Some Party - Episode 2
by Podcast

On this, the second episode of Some Party: the Ontario, host Adam White continues to explore independent music from the Org's home province of Ontario, Canada. Once again we present an eclectic mix of local punk rock, alt-country, folk and some more difficult to categorize offshoots.

On this episode we feature music from Crusades, Wayfarer, Elliott Brood, Bry Webb, Baby Eagle and The Proud Mothers, TV Freaks, Julianna Riolino, The Penske File, The Creeps, Sparrows, Cousin, The Dirty Nil, and Shit From Hell. You can find the full track listing below.

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Some Party: The Ontario Podcast - Episode 2

Track Listing

  1. TV Freaks - "Real Pain" (Welland, ON)
  2. Julianna Riolino - "Sunset Song" (Welland, ON)
  3. The Penske File - "Stew Pants" (Burlington, ON)
  4. Crusades - "Sacraments" (Ottawa, ON)
  5. The Creeps - "Bury The Bodies" (Ottawa, ON)
  6. Sparrows - "Shook Them Bones" (Ottawa, ON)
  7. Wayfarer - "Daughter of Time" (Kitchener, ON)
  8. Cousin - "Mountain Slip" (Niagara Falls, ON)
  9. The Dirty Nil - "Fuckin Up Young" (Hamilton, ON)
  10. Elliott Brood - "If I Get Old" (Toronto, ON)
  11. Baby Eagle and The Proud Mothers - "Brave Women" (Toronto, Welland, Peterborough, ON)
  12. Bry Webb - "Undertaker" (Guelph, ON)
  13. Shit From Hell - "Double Bubble Trouble" (Toronto, ON)