While I was at Warped yesterday, I tracked down some random band members from random bands, and asked them random questions. Here is the first interview I did, with Brian of Something Corporate. Click READ MORE for the short [but sweet] interview. For more info on Something Corporate, go to SomethingCorporate.com. If you want to read a review of their latest CD, click here.

Scott: State your name, what band you’re in, and what you play.
Brian: Brian Ireland, I play drums in Something Corporate.
S: How’s the tour going for you so far?
B: It’s going really well, actually. We were kinda anticipating… We really didn’t know what to expect actually, so it’s been going really well and we’re really happy about it. It’s been successful.
S: What’s your favorite band on tour to watch?
B: Ooh… I really like watching Morgan Heritage, they’re great. And Thursday, they’re a great band, they’re awesome. You know, everybody has their days where you’re just like "Oh man, what a band." Reel Big Fish, I love watching them. All of ‘em, like Bosstones… They’re so many good acts here, ya know?
S: Alright, what’s one song you wish that you’d never ever wrote?
B: "If You See Jordan." [laughs]
S: Really?
B: [laughs more]
S: Awesome, wicked!
[at this point Brian was mobbed by autograph-seekers, so I turned off the tape recorder]