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A secret Death From Above 1979 reunion show was the scene of a riot after fans were unable to get into a show. The Canadian duo had scheduled a official reunion for Coachella, but planned the surprise show at the Beauty Bar Backyard venue. After the limited capacity of the venue was reached, fans stormed into the venue, knocking down a fence and clashing with police. Here is the report from Spinner:

As the Toronto-based duo were halfway through single 'Black History Month,' the fence finally gave way and a sea of riled up humanity were suddenly free to rush in. As bassist Jesse F Keeler (also half of MSTRKFT) and Grainger smashed furiously on, the inevitable clashes soon arose. Nearly 30 seconds later, Keeler stopped playing and looked onto the fracas, alerting Grainger before looking onto tour manager -- former Goldfinger drummer Darren Pfeiffer -- for guidance.

As security and fans inside helped right the disjointed fence and desperately tie it back together, Grainger and Pfeiffer took to the mic to try to regain control of the chaos, warning the rioters that if they didn't calm down the duo would not be able to continue playing. It was around this point that the mounted police arrived and, in a show of force, rode straight through the crowd using mace and tasers to divide them and, in the case of one blonde female officer, hand-beating a particularly aggressive rioter (for more reports, see comments section).

The band originally split up in 2006 after the release of their acclaimed (and only) full length, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine.