After yesterday's HP story, Bryan from the band wrote us a letter to clear up the Chris situation:
"Hello - Just thought I would clear this up straight from the band. Chris Bauermeister is no longer a member of Horace Pinker. He decided to leave the band/not play music anymore about a year a half ago and he just moved to Germany for 6 months.

Chris joined HP in the summer of 1999. He recorded the Copper Regret EP and toured the US/Canada with HP in the summer of 2000. In the Spring of 2001 the band was getting ready to tour Europe and that is when Chris decided to no longer tour, but still record and play local shows. Greg Mytech joined the band to play bass for the European tour. After getting back from Europe we played a show at the Fireside in September with Greg on bass instead of Chris. In the fall of 2001 we started working on new songs for the next record. Since it had been almost a year since we played with Chris (and Greg had become a real member of the band) it just seemed natural for Chris to step out completely.

So that is the story. It was a great playing with Chris for 2 years and I think we recorded a good record together. He is still a good friend (just had a BBQ for him last weekend) and we'll miss hanging out with him.
thanks -
horace pinker"

So that's that. Chris, wanna start up a band? I *promise* I won't bill it as "ex-Jawbreaker."