Ben Weasel
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Recess

After a public and Nixon-esque blog entry following the announcement of a new Screeching Weasel show later this month, frontman Ben Weasel has quietly unveiled plans for a new EP to coincide with the performance. The 7-song EP titled Carnival Of Schadenfreude takes its name from that blog entry and is due out October 29, 2011.

Also, despite the criticisms that have dogged Weasel since the SXSW incident, the band's comeback show on October 29th has been sold out for some time.

You can sample some of the tracks here.

  1. Carnival Of Schadenfreude
  2. Fox News
  3. Queen Kong
  4. Muscle Mary
  5. The Parasite Murders
  6. No Reason To Lie
  7. Under The Bus