Recordings in the UK, and Epitaph in the rest of the world.

Turner also wrote about the reissue of A Song To Ruin, the debut full-length from his old band, Million Dead:

"the good folks at Xtra Mile Recordings are, as some people already know, re-releasing the first Million Dead album, "A Song To Ruin", as a deluxe edition with some bonus tracks and a DVD. The reason we all decided to do this is that you can't currently get hold of it for love or money, and despite all the water under the bridge, we're all still damn proud of what we achieved with that band and that album in particular."

Turner last released Love, Ire and Song in 2008.