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with an update on the Fugazi/NBC Ireland story. As reported earlier, NBC Ireland used Fugazi's "Waiting Room" in a commercial for "Law and Order SVU" without the band's permission. After being reported on this site, Adam and Moldy both emailed Dischord asking if the band knew of this and if any action was being taken. They both recieved replies from Dischord, and we thought it was the end of that story. We thought wrong. Today, Ian MacKaye emailed Moldy with this message:

"hello eric. as you can see, i'm ridiculously behind in my correspondence, but i'm slowly digging my way through it. sorry to take so long to get back to you. we didn't license our music to that irish tv commercial, they used it without our permission. we've been taking action against them, but nothing has been resolved as of yet. -ian/fugazi"

We'll keep you posted on this situation as more information comes in.