Angel City Outcasts
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sailor's Grave

Angel City Outcasts have resigned to Sailor's Grave Records for the release of their upcoming third studio album. The self-titled record is due out May 11, 2010. The band is described as "Rock n Roll's bastard child, as the band was fathered by an eclectic bunch of musical forefathers including southern and hard rock, punk, classic country, doo-wop, blues, and even soul and R&B. "

Two songs from the record are available here: "Don't Break Me Down" and "Sidewinder."

  1. Five Guns West
  2. Going Crazy
  3. Sidewinder
  4. Get It Right
  5. Don’t Break Me Down
  6. Doghouse Blues
  7. Hold On
  8. Wild Hearts
  9. Lift Me Up
  10. Sinnamon
  11. Left For My Own
  12. On My Way / Exodus