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Social Distortion spoke to Billboard about the sound and tone of their next album:

We may not put a record out every year like a lot of bands but we work really hard on our show. We practice hard and we just focus on the songs we're playing. What we don't do is just go out there and bash out the old hits and call it a night. We'll be working on songs that are 20 years old. And if it hasn't been sounding right, like at the shows, Mike will want to work on that and find out what the problem is. Just try to get that magic back to play that song the way it needs to be played.

Some of the songs were more old school punk rock based, but lyrically the thing that people seemed to really grasp was the somewhat optimistic nature of the songs and the lyric. Not quite so angry as most of the past stuff. There are always things you can get angry about, but it would be a different sort of an anger, a more mature level of anger. We're not 22-year-old kids. We have to write from where we're at. We can't pretend we're teenage punk rockers running the streets still, because we're not. That would be ridiculous.

Check out the interview here.