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In an interview with Michigan Local News, Pennywise bassist Randy Bradbury talked a little about their plans for the follow up to their MySpace Records-released Reason to Believe in 2008.

The band members are writing, but they are still not ready to talk about studio time:

We haven't really discussed getting together and making an album again yet, It really takes a lot out of us. We love to play. We love to play live. We love to write songs and come up with new material too. Being in the studio, you have to get ready to do battle. We're all very opinionated. We're all passionate about what we do. So when we get in the studio, you have to present your point of view and you have to be ready to fight for it. It gets pretty heated.

But the formula's working. I think there's less mediocrity in our eyes. … It kind of minimizes the things we'll shake our heads at afterward. We've had a couple albums where you think you're doing the best but you really never know what you've got until it's all done. Then you look back on it and, 'OK cool. We've knocked it out of the park.' Or, 'We should have done this different.'