Council Trail (The Lawrence Arms) scrap recordings, start over
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Neil Hennessy (The Lawrence Arms, Smoking Popes, The Falcon) has posted an update regarding his latest project, Council Trail and why there's still no music to be heard from the group:

"I wanted to let you in on why there is still no music on this page. The reason? The recordings I did with me on all of the instruments doesn't have the immediacy I want. I'm in need of getting together with other musicians to throw these songs, and all of the new stuff I've been writing, around a bunch and figure out how to get them feeling like they should. I don't want to put out music that doesn't feel right. I had been busy with some projects throughout the spring, but I'm hoping to get Council Trail going this summer to be ready to play shows by the fall."

We first told you about Council Trail back in January.