So we're starting to finally unbury ourselves from the heap of news submissions we've had lately. I can thankfully say that we now have under thirty in the queue. Here's the latest batch of release dates, MP3 downloads and web site announcements from a slew of independent bands from the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and more. 

Click below to check out the links and news from Lifeforce, Straighter Than Pete, Witness Protection Program, The Astronaut Arcade,  11 Minute Away,  Damn Sunday Drivers, Feeling Left Out, Gibber,  Opiok, The Comeback Kid, Die Optimale Harte, 12cent, Say Anything, Shurmen Steadfast, By Any Means, FiJ, Sixth Grade Fiasco and Neptune 66.

Kelly Priebe writes us about Lifeforce is a punk band out of New York State. They've opened for the Kickovers and the Getaways and should appeal to fans of those bands. Check them out here.

Mike Marks writes us that Straighter Than Pete, a ska-punk band from Syracuse, New York. They have recently put up new MP3s on their website. They recently opened for Finch, Homegrown, Goldfinger, The Slackers and The Toasters and will soon be opening for Mustard Plug and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They won the Syracuse Area Music Award for "Best New Artist" in 2001. Check them out here.

Anonymous writes us that the Witness Protection Program is a band out of Vancover, BC. They have new MP3s up here. 

Anonymous writes us that The Astronaut Arcade is an acoustic emo-rock band who will have their first CD out in November 2002 on Final Records. You can download two songs from the band here.

Anonymous writes us that 11 Minute Away are a band from Oakville / Burlington, Ontario. They have a few MP3s up here.

ickefes writes us that Damn Sunday Drivers, out of Sweden, have new MP3s up here. Their demo "2002 #1" is out now and available from the band. 

Anonymous writes us that Feeling Left Out is an acoustic band who just finished their third release titled "Wish Me Luck" on Double Kick Records. The band has two new songs from the EP available here. 

Anonymous writes us that Gibber is a band from New Jersey who have new MP3s up here. The band played 5 Warped Tour dates this year on the Drive Thru stage. Check their website for more information.

  • Note to Gibber from the staff: We're happy to post your links but don't spam us or we'll (keeping with tradition) FUCK YOU UP, LEBOWSKI

Brad writes us that Opiok, formally Sideburn, have posted a few demo MP3s. You can check them out here. The songs are just rough demos for now and need to be properly recorded with vocals, but check them out anyways.

dearyou writes us that The Comeback Kid, a melodic hardcore band out of Winnipeg, have signed with Facedown Records. Fans of Reach The Sky, Bane, and Stretch Armstrong should check out some MP3s here.

Anonymous writes us that Die Optimale Harte, an old school German punk band have found a new lead singer. His name is Frank and brings a more melodic sound to the band. They are also new writing songs in English as well as German. They plan to record soon and have MP3s up on their site.

Dan writes us that Boston's 12cent has posted a new MP3. It was recorded live at The Linwood in Boston, check it out here.

Anonymous writes us that Say Anything has posted MP3s of some of their recent demos. We were told to especially check out the song "Try To Remember." 

Debbi writes us that Shurmen Steadfast is a punk band out of Alaska. They are relasing their new album "This Battle's for You" on March 2003 on Vanishing Point Records. Check out the MP3s here. 

Anonymous writes us that after 3 years being called By Any Means and many member changes, the Central Ohio rock band has decided to chance its name to Words To Wishes. They plan to record soon and will have demos up on their site hopefully sometime soon.

Anonymous writes us that FiJ has just released a few MP3s from their new full length called "Tales from the SouthEast Side." Check them out here
They have also just finished shooting a music video that is scheduled to air on Much West. 

Anonymous writes us that yeah Sixth Grade Fiasco, a punk/screamo band from the Nashville area have just finished their demo. They have songs up here and will have the mastered versions up soon as well.

Anonymous writes us that Neptune 66 have a brand new song up on their website. Check it out. The song will be featured on a few different compilation soon.